European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 152 No 3
April, 2019

Examining the Effect of Organizational Sponsorship on Subjective Career Success of Managerial Staff in Large Manufacturing Firms in Kenya

Anjeline Akinyi Omondi, Peter K’Obonyo, Florence Muindi and Stephen Odock
The study aimed at examining the effect organizational sponsorship on subjective career success of the managerial staff in large scale manufacturing firms in Kenya. The study was guided by positivist research paradigm and descriptive cross sectional research design was adopted, primary data was collected from managerial staff of large scale manufacturing firms in Kenya. The study received a response rate of 79.6%. Data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. All the measurement items met reliability and validity tests. Hypothesis was tested using linear regression model. The findings indicate that there is a positive and significant relationship between organizational sponsorship and subjective career success. The research recommends that large scale manufacturing firms should enhance their employees’ subjective career success by providing them with organizational sponsorship programmes particularly: mentorship and organizational resources. In addition, the study provides future researchers with a useful conceptual and methodological reference that can be used in the pursuit for further studies particularly in the area of career success with respect to the sub-variables of organizational sponsorship.
Keywords: Organizational sponsorship, subjective career success

Self-Regulated Learning and Self-Determination Theory in Accounting Graduate Students in Brazil

Raimundo N. Lima Filho
This study aims to present a diagnosis of the dimensions and factors associated with self-regulated and self-determined learning strategies of students in Accounting Graduate Programs in Brazil. We surveyed 516 graduate students (383 master's and 133 doctoral students) and applied two psychometric instruments adapted to the Brazilian context: the Self-Regulated Learning Strategies (SRLS) and the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ). Our results showed that, regarding self-regulation, respondents have a self-evaluated, independent, and proactive profile, and that they build their own knowledge. Regarding self-determination, they showed a confident profile and that their motivation for learning is basically supported by individual factors. Our findings provide supporting evidence that might help students, instructors, high education institutions and graduate programs to better understand key aspects of the self-regulated and self-determined learning strategies adopted by graduate students in Accounting and adopt pedagogical practices and strategies that promote the development and maturation of these profiles.
Keywords: Self-Regulated Learning Strategies, Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire, Student in Accounting, Graduate School, Graduate School in Accounting

Using Polynomial Neural Networks for Arabic Text Categorization

Adel Hamdan Mohammad and Nidhal Kamel Taha El-Omari
As a matter of fact, text classification is one of the hottest topics for many researchers and practitioners. It is an important topic to be taken especially that there are a large ever-growing number of electronic documents. There are many efficient researches related to English text classification, though that is not the case for Arabic. The number of studies that have been carried out on Arabic dataset is not enough to address the problem at hand and to assure efficient classification. This research paper uses Polynomial Neural Network as one of the most efficient algorithms used in text classification. As Polynomial Neural Network shows good results when applied with English dataset, this research also applies Polynomial Neural Network with Arabic dataset. Dataset used in this research is in-house built and developed dataset. Experiments’ results demonstrate that Polynomial Neural Network can be used with Arabic dataset and the results are promising.
Keywords: Machine Learning, Text classification (TC), Polynomial Neural Networks (PNNs), Arabic Text Categorization.

The Effect of Syrian Refugees on Increasing Crime Rate, Mediating Role the Change of Social Structure

Salahaldeen Abdullah Alabbadi
After Arab Spring especially the Syrian problem, more than four million Syrians people were fled from their countries since the civil conflict outbreak in 2011. The conflict between Jordanian nationals and refugees in host places has been recorded since the start of the present refugee problem in Jordan. Moreover, increasing the rents (competition for both income-generating activities, and the different resources like water) as well as overcrowding of some public services (particularly in the fields of education and health) have been known as major parameters in conflicts that took place between the different communities in Jordanian northern countries. This paper aims to study the effect of Syrian refugees on increasing the crime rate, mediating role the change of social structure. The data was collected From Criminal Statistical Report prepared by Criminal Information Department during (2010/2011). The data was analyzed by SPSS using Paired sample t test. The obtained results showed that there was a statistically significant difference between means (p < .05) and, therefore, hypothesises were accepted.
Keywords: Arab Spring, Syrians Refugees, Social Structure Change, Crime.

Effects of Frictional Force, Flow Rate and Shear Stress on Elliptic Plate using Couple Stress Fluid

Sundarammal Kesavan, B.Vijayakumar and Nisha
The theoretical analysis has been made in this paper to analyze the effects of Frictional force, flow rate and shear stress of elliptic plates using couple stress fluid. The modified Reynolds equations are solved using relevant boundary conditions to get the expressions for pressure, frictional force, flow rate and the shear stress. The results are represented graphically for various t parameters and it is observed that the effects of shear stress decreases with increase of film thickness both in upper plate and lower plate and frictional force increases with increase in viscosity coefficient and decreases for the increasing values of couple stress parameter. The flow rate decreases with the increasing values of couple stress parameter and the aspect ratio
Keywords: Porous matrix, Coupe stress fluid, frictional force, shear stress, flow rate, squeeze film, elliptic plate.

Contribution of Geophysics to the Understanding of the Geodynamic Activity at the Northern Margin of the Congo Craton: A Case Study from Aeromagnetic Data Interpretation over the Metet-Zoetele Region (Southern Cameroon)

Assembe Stéphane Patrick, Ndougsa Mbarga Théophile, Meying Arsene, Gouet Daniel Hervé, Ngoh Jean Daniel and Mono Jean Aime
The qualitative and quantitative geophysical investigations involving image enhancement, multiscale edge analysis, Euler’s deconvolution and 23/4 D inverse modelling are applied to aeromagnetic data over the Metet-Zoetele area (southern Cameroon), a portion of the Congo Craton (CC)/North Equatorial Fold Belt (NEFB) transition zone. The study investigates the geodynamic evolution of the northern margin of the CC through the detection of lineaments. The geology of the area is made up of the NEFB and the CC both affected by multi-stage tectonics summarised in to alternating compressions and extensions. The analyses highlight a broad NE-SW high amplitudes channel which presumes the dominance of a NE structural direction in the area. The study differentiated the CC from NEFB by outlining a subvertical boundary at N03º20’; WNW-ESE, W-E, NW-SE, SW-NE and WSW-ENE vertical to sub-vertical lineaments defining shear zones affecting both the CC and the NEFB. These lineaments are interpreted as pre-Neoproterozoic events which experienced syn- to -late and post-Neoproterozoic reactivations. The post-Neoproterozoic events are coeval to, or postdate the Central Cameroon Shear Zone. Therefore, the WSW-ENE to SW-NE fractures form dextral strike-slips corresponding to wrenches related to a SW-NE shear zone overprinted by sinistral NW-SE to WNW-ESE displacements inferring neo-tectonic activity in the CC/NEFB transition zone as a consequence of the on-going movements that affect the African Plate.
Keywords: Aeromagnetic data; Congo Craton; strike-slips; wrenches; neo-tectonic activity.

The Nigerian State and Hobbes’ Social Contract Theory: An Albatross Around the Collective Will of the People

Kenneth Nweke and Joseph Okwesili Nkwede
This paper is anchored on the Nigerian state and Hobbes’ social contract theory. The questions being addressed here include: how has the Nigerian state and its actors fared in living up to the ideals of Hobbes’ social contract theory with the people? What is responsible for the Nigerian state’s cyclic obliteration of the social contract with the people? How can the ideals of Hobbes’ social contract theory be made manifest in addressing the country’s worsening political and socio-economic state? The political and socio-economic state of affairs in Nigeria can be better explained within the context of the failure of the Nigerian state whose citizens have continuously surrendered their inalienable rights to govern them through elections contrary to Hobbes’ prescriptions for society. The state of affairs in Nigeria can only be clearly analyzed from the failure of Nigerian state and its actors whose constitutional obligations remain the protection of lives and property of the citizens including the provision of welfare services. Against the prescriptions of Hobbes for human society, the Nigerian state in collaboration with its actors in power have continuously failed to live up to what gave rise to Hobbes’ social contract theory in the state of nature, hence the malfeasance of political and socio-economic brouhahas that have continued to slow the pace of development in the country over time. Hobbes prescriptions derived the modern Nigerian state that has become an albatross around the collective will of the people to abdicate their dangerous freedoms or rights in dire search of a better living. Unfortunately, their hopes in this direction are being dashed in quick succession after electioneering campaigns. This failure has been a deliberate ploy to undermine the people and their constitutional rights as provided for by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (As amended). However, this paper is mainly theoretical, hence relied on secondary sources of data. The methodological approach in this paper, therefore, is based on content analysis while Hobbes' social contract theory remains the theoretical thrust.
Keywords: Nigerian state, Hobbes and Social contract theory, the people.

Systèmes Agroforestiers et Conservation de la Phytodiversité Ligneuse dans le Paysage Agraire du Territoire de Tshela/Kongo-Central en République Démocratique du Congo

Céline K. Pindi, Marie Louise A. Avana-Tientcheu, Placide M. Mananga, Cyrille M. Muma and Junior Baudoin Wouokoue Taffo
La mise en valeur des terres agricoles dans les régions tropicales implique la préservation et/ou l’introduction de certaines espèces d’arbres dont la diversité et la structure dépendent du contexte sociodémographique et environnemental de chaque zone. L’objectif de cette étude était d'analyser la diversité des espèces arborescentes dans les champs agricoles du Territoire de Tshela. Pour ce faire, ces agro-forêts ont été étudiées en y effectuant un inventaire floristique des ligneux de plus 10 cm de diamètre dans 81 champs agricoles répartis dans trois secteurs (Lubuzi, Maduda et Nganda-Tsundi). L’approche méthodologique adoptée a permis de recenser, 67 espèces ligneuses regroupées dans 26 familles dans les agro-forêts des trois secteurs. Elaeis guinensis était l'espèce la plus abondante (32 %), la plus dominante (11 %) et la plus fréquente (32 %). La famille la plus dominante était celle des Euphorbiaceae (20%). La comparaison de la richesse spécifique entre les secteurs indiquait que le secteur de Nganda-Tsundi était le plus riche (52 espèces) suivi de Maduda (44 espèces) et de Lubuzi (33 espèces). Les valeurs des indices de diversité de Shannon, de Simpson et d’équitabilité de Pielou étaient élevées traduisant une grande diversité de ces secteurs. Le secteur de Nganda-Tsundi a eu la densité moyenne la plus élevée avec 34,73 tiges/ha dont 35,9 % introduites et 64,1 % conservées. La distribution des espèces arborescentes par classe de diamètre a présenté un grand nombre de tiges (253) de petit diamètre [10 – 20] dans le secteur de Lubuzi. Cette étude a permis de mettre en évidence la diversité des espèces arborescentes inventoriées dans différents champs agricoles du Territoire de Tshela.
Keywords: Diversité floristique, espèces arborescentes, systèmes agroforestiers, Territoire de Tshela.

A Study on the Internationalization Barriers to Incubated Companies: Defining the Constructs to Develop an Effective Research Instrument

João Florêncio da Costa Junior, Eric Lucas dos Santos Cabral, Wilkson Ricardo Silva Castro, Davidson Rogério de Medeiros Florentino, Renêr Ribeiro Taveira de Souza, Francisco de Cássio de Oliveira Mendes and Júlio Francisco Dantas de Rezende
Due to the global economic, political and technological transformations of the last decades, there is a constant need for companies and entrepreneurs to seek the internationalization of their business models as a strategy of expansion and survival. Such internationalization imperative is not restricted to large businesses only, having also a direct impact on SMEs’ strategy and operations. Business incubators have a seminal role within this process, as they act both to protect and accelerate new businesses, offering alternatives to increase competitive advantage through international expansion. The present article endeavours to understand the different facets related to the internationalization of incubated companies, especially the internationalization barriers associated with the phenomenon, in order to identify the main constructs necessary to develop a research instrument that could be used to identify and study the internationalization barriers to incubated companies. The research was primarily documental and exploratory, following a content analysis approach as to allow for the codification of results and the definition of categories, examining the constructs in a replicable and systematic manner and identifying their relevant phenomena, objects and attributions. As a result of this, four key interrelated constructs were identified and categorized: Strategic Management of Internationalization, Business Incubators Management, Internal Barriers (Operational Barriers) and External Barriers; thus, offering a robust framework to build a research instrument that could be used to the development of a greater and more detailed understanding about the internationalization barriers to incubated companies.
Keywords: Internationalization, Internationalization Barriers, Business Incubators.

The Contribution of the Ecological Tax on Sales and Services in the Sustainable Development of the State of Goiás, Brazil

Antônio Pasqualetto, Gean Pablo Ázara Souza, Ubirajara de Lima Ferreira, Fudio Matsuura and Leonardo Guerra de Rezende Guedes
Ecological Tax on Sales and Services (Ecological ICMS) is a public instrument created as an alternative to the rural producer, and at the same time, to conserve Natural Resources and make sustainability activities profitable .The objective was to evaluate the implementation and impacts of the Ecological ICMS (ICMS-E) in Goiás. Data were collected from the Finance Department of the State of Goiás in 2016.The revenue portions belonging to the Municipalities with the requisite criteria were met in Goiás, implementing the ICMS-E, benefiting municipalities from territories with conservation units. It concludes that the Ecological ICMS is an important role that induces changes in the perception of a society, in which environmental valuation becomes a necessity in the promotion of sustainable development.
Keywords: Ecological ICMS; Cities; Public policy; Taxation