European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 150 No 2
September, 2018

Mapping Thin Subsurface Reservoir Sands from Spectral and Textural Seismic Attribute Analyses over “Mayehun” Field, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Olatunbosun Adedayo Alao, Sunday Jephthah Olotu, Ibukun Olorunniwo, Adekunle Abraham Adepelumi, Bankole Dayo Ako and Samuel Bakare Ojo
This work aimed at mapping and characterizing thin subsurface reservoirs in “Mayehun” field, Niger Delta employing narrow-band spectral analyses and seismic texture attributes which measure amplitude variations from trace-to-trace and are also responsive to lateral variations within a reservoir. RokDoc and OpendTect software were used to analyse the well logs and 3D seismic data volume. The data were structurally and stratigraphically analysed to isolate the different hydrocarbon reservoirs. Properties such as lithology, fluid content, structure and texture of the reservoirs were characterized using responses from generated Narrow-band seismic spectral and texture attributes. The data interpretation comprised structural, spectral, texture and instantaneous spectral analyses of the thin subsurface reservoir sands. Seismic textural analysis attributes such as homogeneity and energy were deployed, while the spectral analysis attributes employed were maximum spectral amplitude, dominant response and average response frequencies. The results obtained revealed distinct features of high reflection strength on seismic amplitude sections for the thin subsurface reservoir sands, but are enhanced in both spectral and textural attribute domains. The spectral attribute shows the channel features as lenticular in shape with intercalations of embedded shaly formation. The study showed the plausibility of texture and narrow-band spectral analyses as a robust tool for mapping thin subsurface reservoirs.

Towards the Designing of Efficient Computing Reversible Fault Tolerant Arithmetic Circuits and ALU
Biswajit Das and Saravanan Chandran
Fault tolerance property of reversible circuits is very important factor for designing fault free systems in the field of nanotechnology. It contributes an expansive category of finding faults in the circuit which can be detecting at the circuit outputs. Thus in a word reversible logic circuits having fault tolerance will be more beneficial. In this paper two new fault tolerant reversible gates RFTAAS and PPNG have been proposed for optimizing the circuit in terms of the gate number, garbage outputs, hardware complexity and constant inputs. This work targets realization of reversible Fault Tolerant Arithmetic circuits by the proposed gates. Two lemmas are also shown for the validation of being fault tolerant of these proposed gates. Moreover synthesis of full adder and fault tolerant full adder is done. This paper presents the design of fault tolerant reversible arithmetic circuits and ALU units explored for trade-off between gate count, garbage outputs, anciallry input and quantum cost. The proposed work focuses on the design of dedicated arithmetic circuits and ALU units with generalized methodology for n-bit arithmetic circuits and ALU unit. The obtained results are compared with the existing state-of-art designs for performance and the design is found to be efficient in terms of the performance metrics.
Keywords: Reversible Logic, Quantum Cost, Garbage Output, Fault Tolerance, Parity-Preserving Reversible Gate, Adder, Arithmetic Logic Unit.

Determination of Hydraulic Conductivity of Recycled Clay Bricks and Recycled Concrete Aggregate for Base Course Materials
Mababa Diagne and Ibrahima Dia
This work deals with the determination of hydraulic parameters of base course materials made by recycled clay brick (RCB), recycled concrete aggregates (RCA) and mixture of both of them. The specimens made, show that the saturated hydraulic conductivities are closely related to the grain size distribution according to Hazen’s empirical equation. The experimental ksat values are very similar to the theoretical values obtained. Results from the soil water characteristic curves (SWCC) show that the desorption of water from the specimens increase when the percentage of bricks on the blend increase. The sol water characteristic curves (SWCC) from experimental data are compared to the values obtained from Genuchten model. They show a very good fitting curve and the pore size distribution parameter (n) from Genuchten model which is 1.70, 1.75, 1.76, 1.93, and 2.21 respectively for 100%RCA, 5%RCB + 95%RCA 15%RCB + 85%RCA, 30%RCB + 70%RCA, and 100%RCB show that the porosity of the material increase with the percentage of bricks in the mixture. In sum, recycled clay brick cannot be used alone as base course material due to its high porosity and low density.
Keywords: Recycled Clay Bricks, Base Course, Hydraulic Conductivity, Recycled Concrete Aggregates, Soil Water Characteristic Curves, Van Genuchten Model, Hazen's Equation.

Evolution of Research in Performance Measurement and Management: A Thirty Years’ Bibliometric Analysis
Luis Manuel Esteves da Rocha Vieira, Yara Magaly Albano Soares and Renata Paes de Barros Câmara
In any area of knowledge the researcher often feels the need to pause and give meaning to the accumulated knowledge to truly understand the state of the art of the field and its progress. This concern led to the present literature review allowing researchers to understand the field research and to direct their work towards the advancement of science. Based on this observation, this article aimed to understand the evolution of the focus and social structures of academic research on performance measurement and management (PMM) in recent years. Using Bibliometric analysis techniques focused on citations, co-citations and the topics addressed, relational maps were constructed with the evaluated material. We analyzed 2486 articles containing the words "Performance Measurement" and "Performance Management", in peer-reviewed journals found in WoS (Web of Science), related to the period of 30 years between 1987 and 2016. It was observed that the main research comes from American, English and Australian universities, highlighting in the study the main magazines and seminal authors whose works mark the evolution of the theme. Already new studies are directed to areas such as public administration, third sector and improvements in the frameworks of PMM. It is concluded that studies on PMM continue to be relevant and, according to the historical-cultural and socioeconomic effects, the research focus is being changed, as is the emphasis on the public sector in recent years.
Keywords: Performance Measurement; Performance Management; Bibliometric Study.

Quality Evaluation under the Perception of Satisfaction of the Users of Different Age Groups in A Public Hospital in Natal - Brazil
Eric Lucas dos Santos Cabral, Wilkson Ricardo Silva Castro, Felipe Martins Pedrosa, João Florêncio da Costa Junior, Davidson Rogério de Medeiros Florentino, Ricardo Pires de Souza, Hélio Roberto Hékis, Amália Cinthia Meneses Rêgo, Irami Araújo-Filho
The present article endeavors to describe the levels of satisfaction of users of medical services at the University Hospital Onofre Lopes (UHOL) in different age groups and to study the association between users' satisfaction and the different types of services provided by this public health institution. The study is based on the Annual Satisfaction Survey conducted by the UHOL Ombudsman's office, which evaluates this information for health policy subsidy in this hospital. A total of 4,290 users were consulted between 2015 and 2017 divided into three age groups: adolescents, adults and the elderly. The dependent variable was patient satisfaction after medical consultation at the hospital, evaluated on a four-level Likert scale. The independent variables were Gender of respondents (G); Comfort at the reception hall (CRH); Hygiene, cleanliness and organization of the hospital (HCO); Comfort of facilities at the medical care area (CFMC); Reception Service (RS); Health team attendance (HTA); Attendance waiting time (AWT); Education Level (EL), Age (A) and Evaluation of General Satisfaction on Hospital Services (GS). The multiple linear regression and logistic regression analysis was completed, respectively, for the data in general and separately for each age bracket. Very few participants declared to be dissatisfied or very dissatisfied (4%). In the crude model, general satisfaction was associated with CRH and HCO in the adolescent group, CFMC and RS in the CRH, HCO, RS and HTA groups in the elderly group. Adolescents showed greater dissatisfaction with hospital services because they presented specific demands concomitant with their age group.
Keywords: patient satisfaction, health services evaluation, quality of health care, health care research, health services research, quality improvement.

Framework for Innovations at Brazilian Apple Production Chain
Marcia Rohr da Cruz, Maria Emilia Camargo, Ademar Galelli and Gabriel Vidor
This paper aimed presenting a framework for identifying how and why innovations emerge in the productive chain of the Brazilian apple. The methodological procedures have applied a case study, which it was effected through the qualitative research approaches. The research was performed by exploratory research with experts from the productive chain of Brazilian apples to identify the innovations that have been implemented and to classify them according to the chaining tetralogical ring. The main findings emphasize the identification of aspects that made up the framework and served as a guiding for conducting research. It also highlights the linkage obtained between the aspects identified empirically and the junction with the theories used, especially the assumptions of Edgar Morin, by complexity theory.
Keywords: Innovation processes. Complexity theory. Brazilian apple production chain.

The Level of Fluency in Articulating American English among Jordanian Arabic Speakers
Salem Saleh Ibnian and Maha Saqer Yaseen
This study aims at examining the level of fluency in articulating American English among Jordanian Arabic speakers and investigating their ability to acquire English accent and reach native and native-like level. The study also aims at exploring the main variables affecting non-native speakers' pronunciation acquisition. The study attempts to answer the following questions: What is the level of English fluency in articulating American English among Jordanian Arabic speakers? What are the main factors affecting English pronunciation acquisition? The sample of the study comprised six participants whose mother tongue is Arabic. Their spoken English was individually tape-recorded in natural situations. Subsequently, native speakers of American English were asked to judge if the participants were native speakers of English, native-like speakers of English, or none of the previous two mentioned options. The results showed that the six participants were highly rated as native-like speakers of English, whereas none of them was highly rated as a native speaker of English.
Keywords: accent, fluency, native-like, pronunciation, second language acquisition.

Diversité et Abondance Relative des Mammifères des Forêts Classées de Mabi et de Yaya au Sud-Est de la Côte d’Ivoire: un État des Lieux
Kouamé Bertin AKPATOU, Kouassi Alphonse YAO and Kouakou Hilaire Bohoussou
Wildlife survey was carried out in December 2017 to establish mammalian fauna baseline of the Mabi and Yaya classified forests in south east Côte d'Ivoire. Two methods were used for this purple. The first method consisted in ethnozoological surveys to appreciate wildlife potential according to riparian populations. The second method consisted of standard pedestrian surveys. Fifty-two mammals were reported during ethnozoological surveys. However, pedestrian surveys confirmed only 21 of the 52 mammal species reported during ethnozoological surveys. The mammalian fauna of these classified forests is mainly dominated by common species including Cusimanse Crossarchus obscurus, Brush-tailed Porcupine Atherurus africanus, Giant pouched Rat Cricetomys emini, Maxwell’s Duiker Cephalophus maxwelli and Bushbuck Tragelaphus scriptus. Several species of international conservation interest are reported according to International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) criteria. Indeed, one endangered species is listed (White-naped Mangabey Cercocebus lunulatus), three species considered as near threatened (Bay Duiker Cephalophus dorsalis, Yellow-backed Duiker Cephalophus silvicultor and Bongo Tragelaphus eurycerus) and ten species considered as vulnerable (Long-tailed Pangolin Phataginus tetradactyla, Tree Pangolin Phataginus tricuspis, Ground Pangolin Smutsia gigantea, African golden cat Caracal aurata, Panther Panthera pardus, Diana Monkey Cercopithecus diana, White-thighed Colobus Colobus vellerosus, Hippopotamus Hippopotamus amphibius, Brooke's duiker Cephalophus ogilbyi brookei and African Elephant Loxodonta cyclotis). The mammalian fauna of the Mabi and Yaya classified forests is mainly composed of small Carnivores (39.8%), Cetartiodactyla (34.9%) and Rodents (22%). This study provides a baseline for objectively assessing the impact of the REDD + Project on mammalian wildlife of these two forests.
Keywords: Mabi and Yaya classified forests, Diversity, Mammal, Conservation, Côte d’Ivoire.

Diversité Floristique Et Dynamique De La Flore Juvénile Ligneuse De La Forêt Des Marais Tanoé-Ehy (Côte d'Ivoire)
Missa koffi, Soro Dramane, Séguéna Fofana, Koné Moussa and Bakayoko Adama
La forêt des marais Tanoé-Ehy, située au Sud-Est de la Côte d’Ivoire, est l’une des rares formations forestières de ce type à y exister. En attendant l’aboutissement des mesures de son classement définitif en aire protégée, de fortes pressions anthropiques ne cessent de perturber les habitats que renferme cet écosystème. Le présent travail, qui est l’un des premiers du genre en forêt marécageuse de Côte d’Ivoire, se propose, à travers la méthode de relevé de surface, de mettre en évidence le rôle que jouent les jeunes plants dans l’établissement de la végétation adulte face à ces pressions anthropiques. Au terme de cette étude, nous avons recensé 206 espèces juvéniles réparties entre 174 genres et 75 familles. Contrairement aux autres biotopes, Les individus juvéniles de la forêt de terre ferme sont dominés par les héliophiles que succède les sciaphiles. La diversité des juvéniles est sensiblement similaires dans un même biotope. Dans cette forêt marécageuse, les actions anthropiques n’influencent pas négativement la reconstitution des biotopes. Les variabilités de la composition floristique et de la diversité des juvéniles observés entre les biotopes sont liées uniquement à l’hydromorphie des sols.
Keywords: Côte d’Ivoire, pression anthropique, forêt marécageuse, espèce juvénile.

MHD and Surface Roughness Effects on Couple Stress Fluid between Porous Triangular Plates with Velocity Slip
S. Sangeetha and Sundarammal Kesavan
This theoretical study is about the effect of Magneto hydrodynamic and surface roughness on porous triangular plates with velocity slip lubricated with couple stress fluid. The result signifies that the pressure increases for increasing values of couple stress parameter. But decreases for other parameters. Further the work load decreases due to magnetic effect. Christensen’s stochastic theory for rough surface is used to derive the modified Reynolds equation. For pressure, work load and time the closed form expression is obtained.
Keywords: Surface roughness, couple stress, velocity slip, MHD, Porous.