European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 143 No 4
January, 2017

Exoscopie Des Quartz Torrentiels Du Plio-Pleistocene D’alepe Et D’aboisso (Cote D’ivoire)
WOGNIN Ama Valérie, ASSALÉ Fori Yao Paul, KRA Akoua Clarisse KPLOHI Hervé et TAHÉ Thierry
The exoscopic study of torrential quartz of the Plio-pleistocene of Alepe and Aboisso(Ivory Coast) showed these quartz present marks resulting from mechanical and chemical actions. The marks coming from mechanical actions include micro-fractures and shocks impacts caused by the transport. The marks resulting from the chemical actions are characterized by triangular figures and parallel lines which are crosscheck sometimes. The different marks undergo dissolutions to form cavities. These cavities contain minerals sometimes. The mechanical actions occur during the transport of quartz and the chemical actions during the post-deposit phase.
Keywords: Torrential quartz, exoscopy, mechanical action, chemical action, Plio-pleistocene, Ivory Coast.

CO2 Mineral Sequestration by Using Phosphogypsum As Adsorbent
A. Lachehab, A. Kherbeche, B. EL Bali, H. Hassoune
The production of phosphoric acid from natural phosphate rock by the wet process gives rise to phosphogypsum, a major industrial by-product with about 5 tons produced for each ton of phosphoric acid, and world widely phosphogypsum generation is estimated to be around 100-280 Mt per year. Phosphogypsum is mostly disposed of without any treatment, usually by dumping in large stockpiles and/or water supplies. In the framework of the fight against global climate change and the effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. A simple method for CO2 mineral sequestration is presented in this work, using phosphogypsum waste as a calcium source. This present study proposes the carbonation technology, based on aqueous alkaline industrial waste, as a contribution to reduce global CO2 emissions. X-ray diffraction patterns and thermogravimetric analysis demonstrate the high efficiency of portlandite precipitation by phosphogypsum dissolution using sodium hydroxide solution. Mineral carbonation experiments, performed at ambient pressure and temperature, resulted in total conversion of the portlandite into carbonate.
Keywords: Phosphogypsum; Mineral sequestration; Carbon dioxide; Adsorption; Carbonation.

Evaluation Des Connaissances Sur L’allaitement Maternel Enquête Sur 275 Femmes De La Ville De Rabat Au Maroc
Zineb SQALLI HOUSSAINI, Sultana INEKACH, Maryam Benbachir Hassani, Mohammed OUHSSINE, Zineb GUESSOUS
The main objective of the study is to evaluate the knowledge of women towards breastfeeding. The secondary objectives are to determine the different sources of information towards breastfeeding and the nature of information gathered in a first hand and the evaluation of actions of awareness for breastfeeding in a second hand.
To meet these objectives, a survey was conducted through a questionnaire of 31 questions on a sample of 275 women with children aged between 0 and 3 years and thus with a recent breastfeeding experience.
- 95% of women surveyed are from a medium or low social economical class background. The women surveyed were aged between 18 and 38 years.
- Primiparaes represent 32% of participants while 68% are multiparous. The average number of children per woman is elevated to 2.21.
- All women surveyed have declared that they are knowing the advantages of breastfeeding for both the mother and the infant. For women, the main benefits cited are the prevention against diverse cancers and the weight loss. For children, it is the reinforcement of the immunity of the child and the benefits of the outstanding quality of maternal milks.
- The knowledge of breastfeeding details such as the minimal and maximal age of breastfeeding, the age of diversification of food and the frequency of breastfeeding stays variable.
- 98 % of women surveyed declare knowing the colostrum. However, around third of them ignore its utility
- The family is at the head of the sources of information for breastfeeding because it was cited by 153 women surveyed, followed by the staff operating in the medical and hospital environment.
- Only 39% of women surveyed have beneficiated from awareness session on breastfeeding. The information gathered concerns essentially the benefits of breastfeeding without talking about the ways to facilitate and encourage this later
Keywords: survey, feeding mode, exclusive breastfeeding, mixed feeding, artificial feeding, sources of information, action of awareness.

Religious Terrorism (Boko Haram) and the Future of Education in Nigeria
Note: This paper was earlier publihsed in EJSR Vol 117 Issue 3, due to technical problems, it has been republished in this issue.
Ilechukwu, Leonard Chidi
Boko Haram, Islamic Religious sect terrorism has been a thorn in the flesh of Nigerian State. The sect is using calculated violence to threaten, intimidate and maim the innocent citizens of Nigeria. The incessant terrorist attacks of the sect have shaken the fabric of Nigerian economic foundation and education progress. The attack of the sect on western education is trying to undermine the achievement of educational goals in Nigeria. The attacks is also thwarting the millennium Development Goals on Education; such as Basic education for all children in the country, Education for All (EFA) which aims to meet the learning needs of all children, youth and adults by 2015, and Education for Rural People which aim at addressing rural urban disparity in Education. This means that the attack of Boko Haram is increasing the illiteracy rate in Nigeria. Already, UNESCO estimates that Nigeria is home to 45 percent of the global school drop out population and has 105 million children out of schools. The insurgence of Boko Haram is increasing these numbers today, thereby leading Nigeria to mass illiteracy. The attack of the sect on schools has also led to the shutting down of all the schools in some states in the northern Nigeria as a precautionary measure to stave off the outrageous attacks of slaughtering innocent and harmless children. The closing down of the schools for good is the ultimate goal of Boko Haram. Leaving the schools shut will give Boko Haram success in its bid against Western Education. This portends great danger to education in Nigeria. The attack on the innocent school Children traumatizes them. In this case there is problem of how to care for traumatized school children and win them back to the school. The school children who escaped death by the skin of their teeth, sustained serious injuries or saw his classmate mowed down in a rain of bullets may not find it easy to pack his bag and run back to school as soon it is re-opened. If the school children, out of fear refuse to go back to school, it will be disastrous for education in Nigeria. Again traumatized incident can make students to suffer both physical and psychological damages that impair their ability to learn. More still the experience of violence may induce the affected children to join bloody cults in bid to retaliate Boko Haram egregious action on them. Still, parents seeing the schools as the ground sink homes may be unwilling to send their wards back to school. Some parents whose business have been crippled and brought to their knees may not afford to pay the school fees of their children. These factors among other discussed in this paper show that Boko Haram, Islamic Religious sect’s terrorism in Nigeria portends danger to the future of education in Nigeria.

Optimizing E-Learning in Nigerian Universities for Sustainable Development
Note: This paper was earlier publihsed in EJSR Vol 100 Issue 2, due to technical problems, it has been re-published in this issue.
Ilechukwu, Leonard Chidi and Njoku, Collins Chibuzo
A dialectical nexus exists between education and development. With Nigeria’s paradoxical ashamedly poverty and underdevelopment profile amidst abundant potential wealth, effective educational service delivery especially at the higher education level which is critical to human and national development is imperative. Thus, education in the 21st century global knowledge economy requires a paradigm shift in the delivery system to match the emergent new knowledge, attitudes, skills and technologies. Since curriculum is a vehicle for attainment of educational goals and methods of delivery are a component of the curriculum, there is need for employment of effective delivery systems which will produce functional citizens locally relevant and globally competent. E-learning which means electronic learning is an ICTs – driven new face of education service delivery superior to the traditional brick wall classroom learning. But there are challenges and gaps for an effective e-learning in the universities. This paper, therefore, using a library research method, attempts to demystify all this and articulates twelve nuggets strategies to optimize e-learning in Nigerian universities for Nigeria’s sustainable development and global competitiveness.
Keywords: Education, Development, ICT, E Learning, Optimize, Curriculum.

Relation between BMI and Prostate Specific Antigens in Diabetic Male
Ekhlas Abdallah Hassan, Alzahraa Ibrahim Abdulmajeed , Shaymaa Ibrahim Khaleel
The research aims to find out the relationship between level of prostate specific antigen (PSA) and BMI In diabetic men, in different age groups .So this work raises questions and hypotheses concerning the role of BMI in rick factor of cancer of prostate in diabetic subjects. The current study included 75 men into three age groups ,first group with age (20-35) years include 21 subjects. Second group men with aged( 35-50) years include 26 subject and third group with aged( 50-70) include 28 subjects. concentration of PSA was quantitatively determined in subjects by ELISA test. A higher incidence of serum PSA was found in control than diabetic patients. This indicate that the presence of total PSA in sera of diabetic patients may be used as a favorable prognostic indicators and diagnostic tool in prostat tumors. Lower PSA levels are associated with an increased risk of T2DM. This is also true when the obesity is considered, and most of elderly obese (patients and controls) showed a decreased level of serum PSA.
Keywords: BMI, PSA, and Diabetic patients

Developing and Implementation of Distributed Chat Applications Using WPF and WCF
Motaz Daadoo
This paper deals with the issues involved in distributed application. The development of distributed chat applications involves several tools and technologies. In particular, the researcher describes an application that provides multi chatting between computers on the Internet. A server realizes the connection. It is important to mention that the addresses of clients are not known. Server listen and be ready for any request both devices are allowed to send messages to the other party without the knowledge of Internet Protocol (IP) each and there is a special whisper who says that it allows users to send anonymous letters, and receive responses, known as the "Whispers", which sends the message to a specific person. The technology used in this application in C# Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). In this paper is presented a solution that involves the use of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and WCF frameworks to develop distributed chat applications.
Keywords: Chat Application, .NET, Service, WCF, WPF.

C-Reactive Protein and Its +1059 G>C Polymorphism Involvement: An Overview
Fatima-Zahrae Aboubakr, Jafarov Toghrul, Bouchra Benazzouz, Aboubaker El Hessni, Omar Akhouayri
In this review paper, we investigate the findings of existing literature on the C-reactive protein +1059 G>C polymorphism, as well as its involvement in different pathologies.

Archaeological prospect in the Béré region (mid-north of Côte d'Ivoire): A contribution to the knowledge of the Wan populations
Sylvain Kouakou KOFFI
The Wan form a small group of people who live in the Béré region in the North-central part of Côte d'Ivoire. From historical and cultural viewpoint, these people are less known. Such as, they can be regarded as authors of the sculptures known under the name “ the sculpted stones” of Gohitafla. The sites that shipped them have been destroyed. The quest for archaeological data for them, requires investigations of the past living place of the Wan to order confirm the hypothesis this membership.
A program of inquiry is then launched to map and study these ancient sites from the earliest to the last abandoned. The results of this study will provide in the long run a better document on these lithic sculptures. This aims of this paper is to meets this objective.
The data we present here are an overview of the results of the prospecting carried out from 03 to 12 December 2016. It identified three former sites, one of which was surveyed. The furniture collected is made up of containers, animal bone remains, handicraft tools, antique coins and ornamental objects.
Keywords: T-zone, Canny edge detection, skin type, classification, Hough transformation.

Double Sequence Spaces Defined By A Double Orlicz Function
Ali Hussein Battor, Maysoon Azeez Niamah
In this paper we study the double sequence spaces defined by a double Orlicz function, we introduce some new double sequence spaces using the double Orlicz function and examine some properties of the resulting double sequence spaces.
Keywords: double sequence, double Orlicz function