European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 147 No 3
November, 2017

The Role of External Environment in Developing the Administrative System: Comparative Study
Ismail Salama Iriqat
The purpose of the study is to evaluate the external environment in both Jordanian and Palestinian cases in developing the administrative system, then exploring the similarities and differences regarding the dominant economical conditions, political climate as well as social and cultural variables. The study consisted a sample of the central system of civil service called (Palestinian General Office of employees) totaling (50) employees in the higher management out of 59 employees; as well as Jordanian civil bureau totaling (62) employees in the higher monument of (70) employees. The findings of the study showed that regarding the application of civil service code in favor of the Jordanian one against the Palestinian office attributed to the absence of the legislative authority since 2007 due to the problems in the political opinions in Jordan resulting the malfunction of the legislative council. With regard to the external environment the findings showed that the economical, financial and political aspects have an important role in the success of the development of the administrative system in both countries. Moreover, the findings showed that there are Differences in favor of the Jordanian office in both political and judicial aspects due to the ambiguity of clarity and stability because of the procedures of the Israeli occupation and the absence of the legislative authority since 2007 due to the problems in the political opinions in Jordan resulting the malfunction of the legislative council. Based on the findings the researcher recommended the Palestinian side the need to activate the legislative council to obtain its role after eight years of absence especially in the filed of civil services laws; as well as the best use of financial resources to develop special plans to meet the needs of the development projects of the civil services systems.

Studies on Phytochemistry and Antioxidant Potential of Cleome Gynandra L. (Capparidaceae) Collected from Contrasted Agro-Ecological Zones in Benin
Jean Innocent Lopez Essou, Ahissou Séraphin Zanklan, Aristide Cossi Adomou and Fidèle Assogba
Spider plant (Cleome gynandra L.) is one of the most important traditional vegetables in Benin, albeit underutilized. It has a high nutritive value and contains phenolic compounds that are essential in reducing or preventing the occurrence of chronic and infectious diseases. Concurrently, scanty research information on its physicochemical and medicinal potentials is available. Therefore, this study was undertaken to evaluate quantitatively and compare phytochemical and antioxidant properties of acetone, aqueous and hexane extracts of different parts (leaves, stems, seeds) of two C. gynandra provenances collected from contrasted agro-climatic zones in Benin. Total phenols, flavonoïds, flavonols, and other compounds were determined using standard methods. Antioxidant activities were assessed spectrophotometrically against ferric reducing power (FRAP), and DPPH (1, 1- diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl) radical scavenging techniques.
Stem extract had the highest concentration of total phenols in aqueous extract (183.307±2.710mgEAG/gMS in Northern Accession; and 117.762±4.240mgEAG/gMS in Southern Accession), while leaves and seeds from both provenances concentrated 164.597±4.501, 112.653±5.597, 25.477±0.785 and 116.277±5.209mgEAG/gMS respectively in acetone and hexane extracts. Stem and seeds in both provenances contained 108.228±0.069, 84.983±0.000, 76.388±0.000, 39.908±0.045, 10.537±0.069 and 17.554±0.046µgEQ/mg Extract of flavonoïds in acetone, water and hexane respectively. The reducing power of the extracts was significantly higher than that of the standard drugs used in a concentration dependent manner. Plant organs from Northern accession were higher responsive. ANOVA and Kruskal-Wallis tests showed significant differences in total phenol and flavonoïd contents as well as antioxidant activities between plant organs and provenances.
Keywords: antioxidant activity, Cleome gynandra, flavonoïds and polyphenols, natural antioxidant, pathology, pharmacognosy, phytochemical constituents, phytotherapy.

Integrity Rule Generation and Tiger Hashing Technique for Efficient and Secure Cloud Data Storage
M.Buvaneswari and N.Rajendran
Security in cloud data storage is a significant when using the cloud services provided by the service provider in cloud environment. Most of research works has been developed for cloud data storage. But, cloud users still have security and privacy problems about their outsourced data due to potential unauthorized access. In order to overcome such limitation, Tiger Hashing Integrity Rule (THIR) model is proposed. The THIR model is designed for secure cloud data storage. Initially, the request is sent from the cloud users to cloud server. Next, Tiger Hashing technique is used for constructing the Tiger Hash Tree to achieve efficient data storage and data dynamics for improving the cloud data storage capacity and minimizing the user task service rendering complexity. Finally, Tiger Hashing Signature is used to verify the integrity of the data from the cloud server. This helps to improve the security and data integrity of cloud storage services in an effective manner. The performance of THIR model is measured in terms of data storage capacity, cloud data security, accessing time and data integrity rate. The experimental result demonstrates that the THIR model is able to improve the cloud data security and also improves the data integrity rate when compared to state-of-the-art-works.
Keywords: cloud data storage, cloud users, tiger hash tree, tiger hashing signature, data integrity, security

Comparative Study of the Effect of Adding Limestone Fillers, Basalt and Cement Fillers on Semi-Grained Bituminous Concrete(BBSG)
Mababa Diagne, Pape Ousmane Diédhiou and Dominique Benoit DIOUF
The comparative study of the effect of the addition of fillers on a bituminous concrete (BBSG) of class 0/14 mm served as support for this research. Limestone fillers, basalt fillers and cement were used. They are added to the mixture with regular mixing rates, and then the mixture’s characteristics are determined by Marshall and Duriez tests. The Marshall study carried out without the addition of fillers enabled us to determine the optimal binder content of 5.2%.
The Duriez test carried out on the mixture with an optimum binder content of 5.2% shows its strength in water (r/R = 0.87) greater than the minimum value required of 0.75, and its compactness of 92.8% between 92 and 96%, the values required by the standard.
The results of Marshall and Duriez tests carried out on the incorporated fillers mixtures show an improvement of the performance. The best one is obtained with limestone fillers. Indeed, it appears, with respect to the mixture without fillers, with only 3% of limestone fillers and 5.2% bitumen, increases of 12.6% of the stability (2212 to 2494 kg) and 2% of Marshall compactness (95.02 to 97.01%) and a decrease of 0.03 mm in creep. Also, the water strength is improved by 4.6% (0.87 to 0.91) and the compactness increases by 1%.
These mixing rates correspond to a ratio of fines over bitumen in the mixture between 1.55 and 1.7, and a fines content of the mixture between 8.1 and 8.7%.
The study also shows that adding limestone fillers and basalt fillers reduces the binder content while maintaining acceptable performance. However, an overdose of fillers (> 5%) leads to a decrease of the performances. The addition of cement reduces the Marshall stabilities values of the mixtures.
Keywords: Formulation, Bituminous Concrete, Fillers, Limestone, Basalte, Marshall, Duriez.

Analysis of Physico-Chemical and Bacteriological Parameters of Ebrie Lagoon Estuary Waters (Southeast of Ivory Coast)
Aka Ane Maurice, Wognin Ama Valérie, Amani Etché Mireille, Irie Bi. T. Gaël, Coulibaly Aoua Sougo and Monde Sylvain
A monitoring of the concentrations of physicochemical and bacteriological parameters of the waters of the estuary of the Ebrié lagoon was carried out in the precipitation and flood seasons. It is shown that physicochemical parameters such as salinity and temperature are higher in flood seasons than suspended solids during precipitation periods. The analysis also reveals the existence of strong colonies of Coliforms, Streptococci and Clostridia at all seasons. However, the evolution of the different colonies is not directly influenced by the seasons. It could be linked to domestic and industrial waste water in the estuary. This could be one of the causes of the numerous pandemics identified in Abidjan. The rehabilitation of this environment should be a major concern to restore the estuary its prestige as a vital breeding ground for the economy Ivorian.
Keywords: physico-chemical, microbiological, estuary, lagoon Ebrié.

A New Pseudo Random Number Generator Based on Context-free grammars and Statistical Information
Abdulameer K.Hussain and Muthanna abdalwhad
Pseudorandom numbers are used for generating strong cryptographic keys. This paper presents a new method for generating such numbers. There are different methods for pseudorandom generators but the proposed method implements the concept of context-free grammars to provide a secure string of alphabets. Once a string is generated by one type of a context-free grammar, it is submitted to another type of grammars with different rules. This procedure results in a secure relation among different strings and then the generated pseudorandom numbers will be in a stricter manner. In addition the proposed system enhances the string generation by using different statistical data and tests.
Keywords: Pseudorandom number generators, Context-Free Grammars, Agreement, Secrecy.

The Analysis of Narrative Patterns in Suratu al-Kahf ‘The Cave’
Rana Saeed Almaroof
The analysis of both dialogue and monologue as two variants in narrative discourse represents a significant step in formulating the thematic shifts and topic development in a discourse. The focus on one type of analysis and ignoring the other type may result in insufficient conclusions. The examination of two different patterns in narrative discourse helps in find out the similarities and differences in the organizations of thematic development and turn-taking system. The basic aim of the study is to discover the main patterns of thematic structures that can correlate with turn-taking system and lexical cohesion ties. The main results focuses on the importance of thematic progression patterns in creating a coherent text depending on the use of different types of themes which are used for various functions, namely, ‘carrying the topics’, ‘creating cohesive relations and texture’ and ‘presenting a point of view’. Comparing the two types of narrative patterns, monologue structure is affected by theme-change .This leads to the identification shift in turn taking system. However, the change of theme doesn’t have a direct relation with shift of turns in dialogue pattern of narrative discourse. Both theme –types and thematic patterns aid the logical sequences of the event in the data and the flow of information is consistent because of them.
Keywords: Topical Theme, turn-taking, monologue, dialogue.

Semi-analytical Theory of the Mean Orbital Motion Due to the Effect of Gravitational Waves
M. H. A. Youssef
We have developed a semi- analytical theory based on the concept of filtered elements permitting the exact separation between short period and long period variations of the orbital motion. The characteristic of the method concern the use of an analytical procedure based on Lie-transforms and a numerical integration of the orbit averaged perturbations due to the effect of gravitational waves. Two successive canonical transformations are used to obtain the analytical solution for third order effect in short- period, long- period and secular perturbations of orbital elements. The long-period terms will be never eliminated from the Hamiltonian of gravitational waves, consequently the perturbation of gravitational waves is purely of short-period, and decreasing with time. The short-period terms are obtained numerically for four different kinds of orbits. The gravitational waves will be acted on the plane of the orbit but there is no effect on the shape or the size of the orbit.
Keywords: gravitational waves; general relativity; celestial mechanics; astrodynamic; perturbation; Lie transform.

Adsorption of Phenol from Aqueous Solutions on Ca/SBA-15 Material
Christian Appia, Tchirioua Ekou, Lynda Ekou, Yacouba Toungara, Gninwele Christiane Traore, Catherine Especel
Ordered hexagonal mesoporous Ca/SBA-15 with a large pore diameter was synthesized by an impregnation method using an aqueous solution of calcium chloride as a precursor. The catalytic activity of Ca/SBA-15 was evaluated for the adsorption of phenol in presence of formic acid at ambient temperature and under atmospheric pressure. The phenol adsorption capacities of the adsorbents showed that formic acid pretreatment significantly enhanced the surface properties, consequently the adsorption capacities of the adsorbents.

Legal Protection of Arbitration Confidentiality: Mapping the Approaches of Prominent Jurisdictions
Ali Khaled Qtaishat
In light of the challenges of bringing certainty and some sort of uniform approach over arbitration confidentiality, the present article maps the existing domestic framework relating to the same, focusing specifically, how prominent jurisdictions have treated the nuances of the concept of confidentiality in international commercial arbitration. Mapping shall take into consideration relevant legislative provision as well as judicial precedents of prominent jurisdictions belonging to both civil and common law domains. On the basis of the discussion, a holistic attempt shall be made to draw cumulative inference in connection of the developing approaches over the protection of confidentiality in arbitration proceedings.