European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 150 No 1
August, 2018

Optimization of Hybrid Composite Reinforced Carbon and Glass Using AHP Method
Nur Aizatul ‘Ain Md Zahir, Ahmad Fuad Ab Ghani and Mohd Ahadlin Mohd Daud
Aiming the selection of CFRP/GFRP hybrid composite with best combination of strength, weight and cost, the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) method was applied. Ten composites configurations was arranged for a certain purpose, having different design criteria such as flexural strength, flexural modulus, strain to failure, density and cost were ranked by AHP method. AHP results revealed that C1 with relative PV of 23.24% was the preferred hybrid composite CFRP/GFRP design configuration. It was also concluded that the flexural strength of the design criteria was the most significant property which may affect the mechanical properties of the hybrid composite.
Keywords: Hybrid composite; CFRP; GFRP; Optimization; AHP

Data Extraction in the Warehouse: A Quality–Based Approach
Mireille Chiatsè Anassin, Boko Aka and Marcellin Konan Brou
The data warehouse provides the company with a set of data to assist in strategic decision-making through statistics and report made via dashboards. Thus it faces many problems such as data quality, loading of modified data and reconciliation of that emanates from multiple heterogeneous sources. In this article, we propose a solution to the management of the quality of the extracted data based on the single factor: The accuracy, but also taking into account the user profile.
Keywords: Data warehouse, data quality, quality factor, user profile

User Profile of the Data Warehouse: Overview of the State of the Art and Definition of an Evaluation Model
Mireille Chiatsè Anassin, Boko Aka and Marcellin Konan Brou
The warehouse is a response to the business analysis needs and access to summarized information. The information content of the data is very little used during the analysis process. The issue raised is the consideration of the user profile. The user profile is a decisive element to improve the relevance of the responses during queries. The notion of query includes both searching, filtering and querying data. The existing approaches answer partially to the question related to the user profile, but there is a lack of a model that provides a holistic view of the evaluation of responses delivered to users. In this article, we propose an evaluation model that allows to give relevant and adapted responses to the user (profile) by assisting in the construction of his requests.
Keywords: user profile, data warehouse, evaluation, queries

New Structuralism in Architecture: Theorizes Shifting in Thoughts for the New Millennium
Abeer Samy Yousef Mohamed
Across successive Eras, while dealing with building structure was only to conserve stability and guarantee building’ function. Architectural thought was continuously searching on developing in followed trails through available technical tools in the field of modern building technology and conciliating it with building patterns. Architecture can be seen as the most cultural and social art that give a compatible view about the impact of technology and its reflection on society. In the beginning of third millennium, a progressive innovative world is merely about to be achieved, architecture has been joined with information and digital revolution, especially after evolving technical tools for building technology process and manufacturing modern building materials through appropriating requirements of Ecological, Green, and Sustainable Architecture. Due to international demand for the importance of environmental design and conservation of nature to assure scientific invention, new fabricated materials and building technologies have been invented, which will obtain modern language for Architecture and Urbanism from environmental vision, this is what the paper discuss.
Regarding to this vision; structure become the new and important factor of architecture spacial form. Merging between architecture morphology and new structuralism is the combination of thought and practice; that will constantly push forward the ideas and approaches to architecture design. The paper aims to discuss future directions of innovative technologies toward new theorizes of construction innovation; New Structuralism in Architecture. This could be achieved through exploring a new methodology of uniting the structure and architecture forms, which help to assure that architects pay much attention to architecture structure aiming to achieve new creative effects in structure design. The focus here is technology and knowledge fusions by start new vision of dealing with structure as critical and essential part of architecture concept and form. At first technology and knowledge fusions in building construction are described. Secondary processes of technology and knowledge fusions are analyzed focusing on automation technology and information technology. Thirdly, a strategy to innovate structure through architecture is proposed from a viewpoint of technology and knowledge fusions. Finally, future directions and strategies of technology and knowledge fusions to develop future innovative construction technologies are to be presented.
Keywords: New Structuralism, Building technology and materials, Structure as Architecture, Environmental impact, Adoption of new sustainable technologies.

Ecological-Economic Macro Zoning: Reflections on the Legal Amazon in Brazil
Patrícia Costa Pellizzaro, Letícia Peret Antunes Hardt, Mariana Tanaka, Marlos Hardt and Carlos Hardt
The conservation of biodiversity has been a recurring theme of studies and debates carried out by the scientific community and governmental institutions. In this context, many efforts are directed towards the maintenance of Brazilian natural resources. Given the above, the main objective of this research is to discuss the structure of the Ecological-Economic Macro Zoning in the Legal Amazon in Brazil. With the adoption of multiple methods - exploratory, descriptive and analytic - this study is based on secondary sources interpretation and geoprocessing techniques. Based on territorial units, three typologies of territory were delimited: Network (63.3%) - focused on integration with neighboring spaces and stimulation of alternative means of production; Frontier (25.9%) - intended to contain the agricultural expansion; and Zoning (7.8%) - determined for conservation of natural resources. The proposed strategies consider contemporary themes such as climate change, maintenance of environmental services and encouragement of technology, among others. In this way, it is concluded that the established guidelines are innovative and can support the development of other ecological-economic zoning.
Keywords: Ecological conservation, Economic development, Territorial units, Planning strategies.

Pollution des sols à proximité des routes : Impact des Eléments Traces Métalliques (ETM) sur les sols à proximité de la voie de contournement des villes de Rabat et Salé (Maroc)
Grace Balambula, Bouamar Baghdad, Hassan El Hadi and Meriem Laghlimi
La contamination des sols par les métaux lourds est l’un des problèmes environnementaux les plus pressants. Le trafic routier est l’une des principales sources de cette contamination.
La présente étude a été menée pour évaluer la teneur et la distribution spatiale des métaux lourds à proximité de l’autoroute de contournement Rabat-Salé (Maroc). Un total de 42 échantillons a été prélevé sur sept stations à 5, 50 et 100m au bord de cette autoroute pour l’analyse des ETM : Molybdène (Mo), Cuivre (Cu), Plomb (Pb), Zinc (Zn), Nickel (Ni), Cobalt (Co), Manganèse (Mn), Arsenic (As), Cadmium (Cd) et Chrome (Cr) à l’aide de la Spectroscopie de Masse à Plasma à Couplage Inductif (ICP-MS).
Les paramètres physico-chimiques ont révélé un pH neutre, une conductivité électrique faible et de faibles teneurs en matière organique. Le résultat de l’analyse des éléments traces métalliques montre un enrichissement par rapport au sol témoin (Sol échantillonné en pleine forêt loin du trafic routier) provenant du trafic routier avec des valeurs inférieures à celles des sols ordinaires (Baize, 1997) mais présentant des valeurs élevées par rapport au sol témoin. L’analyse des concentrations montre une distribution horizontale, avec une diminution de la concentration en s’éloignant de l’autoroute. Les stations 1 et 6 présentent des pics de concentration, ce qui pourrait s’expliquer pour le premier, par la présence de l’autoroute A1 au croisement de l’autoroute de contournement et pour l’autre, par la décharge d’ordures d’Oum Azza (Région de Rabat).
Dans les zones en déblai (stations 3 et 4), les concentrations en métaux sont les plus faibles. Bien qu’une distribution horizontale des métaux lourds dans le sol prouvant de l’impact du trafic routier été décelée , d’autres sources de pollution telles que la présence de zones agricoles ou usines aux alentours doivent tout de même être prises en compte dans l’étude de l’enrichissement du sol en ETM. Ceci étant, il convient de préciser que les éléments étudiés présentent tous des corrélations significatives positives, suggérant qu’ils proviennent d’une même source.
Mots clés : Trafic autoroutier, Pollution métallique, Rabat-Salé, Maroc.

Etude du contenu atmosphérique en aérosols par l’analyse de leur épaisseur optique et du coefficient d’Angström en Afrique de l’Ouest
Cheick Diarra, Namory Camara, Adama H. Coulibaly
This study takes on the atmospheric contents in aerosols by analysis of two aerosol optical parameters in West Africa. The both optical parameters are aerosol optical thickness, given following the wavelength λ = 440 nm, noticed τ440, and Angstrom coefficient communally named Angstrom exponent, given in the spectral interval 440-870 nm, noticed α440-870. The considered data in this study correspond to the Sun photometer measurements from six implanted sites of the worldwide network AERONET in West Africa. These six considered Sun photometer sites in West Africa for this study are Agoufou, Banizoumbou, Cap-Verde, Dakar, IER_Cinzana, and Ilorin. The results of study indicate some large variability observed in both aerosol optical thickness τ440 and Angstrom coefficient α440-870 variations for the whole of the six photometric sites. Moreover, results indicate that the atmosphere over the West African region is constituted by a mixture of aerosols of two modes, coarse mode and accumulation mode. Coarse mode aerosols are issue from mineral dust locally generated and reinforced by desert dust from Sahara. Accumulation mode aerosols are issue from human activities, in particularly biomass burning activities, transport, and agriculture, and from others socio-economic activities managed in the West African region.
Keywords: Atmospheric aerosols, aerosol optical thickness, Angstrom coefficient.

Radicalility in Product Innovation: How the Agility and Flexibility Manufacturing Systems Influence the Business Performance? the Brazilian Experience of High Tech Business
Angélica da Silva Azevedo and Selma Regina Martins Oliveira
This paper has as goal measure the influence of agility and flexibility of manufacturing systems on business performance in a product innovation radically spectrum, searching for an equilibrium among product radical innovation, agility and flexibility of manufacturing systems and business performance lighted of Brazilian experience. The search was realized in a first moment from specialized theoretical background. Next a survey was made with specialists from many sectors of Brazilian high tech companies: automotive, aerospace, electronics and chemical. To reduce the subjectivity of the results, psychometric scaling and neurofuzzy technology were used. The results show themselves satisfactory, assuring the presented procedures. From the results, it could conclude there is a strong influence from the agility and flexibility manufacturing systems dimensions on business performance from this category of companies, in a radical innovation context.
Keywords: Radical Innovation, Agility, Flexibility, Performance.

On Exact solutions of Modified Benjamin-Bona- Mahony Differential Equation using Enhanced Modified Simple Equation Method
Ziad Rached
In this correspondence, the enhanced modified simple equation method is applied to the Modified Benjamin-Bona-Mahony differential equation. New exact solutions are derived.Various methods are available in the literature to obtain explicit exact solutions of nonlinear differential equations. The enhanced modified simple equation method is an effective and a powerful tool for solving nonlinear partial differential equations in mathematical physics.
Keywords: Nonlinear differential equation, exact solutions, enhanced modified simple equation method, Modified Benjamin-Bona-Mahony differential equation.

Perceived Impact of Knowledge Management Applications on Teaching Staff Instructional Task Performance for Productivity
Edith C. Edikpa, Akachukwu I. Nwabueze and Felicia U. Iremaka
This study investigated the perceived impact of knowledge management applications on teaching staff instructional task performance for productivity in secondary schools. Four research questions and four hypotheses guided the study. The design was descriptive survey. A sample size of 1,020 teaching staff was drawn using stratified random sampling technique, which represents 12.4% of the population. The instrument used was questionnaire titled “Knowledge Management Applications and Instructional Task Performance for Productivity Questionnaire (KMAITPPQ)”. Mean scores and standard deviation were used to answer the research questions, while hypotheses were tested using z-test. The findings revealed among others that, ways knowledge management applications can improve teachers’ task performance for productivity in secondary schools in Rivers State include: equipping teachers with the skills of improved instructional methods for enhanced productivity, improving staff moral for instructional competitiveness, creating the spirit of togetherness in the teachers for knowledge development, increasing staff interest in transferring knowledge into the students, and maintaining proper work-life balances for enhanced instructional effectiveness. The researchers recommended that, teaching staff of secondary schools should plan their lessons before giving the instruction proper to aid them deliver their lectures in an efficient manner.
Keywords: Knowledge management, knowledge applications, teaching staff, instructional task performance, productivity, secondary schools.