European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 153 No 1
May, 2019

Procedures used by Brazilian Universities to Combat Academic Plagiarism

Davi dos Santos Marques, Guilherme Teixeira Portugal and Sidmar Roberto Vieira Almeida
This study proposes to analyze a subject relevant to the academic environment, plagiarism. To this end, it was sought in the news portals Folha de Săo Paulo, G1 and Terra cases of academic plagiarism related to Brazilian universities, where the objective is to analyze how they treat the cases of plagiarism that became public. For the study, four cases that occurred and were widely disseminated by the media related to the following universities were treated: UFAC, UFMG, UFPA and USP. Additionally, it was documented, in terms of normative structure, with the universities fighting the problem of plagiarism, thus, research was conducted on the respective electronic portals of each university in order to verify if there is an internal normative structure to prevent attitudes contrary to the ethical behavior of students, teachers and researchers. Finally, each case of academic plagiarism was presented and discussed. The contribution of the study is to encourage educational institutions to create proposals and actions to combat any type of plagiarism.
Keywords: code of ethics; academic plagiarism; Brazilian universities

Quality of Institutions, Exchange Rate and Public Debt in the Franc Zone

MELINGUI BATE Adalbert Abraham Ghislain, KOS A MOUGNOL Alice, ONGO NKOA Bruno and SONG Jacques
Since more than a decade, African Countries of the Franc Zone (ACFZ) have reached a public debt rate similar to that which preceded the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative of the 1996s (Bank of France, 2017). This article examines the effects of institutional quality and the real effective exchange rate on the public debt in the Franc Zone. From a sample of 15 countries, we estimate a panel data model using Two Stage Least Squares (2SLS) method over the period 1996-2017. Our results show that (i) the real effective exchange rate increases the public debt of the ACFZ; (ii) the legal framework and the control of corruption mitigate ACZF public debt. Further monetary reforms in line with the renegotiation of the agreements binding the CFA franc to the Euro are needed for a better management of the real effective exchange rate and hence, control of public indebtedness. In addition, improving the institutional environment would help to mitigate the rate of evolution of public debt in Franc Zone.
Keywords: Institutions, 2SLS, Exchange Rate, Franc Zone.
JEL Classification: D51, E47, E52, F23, F31, F54

A Simplified Method for the Determination and Speciation of Vanadium within Environmental Matrices in UAE (Examples from Dubai)

Iman Boukhobza, Zahra Saadatmand and Robert Boldi
Vanadium toxicity depends on the oxidation states of the metal ions, thus increasing the importance of speciation studies that evaluate the most abundant vanadium species known as vanadate (VVO3-) and vanadyl (VIVO2+) within a variety of matrices. In this work, a simplified method that uses HPLC- UV/Vis was developed to separate and quantify V(IV) and V(V) within sea water and soil samples from a public park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Different months’ sample collection and sample preparation have been undertaken, and results have shown that vanadium speciation and quantification within environmental samples are possible although challenging. The separation and speciation studies were performed by using an eluent containing Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) and Tetrabutylammoniumperchlorate (TBAP). Detection limits were found to be 0.1628 µg L-1 and 0.3132 µg L-1 of V(IV) and V(V), respectively. For both types of samples (sea and soil), V(IV) was found to be the most dominant species. The results of this work are aimed to increase awareness about the quality of the UAE environment as per pollutants’ concentration. And therefore, spread the culture of “protecting versus curing”.
Keywords: Vanadium, vanadium characterization, vanadium species, HPLC, environmental contamination, seawater samples, soil samples, UAE

The Role of Universities in Decreasing the Spread of Drugs: A Viewpoint of Students the Case of Jordanian Universities

Salahaldeen Abdullah Alabbadi
The research has served the purpose to find the role of universities in decreasing the spread of drugs in Jordanian universities, and for this purpose, the viewpoint of students has been taken. These students have been asked about their views on the role of universities as there are reports of the increasing use of drugs in universities. However, the sample of the study is not involved in drug use. Therefore, a neutral viewpoint has been received from these respondents as they are not from the university not they belong to drug abusers. Chosen universities for this study are from Jordan, and they are University of Jordan, Philadelphia University, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, University of Petra, and the Middle East University of Jordan. SPSS results have been obtained after the correlation and regression analysis. It is found that there is not a very strong relationship between the variables of the study which are the role of universities and reduction in the spread of drugs in universities. However, the relationship has been positive which mean that students consider the positive role of both variables, but they do not consider a very strong relationship. In the end, conclusion and recommendations have been drawn. It is recommended that universities should change this view of students more in their favor by eradicating the drug use among students and in society.
Keywords: Spread of Drugs, Jordanian Universities, Students, Negative habits, Drugs abuse.

The Impact of Foreign and Country-Specific Economic Policy Uncertainty on the Local Momentum Effect

Gustavo Correia Xavier and Lucas N. C. Vasconcelos
This paper analyzes whether country-specific or foreign Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU) can explain time-series variation in momentum returns in some international stock markets. First, we empirically tested three EPU index series on the return of Long-Short portfolios of momentum-based strategy in the Brazilian market, a small and open economy, that may be influenced by a large economy like the United States. As proxies for economic policy uncertainty, we used the news-based index developed by Baker, Bloom, and Davis (2016), which one proxy is for Brazil and two is for foreign policy uncertainty, the US, and the global index. Consistent with our theoretical assumptions, we show that local momentum is stronger in months followed by low EPU, both domestic and foreign. Second, our empirical results indicate that foreign EPU has a more important role than the country-specific EPU on the Brazilian momentum strategy. Finally, analyzing 12 other countries we added new evidence that this relationship between local momentum and external EPU is not exclusive to the Brazilian market.
Keywords: international finance; momentum strategy; economic policy uncertainty; time- series variation of momentum
JEL Classification: G12, G14, G15

The Role of the Election System in Promoting the Political Participation of Women in Jordan

Amal Yusuf Alrfua
The laws of Jordan elections granted the Jordanian women a number of additional seats in the Jordanian parliament council. These refer to the woman quota that is specified for women, in addition to give her the opportunity to compete freely side by side with men.
In order to promote the woman's political participation, the election law No.(34) for the year 2001 was amended by granting the woman six additional seats, as well as the election law No.(9) for the year 2010 which assigned each election department a quota seat for women, followed by the election law No.(25) for the year 2015 which assigned (15) seats for women.
The quota was announced by the election law, but not by the constitution since the quota has a positive role in promoting woman's political participation. The study employed the analytical approach by defining the quota, its types, its constitutional degree as well as the advocating and opposing opinions to it. The study recommended increasing the quota seats in accordance with the relevant international conventions.

A Survey on Migratory Movements: The Cameroonian Student Diaspora in China and Canada

Njoya Chapchet Karima
Due to China's recent economic boom, there is a growing diaspora in China in almost every sector. Canada in turns has always been one of the main destination for migrants. What motivates migration movements across the world? What happens once migrants settle in their new environment? In most migration theories, economic conditions are considered to be the major causes of migration. The point on which this analysis insists is that social development is an aspect that can’t be neglected in migratory movements. Hence, when analyzing migration movements around the world, financial and social motivations should not be dissociated. Besides, there is a significant literature on migration causes but very few focus on the factors of insertion of migrants in their new living environment. In 2016, through the New York Declaration on Migrants and Refugees, member states recognized "the positive contribution of migrants to sustainable and inclusive development and are committed to protecting security, the dignity and human rights and fundamental freedoms of all migrants, regardless of their migratory status” . Therefore, it is crucial to promote successful migrations. Thanks to various articles relating to migration and the experiences of Cameroonian students abroad, more precisely in China and Canada, different motivations that could positively influence the choice of settling in a new environment will be discussed in this article. These different criteria could constitute the basis for the reforms that governments could possibly implement in order to improve their migration policy.
Keywords: Cameroon, Canada, China, Migration, Sustainable Development Goals

Development of Rectangular Multilayer Antennas for Several Bands

Ibrahime Hassan Nejdi, Youssef Rhazi, Mustapha Ait Lafkih and Seddik Bri
This research work presents a systematic study that transforms a simple rectangular antenna, to a new multiband multilayer antenna. The newly designed antenna demonstrates better results concerned the reflection coefficient, VSWR, and gain compared to previous studies regarding the performance of the multiband design. The two structures displayed at the end of this article are multilayer antennas, consisting of three layers between the patch and the ground plane, with an antenna where a substrate protector is added to the upper side of the patch. The proposed multi-band antennas are simulated by a commercial full-wave electromagnetic (EM) simulator ANSYS HFSS. This antenna is advantageous for an important number of applications because it has a very small size, a wide bandwidth, a reduced reflection coefficient and a high gain, which makes them very suitable to establish a reliable communication. The antennas can function better on UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), ISM (Industrial Scientific Medical), communication satellite, HiperLAN and C-band with increased bandwidth. One of the main aims of this study is to develop useful design-oriented charts, provide a better understanding of the effects of the size’s variation, and use of multilayer technology.
Keywords: Multiband, Microstrip line, Surface current, Mmultilayer, Six band.

A Socio-Pragmatic Study of Speech Act of Criticism in Jordanian Arabic

Murad Al Kayed and Helen Al-Ghoweri
The present study aims at investigating the strategies of the speech act of criticism in Jordanian Arabic (JA). The sample of the study consists of 120 undergraduate Jordanian students living in Jordan. The participants were selected randomly regardless of gender, social class or major. The data is collected by means of Discourse Completion Test (DCT) which contains 10 scenarios. The researcher distributed the DCT at the university of Jordan and Al-Balqa' Applied University. After collecting the data, the researcher categorizes criticizing strategies using Nguyen 2005' model. The results of the study show that Jordanians adopted more indirect strategies than direct strategies to perform criticism.
Keywords: Criticism, speech act, Jordanian Arabic

Analising the Link between Sustainable Counter Insurgency and Sustainable Development Goals: A Study of Northeastern Nigeria Milieu

Popoola Michael Akin, Omosebi Fredrick Adeola and Arije Olaniyi Ezekiel
In its bid to create the necessary enabling environment that will guarantee international socio-economic prosperity for peace and security purposes, the UNO adopted the Sustainable Development Goals in September 2015. A perennial threat to the achievement of the goals in Northeastern Nigeria, is the scourge of Boko Haram insurgency which has a profound negative impacts on almost all the basic issues that constitute the SDGs and made their achievement a mere illusion in the geo-political region. The study adopted analytical and descriptive research design for data collection and analysis the continuous terror attacks by Boko Haram insurgents in Nigerian only confirms the ineffectiveness of the military-centric counter insurgency strategy adopted by the government. Hence, this research proposed that in addition to the military approach, a comprehensive strategy which include addressing the root causes of insurgency, would be required to guarantee sustainable counter-insurgency and pave the way for the achievement of the SDGs in that part of the country.
Keywords:Combating, Counter-Insurgency, Development, Military, Sustainablebr />