European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 146 No 2
July, 2017

Solidary Landscape: perception of road axis in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
Fábio Salvador Aparecido Santos, Letícia Peret Antunes Hardt and Carlos Hardt
Considering the scenarios of cities as results of spatial production forms, especially of its streets, the general objective of the investigation is to evaluate relations between guidelines determined by the public administration and perception of urban road axis by the population. Supported by specific theoretical background and multiple methodological procedures, the research was conducted in five main phases: (i) selection of the study area, comprising Conselheiro Laurindo Street, in the central region of Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil; (ii) determination of eight main landscaped sectors and 14 secondary homogeneous compartments; (iii) direct perceptual analysis, based on the responses of 144 virtual questionnaires; (iv) interpretation of 51 mental maps; and (v) confrontation of previous information with government policies. The achieved results confirm the hypothesis of relative untying of the planning process with what is perceived by citizens, being concluded the need of broad community participation for the democratic management of cities.
Keywords: Urban landscape, Central areas, Perceptual process, Democratic management, City planning.

The Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Organizational Silence according to the Mediating Role of Workplace Dynamics
Hoseyn Safdari and Hassan FahimDevin
This study is conducted to investigate the relationship between transformational leadership and organizational silence with respect to the mediating role of workplace dynamics. The method of the study in terms of the objective is applied and descriptive – correlational in terms of data collection method. The research population consisted of all current managers and employees (formal and contractual) of Youth and Sports Organization of Khorasan Razavi province, and their number is equal to 130 persons and by using Cochran Formula 97 were cases selected as the participating samples according to a stratified – random method. The measurement tool is a questionnaire, and the validity was confirmed by expert opinion; and reliability was tested using Cronbach's alpha coefficient for variables of transformational leadership, organizational silence and workplace dynamics, (0.852, 0.827, 0.806) have been obtained respectively. The results of Pearson correlation coefficient test suggest that there exists a significant inverse relationship between transformational leadership and organizational silence. And also the results of structural equation modeling using LISREL software indicates that dynamic work environment plays mediating role in the relationship between transformational leadership and organizational silence.
Keywords: Dynamic Workplace, Transformational Leadership, Organizational Silence.

The Impact of Information Technology Practice on Job Performance based on the Mediating Role of Organizatioal Agility
Hoseyn Safdari and Mohamadreza Ismaeelzadeh Ghandehari
This research has been conducted with the purpose of examining the impact of information technology practice on job performance based on the mediating role of organizational agility. The research method is applied and the approach to data collection is descriptive-correlational. The research population consists of all employees of Melat Bank branches in Mashhad. Through random stratified sampling and Cochran’s formula, 169 participants were selected for this research. The instrument used in this research is questionnaire whose validity was expert viewed and affirmed. And the reliability of the questionnaires using Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient for information technology, job performance, and organizational agility variables was 0.956, 0.727, 0.836, respectively. The results obtained from the structural equation modeling using LISREL software show that information technology practice has a significant impact on job performance. Also, organizational agility plays a mediating role in job performance of employees of Mellat Bank in Mashhad.
Keywords: Information technology, job performance, organizational agility.

On a class of MeromorphicUnivalent Functions defined byDziok-Sirivastava operator
Waggas Galib Atshan and Enaam Hadi Abd
The main purpose of this paperis to introduce a class M(α,β,γ,δ) of functions which are analytic and meromorphicunivalent in the punctured unit disc U^*={zεC:0<|z|<1}.We obtain various results including characterization, coefficients inequalities, partial sums,integral operator,neighborhoods ,inclusive property ,closure theorem.
Keywords: meromorphic univalent function, Dziok-Sirivastava operator, integral operator, convex function,neighborhoods.

Performance of different Distributed Generation units using Artificial Intelligent controllers
Puladasu sudhakar, Dr.Sushama Malaji and Dr.B.Sarvesh
In this paper, the performance analysis of wind turbine, micro turbine, solar, PEMFC and SOFC as a distributed generation units are considered. In this study the simulation models includes wind power is driven by an induction machine. Models are designed, modeled and simulated using MATLAB-SIMULINK software such that it can be suitable for modeling induction generator, rectifier-inverter configurations. To analyze more deeply the performance of the different distributed generations, under normal and fault conditions. Simulation results obtained the good performance of the DG units under normal and fault conditions in the power distribution system and also power quality problems are involved with different controllers like PID, Fuzzy and model reference adaptive. The integration of distributed generations in the distribution system will affect the existing protection schemes. The Interconnection transformer used in the connecting the DG unit to the utility has different connections like Star grounded/Star grounded, Star grounded/delta, delta/star grounded, delta/delta. The protection of DG also includes the type of transformer protection at the utility end. The DG mode of operation may also impact the protection settings coordination of the implemented protection scheme.
Keywords: Distribution, DSTATCOM, MATLAB/ SIMULINK, Power quality problems, Non-linear loads.

An Analyzing Trends Effective in the Entrepreneurship Opportunities Recognition in Fishery Industry
Abdoli Mohammad Abadi Tayebeh, Ahmadpour Dariani Mahmood, Matinfar Abbas and Karimi Asef
Using library resources, observation and interviewing fishery experts, trends effective in entrepreneurship in fishery industry were identified and designed in the form of a questionnaire. After evaluating validity and reliability of the questionnaire, a sample of 85 entrepreneurs and fishery experts was randomly selected and the questionnaire was completed. The level of importance and priority of trends was determined using Friedman test. The results indicated that globalization of fishery products is one of the most important effective trends, and technical, training and marketing assistance to entrepreneurs, technology development to manufacture and provide products, privatization of government activities, deregulation, demographic changes and women's role in fishery industry are among other trends respectively effective in achieving entrepreneurship opportunities in fishery industry.
Keywords: entrepreneurship opportunities, trends effective, fishing industry.

Synthesis of Some New Tetrazole Derivatives and Study their Antibacterial Activity
Wijdan Amer Ibrahim
The point of the present work is synthesis of some new tetrazole derivatives. In the initial step Schiff bases (w1-w2) have been prepared through the treatment of 4-nitro aniline compound with various aromatic aldehyde. The second steps synthesis of an aryl azide (WA) by the reaction 4-nitro aniline with Sodium nitrite and sodium azide . However compound (T1-T2) were set up by the buildup of Schiff bases compound with azide. The structure of synthesized compounds were found by utilizing some spectroscopic strategies, FT-IR and 1 H NMR.
Keywords: Tetrazol, azide, Schiff base.

Distribution of Some Elements in the Soil where Echinacea Is Cultivated
Mirzeta Saletovic, Amira Cipurkovic, Emir Horozic, Abdel Dozic and Vahida Selimbasic
Due to the growing demand for food production, agricultural areas are spread, production is intensified, various illegal activities are carried out in order to achieve higher yields and better resistance leading to increased concerns on the environment. This paper studied the soil of mountain areas in north-eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which medicinal herb echinacea is cultivated. In soil samples collected from three locations we investigated total content of seven heavy metals, as well as total content of potassium and phosphorus. Soil pH values ranging from 5.55 to 6.60 are optimal for the cultivation of medicinal plants. The exception is site I, which value pH=7.28 exceeds the optimal value for the cultivation of medicinal plants. The measured total heavy metal content does not exceed the reference values for the maximum permitted concentrations of certain heavy metals in the soil. Exceptions are copper at the site I (103 mg/kg), and zinc at all three sites (exceed the maximum concentration value of 300 mg/kg). The phosphorus content does not exceed the reference limit value of 860 mg / kg by Turekian reference. Limit for potassium on the site III (25600 mg / kg) exceed the limit values which can be explained by the increased use of fertilizers.
Keywords: agricultural soil, contamination factor, heavy metal, Echinacea.

Fast and Accurate Real Time Pedestrian Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network
Hayder. M. Albehadili, Muthana K. Al_Amidie and Naz. E. Islam
Recently, pedestrian detection has become an important problem of interest. This paper suggests robust convolutional neural network models to solve this problem. We primarily evaluate accuracy and speed. Our work depends on robust and fast deep neural network architectures; substantial changes to those models achieve results that are competitive with prior state-of-the-art methods. We suggest a new architecture that, when combined with the existing architecture, outperforms former state-of-the-art results. Moreover, we experimentally analyse parameters that influence performance to develop an accurate and fast detector that achieves the best current state-of-the-art results. All experiments used three pedestrian detection challenge benchmarks: Caltech-USA, INRIA, and ETH.
Keywords: Convolutional Neural Network, Pedestrian Detection, Multiscale input images.

Modeling and Simulation of Contaminant Transport and Biodegradation in a Saturated Aquifer with a System of Cylindrical Coordinates
Serghini Elaage, Mustapha Htiti, Salaheddine Kammouri Alami
In this work, we treat the problem of transport and biodegradation in a saturated porous media with a system of cylindrical coordinates. We consider a two dimensional radial geometry in which we suppose that the flow is predominant in the radial direction. A procedure of a fictitious mesh is adapted to evaluate the profile of concentrations of the pollutant on the ascending direction. The mathematical model is a system of non linear equations which takes into account the transport and biodegradation of the substrate in the saturated aquifer. The numerical simulation is based on a splitting approach which cut the complete system into two sub-systems. The first concern the transport problem which is resolved by an alternating direction implicit method (ADI). The concentrations obtained from this step are considered as initial conditions for solving the biological equations which are described here by a monod kinetics. These equations are simulated by a forth runge-kutta explicit method with a time scale smaller than the transport one.
Keywords: Aerobic Biorestoration, Alternating direction implicit method (ADI), Modelling, Monod-Kinetics, system of cylindrical coordinates, Operator Splitting.