European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 151 No 2
December, 2018

Strength and Physico-Chemical Analysis of Concrete Produced with a Mixture of Crushed Gneiss and Goldmining Waste as Coarse Aggregate

Tchapga Gnamsi Guy Molay, Mamboungueyep Luc Leroy and Ndjaka Jean-Marie Bienvenu
In this study, we are working on the valorisation of gold mining waste as coarse aggregates in concrete. For this, we replaced the gneiss aggregates with the gold mining waste in percentages of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% and concrete were designated as MG0, MG25, MG75, MG100, respectively. Workability, density, compressive and split tensile strength tests was evaluated. Physio-chemicals tests (XRD, FTIR, TGA and HDSC) were also carried out on concrete powders. The results of these tests show that the workability increases with the percentage of addition of the gold mining waste while the density on a reverse trajectory. The mechanical tests (compressive and splitting tensile strength) indicate that the maximum of these quantities is obtained for the concrete MG50. XRD reveal the presence of calcium carbonate in concrete MG50. FTIR results show improvement in quality of concrete MG50.From the TGA and HDSC, analysis, it can assert that gravel from mining waste can be used for concrete structures subjected to high temperatures.
Keywords: gold mining waste, mechanical properties, physico-chemical of concrete.

Borderless Innovation: Innovation Capability Assessment on Business Incubators Performance using Resources, Leadership and Capability: An Investigation in Business Incubators from Chile, Italy and Israel

Selma Regina Martins Oliveira and Sandro Trento
This study aims to assess the innovation capabilities on the business incubators performance using resources, leadership and capability in three countries: Chile, Israel and Italy. This research was elaborated in light of theoretical excerpts, with foundation in the model presented by Müller et al. (2005), which considers the following metrics: resources, enablement and leadership. Following it, in order to demonstrate the feasibility and plausibility of the model, a multiple case study was conducted in business incubators. The research had specialists’ intervention, with knowledge and experience in the innovation management field, selected by the technical and scientific criteria. The data were extracted by a judging matrix with a scale type, in which the specialists gave their opinions, establishing priorities to the variables (resources, enablement and leadership), by level of importance. In order to reduce the subjectivity in the results reached, it was used statistical techniques of Multivariate Analysis and Multi-Criteria Analysis, with the support of the Electre III, Compromise Programming e Promethee II methods. The results were satisfactory, validating the modeling approach.
Keywords: Innovation capabilities; Innovation Performance, Assessment; Business incubators..

Process Mining Applied in Supply Management Processes

Ederson Schwaickardt and Maria José Pereira Dantas
In today's reality, business processes and data are very important assets for organizations in the search for competitive differential. Process mining seeks to link the areas of process management and data science, making it possible to discover the actual processes carried out in computerized systems, to identify deviations and frauds in the processes and to generate ideas to improve the processes executed in the organizations. This research explores the area of process mining in the field of supply management, through a general literature review containing case studies, which were summarized in the intra-organizational and interorganizational perspectives. The analysis of these case studies demonstrated that process mining is effective, either in the identification of the actual processes performed in the organizations, in the comparison of those processes extracted through the logs of computerized systems with reference models, internal and external, for the identification of deviations or fraud, or supporting the continuous improvement of these processes.
Keywords: Process Mining. Supply Management. Procurement Process. Compliance. Fraud

The Quality of Life of Individuals with Disabilities in Jordan and its Relation to Some Variables

Sabah Hasan Al-Onizat
The present study aimed at identifying the quality of life of individuals with disabilities in Jordan and its relation to variables such as: type of disability, gender, educational level, social status of persons with disabilities. To achieve the objective of the study, the researcher developed a picture of the World Health Organization Quality of Life Scale (BRIEF - WHOQOL) and found its psychometric characteristics and applied it to the sample of the study consisting of (216) individuals with disabilities, male and female of whom (86) were physically disabled, (63) were deaf and (67) were visually impaired.The results indicated that the quality of life of individuals with disabilities as a whole came at the average level on the overall scale, while on the sub-dimensions; social relations reached the highest level followed by mental health, then physical health dimension then the environment dimension.The results also showed statistically significant differences in quality of life according to variables such as: type of disability, hearing and visual disability, gender in favor of males with disabilities, and the educational level in favor of those with higher education level.
The study recommended that the efforts of all institutions and ministries related to persons with disabilities should be combined to develop programs and provide services and facilities to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in Jordan.
Keywords: Quality of life, people with disabilities.

Caesarean Section of Quality at the Teaching Hospital of Brazzaville

Mbongo JA, Ndinga H, Itoua C and Iloki LH
In times of economic recession, with health policies restriction, the authors reviewed the cesarean section of quality by looking for the factors hindering its realization.
The study included pregnant women with a term of 28 weeks’gestation andabove who underwent a caesarean section at the Teaching Hospital of Brazzaville. Those who delivered by a caesarean section in another health facility, then referred later to the Teaching Hospital of Brazzavillefor management of maternal and / or fetal complication, and those who underwent laparotomies for uterine rupture were excluded.
The frequency of caesarean sections was 15.24%. The mean age: 27.6 ± 6.8 years; extreme 14 and 45 years. The cost of cesarean section was 121,848 ± 23,451 XAF with extremes of 106,000 to 312,500XAF(1 euro = 600 XAF). This shows that the caesarean section cannot be affordable for the patient and for the health system. No cesarean section met the quality criteria. Poor quality factors of caesarean section were: antenatal care by a midwife, referred patients, maternal condition classified as ASAII and ASA III, caesarean section indicated for pre-rupture, lengthening of the decision-to-delivery interval (DDI) time greater than or equal to 7 hours 5 minutes and caesarean sections performed under general anesthesia.
Keywords: quality caesarean section, Brazzaville.

A New Way of Grace Assortment using Normalized Feature Value by Support Vector Machine

Sumit Dhariwal and Sellappan Palaniappan
This research presents a comprehensive survey of recent development in high-level connotation-based image cataloging. It investigates low-level image feature extraction, similarity measurement, and derives high-level connotation features for meaningful categorization. Classifying image using low-level features is a daunting task. So far, several methods have been used for automated machine learning in connotation image classification. This paper proposes a new and efficient method for connotation image classification using normalized vectors of feature support vector machine. For image classification, the image data usually have large data sets on a number of features. Traditional image classification algorithms based on the SVMs assign normalized automated weights to these features. The relevant and non-relevant features of an image are separated using normalized vectors. Using normalized vectors improves the efficiency and training time of SVMs significantly. This paper proposes an approach that uses weighted, normalized vectors in place of normalized vectors.
Keywords: Connotation Classification, Support Vector Machine, AWF, Regularized Vector.

Evaluating the Influence of Management Practices on the Performance of Brazilian Federal Universities

Márcio de Amorim Machado Ferreira and Selma Regina Martins Oliveira
This research aims to evaluate the influence of management practices on the performance of Brazilian federal universities. For this, a conceptual model is developed from the theoretical cut-outs. The verification of the conceptual model is structured according to the following phases: 1 - Identification of independent variables: management practices; dependents: performance of Brazilian federal universities. Then, the independent variables are organized in clusters for better understanding. Subsequently, the procedure of evaluation of the influence of the independent variables on the dependent variables is performed. The research was addressed to Brazilian federal universities (107). The data were extracted through a survey of selected experts based on technical and scientific criteria, considering their proximity to the research object. In this case, managers of these institutions. The instrument of data collection was performed using a scalar questionnaire (Likert). Soon after this procedure, the data were analyzed from the application of statistical methods using Software R and SPSS Statistics. This research starts from a gap in the art state. It is in this spectrum that it gains emphasis, subsidizing managers in their decision-making. It is also hoped that these results may contribute to subsidizing public policies toward higher education.
Keywords: Evaluation; Influence of management practices; Performance; federal universities in Brazil.

Evaluating the Influence of Management Practices on the Performance of Brazilian Federal Universities under the Moderating Effect of Organizational Resources

Márcio de Amorim Machado Ferreira and Selma Regina Martins Oliveira
This research aims to evaluate the influence of management practices on the performance of Brazilian federal universities under the moderating effect of organizational resources. To do so, it was designed a conceptual model extracted from the theoretical background. The verification of the conceptual model is structured as it follows: 1 - Identification of variables - independent: management practices; dependent: performance of Brazilian federal university; moderating: organizational resources. After that, the independent variables were organized in groups (clusters) for better understanding. Than, it was realized the evaluation procedure of the influence of independent variables on the dependent ones conditioned to the moderating variable. The research was addressed to the Brazilian federal universities (107). The data were collected through a survey with specialists selected by technical and scientific criteria, considering their proximity to the object of investigation - therefore, the managers of the institutions. For collecting data it was used a questionnaire of scalar type (Likert). After this procedure, the data were analysed through the application of statistical methods with the support of the Software R and SPSS Statistics. This research comes from a gap on the state of art. It is on this spectrum that this study gains emphasis, subsidizing managers on their decision making processes. It is expected that the results may contribute on making public policies towards elevated education.
Keywords: Evaluation; Influence of management practices; Performance; federal universities in Brazil

Unresolved Female Oedipus Complex and A Dysfunctional Family in Albee's A Delicate Balance: A Psychoanalytic Analysis

Arafat Abdali Rakhees and Lajiman Bin Janoory
In psychoanalytic theory, Freud holds that childhood is a crucial time to personality development and character structure because the child's ego is formulated throughout this stage, steered by paternal ideals and values. Any psychic trauma or unsolvable inner conflicts during childhood affect a child's personality and become the cause of the later disturbances. For him, a healthy person is one that has a strong ego, capable of protecting himself/herself from the forces of the unconscious. This study reveals the impact of the unconscious sexual desires and unresolved female Oedipus Complex on an individual's personal and marital life through the character of Julia in Edward Albee's A Delicate Balance. The study also traces the devastating influences of the unpleasant ramifications of bad model of parental marriage and the absence of parental love on Julia's life as a child and an adult, producing her weak ego and causing her frequent marriages' failures. The psychoanalytical analysis of Julia's personality attempts to identify the psychological motives lying behind her emotional immaturity, regressive behaviour and vulnerable personality.
Keywords: Dysfunctional family, Albee, a delicate balance, Freudian psychoanalysis, female Oedipus Complex

The Influence of the Leader in the Behavior of the Group

Mariana Pereira Bonfim and César Augusto Tibúrcio Silva
Knowing that leadership has a fundamental role of influence in its leaders, the objective of this research was to analyze if the existence of an individual in a situation of superiority would influence the dishonest behavior of a group. For this, an experiment was carried out with 180 students, in November 2017 at the University of Brasília, based on the works of Fischbacher and Föllmi-Heusi (2013) and Kocher, Schudy and Spantig (2017). In the experiment, the participants should inform the number shown by the data, and their remuneration was tied to the number informed and not to the number seen, making dishonesty possible. First, the respondents made decisions collectively, and second, under the influence of a leader, whose pay was doubled before the others. The results found that individuals were more dishonest when they were under the influence of a leader (44%) than when they were not (36%). Although the research has some limitations, such as the leader's random choice or even the absence of a coercive mechanism on the other participants, it is proposed to be an initial step in the search for understanding the role of the leader in the dishonest behavior of individuals.
Keywords: Dishonesty, Experiment, Behavioral Finance, Leader

An Analysis of Higher Stage English Textbooks ' Questions of Action Pack Series according to Bloom’s Taxonomy

Hamza Maharmah
The aim of this study was to analyze the questions in the English language books for the seventh, eighth and ninth grades in Jordan and to know the extent to which they covered the domains: cognitive, psychological, and emotional, and the distribution of questions at the different levels of each of the mentioned domains. The study sample consisted of English language books for the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades, with a total of (710) questions. After verifying the validity and reliability of the study tool, the analysis was performed; the frequency and percentages of the questions were extracted in the English language books. The results indicated that the large percentage of the questions were in the cognitive field and that the concentration of questions at cognitive levels requiring minimal mental processes, such as knowledge, comprehension, and based on the results, the researcher presented some suggestions to those who responsible to build and develop the English language curriculum.
Keywords: English language books, analytical study, educational questions