European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 155 No 2
January, 2020

Examining Postmodernism in Günter Grass’s Crabwalk and Naguib Mahfouz’s Miramar
Layla Farouq Abdeen
This research paper will attempt to examine the most prominent postmodern features in Günter Grass’s Crabwalk (2002) that are common with the most evident postmodern aspects of Naguib Mahfouz’s Miramar (1967). These two novels in particular have been chosen for examination due to the fact that both Grass and Mahfouz employ historiography to weave a story about one of the prominent characters in relation to a certain event that actually takes place once upon a time. In Crabwalk, Paul tries to comprehend the engulfing circumstances behind the sinking of the German Wilhelm Gustloff in 1936, whereas in Miramar Amer tries to learn about the July Revolution of 1952 and its aftermath. But most importantly, these two novels which seem to be very different in nature and time frame are chosen for examination to illustrate how tenacious is the postmodern structure of fragmentation, heteroglossia, anachronism, and the open ending; in an attempt to define what is postmodernism in aesthetic writings after all.
Keywords: Deconstruction, diversity, fragmentation, heteroglossia, multiplicity

Evaluation de la Qualité Écologique de la Rivière Musolo à Kinkole Basée sur les Macroinvertébrés Benthiques (Kinshasa, R.D Congo)
Clément Munganga Kilingwa, Santos Kavumbu Mutanda, Nadine Bipendu Muamba, Lardin Kunonga Nzadimwena, Willy Lusasi Swana and Victor Pwema Kiamfu
This study aims to contribute to the knowledge of the benthic macroinvertebrates of the Musolo River in order to determine the degree of pollution of the latter at the time of anthropization. This river (04 ° 19', 91''S, 015 ° 31'36.25''E and 279 m altitude) is located in the eastern part of the city of Kinshasa, specifically in the town of N'sele. The benthic macroinvertebrates were sampled at five specific stations in this river using the Serber net. A total of 834 individuals including 482 in the rainy season and 352 in the dry season were inventoried. These organisms belong to 3 classes (insects, worms and molluscs), 7 orders and 15 families. The analysis of the data (Shannon and Weaver index between 1.90 and 2.18) shows that the macroinvertebrates of the Musolo River are diverse. The values of the IBGN (3/20 to 4/20) reveal that the waters of this river are polluted.
Keyword: Musolo River, benthic macroinvertebrates, ecological quality of water, water pollution, Kinshasa

Normalisation and Linearisation of Chains of Holomorphic Contractions
Guitta Sabiini
In this article, we consider (F_j )_(j>1), chain of holomorphic contractions near the origin of C^k. We are seeking here to study the iterations of one given sequence, in particular, the autonomous case where we iterate one given application. We generalize to these chains, Poincaré linearisation theorem for one germ of holomorphic contraction and we also show a perturbed poincaré-Dulac theorem.
Keyword: Iterations, Resonnances, Homological Operators, Poincaré Theorem, Perturbed Poincaré-Dulac Theorem

The Aggressor Alarm System Embedded Internet of Things (IoT) Based on NETPIE Cloud Platform
Wasana Boonsong and Oluseye Adeleke
The aggressor alarm system embedded Internet of Things (IoT) based on NETPIE cloud platform is developed in this research. This paper presents the main idea of smart aggressor alarm system using wireless NodeMCU ESP8266 microcontroller based on NETPIE cloud service through LINE Bot application. NodeMCU-ESP8266 is a wireless device worked on the IEEE 802.11b standard. It is normally a compact microcontroller board embedded with a Wi-Fi module, which can communicate with the smartphone via the internet cloud server as well. NETPIE platform is selected to service for the information transmission on the IoT platform. It communicates to the LINE Bot application on a smart device. Thus, the sensed information is to be transmitted to the inspectors directly, economically and efficiently.
Keyword: IoT, NETPIE, Wi-Fi, LINE Bot

Educational Factor and Professional Private Nursing Practice: An Empirical Analysis from Lagos State, Nigeria
Oladapo, Rasheed Olawale
The world is now an all-inclusive village and as such Nigerians and Nigeria residents must be opened to quality health care from legitimate healthcare institutions, including those being offered by nurses. Many nurse-practitioners are merely in practice just practicing; failing to notice the complexities of nursing as care professionals, but only escalated other concerns of life than nursing care practice while some practice only for pecuniary interest and not considering nursing as a calling for them. Thus, this study explored the predictors of professional practice among general private nurse practitioners in Lagos State, Nigeria
A survey research design was adopted for this study while multistage sampling method was used to select the administrative areas and participants of this study. A total of 129 participants were included in the study. A self-designed questionnaire was used for data collection, which was pilot tested through test-re-test and yielded a reliability coefficient (index) of .891. Three hypotheses were formulated and tested. Analysis of data was done using descriptive statistics, t-test and one-way analysis fixed at the .05 significant levels.
The findings from this study identified found positive relationship between educational factor and other factors (professional factors, ethics and law, competency level and competency) that may enhance professional private nursing practices. Also, significant relationship was found between educational qualification and professional practice while those with RM/RN qualifications were more advantageous in practice than the others with RN only, RM only, and RN/BSc/B.Nsc.
The study concluded that professional nurses serve as health care resources, interdisciplinary consultants, and patient advocates. The autonomous nature of advanced clinical practice of private nurses requires accountability for outcomes in health care. Based on the outcome of this study, it was recommended that that today’s practicing nurses must be aware of nursing standards, adopt best practices protocols in their nursing activities, be conversant with legal issues in nursing, legal limits of nursing and legal liabilities.
Keywords: facilitators, independent practice, nurses, private hospitals, Lagos State

Contribution a L’amelioration D’un Graveleux Lateritique Naturel de Type G3 par la Methode de Litho-Stabilisation
Niangoran Kouadio Charles, Thieblesson Lydie Marcelle, Kouakou Blikan Serge André1 and Kouadio Koffi Thierry Stéphane
Lateritic gravelly is a material used in road construction as a pavement body material. In addition, the scarcity of lateritic gravelly material that can be used in its natural state has led to the development of a technique to improve the mechanical and physical characteristics of lateritic gravelly material with crushed material: litho-stabilization. The study conducted as part of our research concerns a sample of lateritic gravelly material taken from a loan and improved with granite crush 0/31.5 at different percentages (20%, 25%, 30%, 35% and 40%) to reach the bearing capacity meeting the technical specifications of the CPT. Laboratory tests were carried out on the natural lateritic gravelly material. These are particle size analysis, landing limit, Proctor-modified test and CBR test. These tests identified this material as a class G3 lateritic gravelly material. The contribution of the crushed material to the class G3 gravel mixer has improved the geotechnical properties of this material, the results of which comply with the CPT's specifications. The optimal percentage of crushed 0/31.5 for the improvement of gravelly type G3 is in the range [20%; 25% [of crushed granite 0/31.5.
Keywords: Lateritic gravel, Improvement, Crushed Granite and Litho-stabilization.

Awareness and Utilization of Academic Integrity Building Skills among Science Education University Undergraduates in Cross River State, Nigeria
Adah, Stephen Akomaye
A descriptive survey research design was employed to investigate the level of awareness and utilization of academic integrity building skills among science education university undergraduates in Cross River State, Nigeria. Two hundred and ten (210) participants drawn by stratified simple random sampling technique from two public universities namely University of Calabar and Cross River University of Technology constituted the study sample. A validated 24-item questionnaire tagged Student Academic Integrity Skills Awareness and Utilization Questionnaire (SAISAUQ) with Cronbach alpha reliability estimate of 0.71 was used for data collection. The data were analyzed using mean, standard deviation and independent t-test. The result showed that science education university undergraduates in both universities are aware of some integrity building skills but they do not use them to cultivate academic integrity in school. The result further showed that gender is not a significant influential factor in awareness and utilization of academic integrity building skills among science education undergraduates. Based on the result, conclusion was drawn and recommendations made amongst which is that educational interventions such as workshop, seminars and conferences be organized to raise sufficient awareness on the use of academic integrity building skills among science education undergraduates to reduce incidence of academic dishonesty in Nigerian Universities.
Keywords: Academic integrity skills, Science Education, Undergraduates, Awareness, Utilization

Effect of Irrigation and Plastic Mulch on Yield and Fruit Quality of “Sefri” Pomegranates (Punica Granatum) under the Growing Conditions of Tadla (Morocco)
Kawtar Semaoui, Zerhoune Messaoudi and Abdelilah Rahou
The present investigation aims to study the effect of irrigation and plastic mulch on yield and quality of “Sefri” pomegranate (Punica Granatum) trees during 2014 and 2015, under the conditions of Tadla plain, Morocco. The experimental design was a split plot with three repetitions and two factors. The main plots contained four irrigation treatments (50%, 75%, 100% and 125% of the crop evapotranspiration ETc).The sub-plots were tow modalities for the application of the plastic mulch (with Mulch and without Mulch).
Modality effect on this parameters (yield, number of fruit per tree, fruit weight and diameter, juice pH, total acidity and total solids soluble,) is discussed. The results obtained show a significant effect of the irrigation treatment on most production parameters, including the number of fruit per tree on 2014 and the yield, fruit weight and size during the two years of the study. Whereas the application of plastic mulch does affect some parameters studied on 2015. However, an interaction between the two factors (irrigation and mulch plastic) was reported for the index (E/A), fruit bark thickness and number of fruit per tree on 2015.
Keywords: pomegranates, irrigation, Mulch plastic, Quality, yield

Financial Internationalization of Brazilian Companies and the Relationship with the Earnings Quality
Luciano Pinheiro de Sá and Josir Simeone Gomes
The present work contributes with greater progress on Earnings Management of Brazilian companies, more specifically the process of financial internationalization and the relationship with the earnings quality. It aimed to understand the relationship between financial internationalization and Earnings management of companies based in Brazil. The relevance is since in previous studies the earnings management is a component that indicates the decrease of the quality of the information process of the companies resulting in loss of value and less confidence in the financial reports. Few studies that relate Earnings management and the internationalization of Brazilian companies condition the present work to a level of contribution so that other researchers can continue and refine the research on the relationship between the two. The results found in the present study offer some degree of possibility of understanding the relationship between internationalization of companies and information contained in the financial statements. It was not possible to affirm that Brazilian companies with shares in the New York Stock Exchange and foreign currency debts have lower levels of Earnings management. The methodology was that of an exploratory and descriptive study with the adoption of a panel econometric model between the 2013 and 2016 years.
Keywords: Financial Internationalization, Earnings Management, Abnormal Accruals

Depression and Relationship Quality: An Empirical Analysis among Undergraduates in Ogun State, Nigeria
Adebusuyi, Jane Roli
Adolescents live in a society which has become multi-complex, thus making their roles very diffuse and confusing. These stages of identity and role confusion to a large extent depends on the degrees of their relationship with self and significant others. The more quality the relationship, the better their coping ability on various environmental demands. Therefore, this paper examined depression and relationship quality among undergraduates in Ogun State, Nigeria. The study adopted the survey research design. Data were collected from randomly selected six hundred undergraduates from three universities (Federal, State, and Private) in Ogun State, using two standardized instruments. Three research hypotheses were raised and tested at 0.05 level of significance.
Result showed a significant gender difference in undergraduates depression level (t-calculated = 2.432; p = 0.031) and relationship quality (t-calculated = 3.928; p = 0.009). Also, 13.9% of the total variance in the undergraduates' relationship quality was accounted for by depression (R2 = 0.373, R2 adjusted = 0.139, f = 5.062, p = 0.00).
It was concluded that undergraduates' poor relationship quality is associated with depressive symptomology, which may be as a result of poor behavioral and communication patterns, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, deficits in social skills, and poor coping skills or resilience behaviour. It is therefore recommended that adequate knowledge and understanding on this area could help social workers design and develop proper intervention program to reduce psycho-sociological isolation, stress, anxiety and depression among the youths.
Keywords: Depression, relationship quality, undergraduates