European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 143 No 1
November, 2016

Study Of Performances From Reproductions Productions And The Sheep Race Primiparous From Ouled Djellal
Saoussene Smaali and Mabrouk Chemmam
The study of the reproductive and the productive parameters of the ewes Ouled Djellal (n=24), conducted in extensive, shows a fertility rate of 94.45 %, a fecundity rate of 113.88 % and a prolificacy rate was 120.45 %. The duration of the pregnancy is 151.95 days. Fleece weight averaged 3.47 kg. Litter size at birth and weaning (90 days) 1.24 and 1.21, respectively, and litter weights at birth and weaning 4.3 and 18.36 kg, respectively. The mortality rate from birth to 90 days averaged 10.9%. The average daily milk production was 1.5kg/day and 0.98kg/day in the first and fifth week of lactation respectively.
It was concluded that the Ouled Djellal race has a very promising reproductive potential, viability, growth, milk and wool production.
Keywords: Ouled Djellal, Reproduction, Production, Farming System.

Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Strategic Actions: a Case Study of a Brazilian Industry in the Dairy Sector
Tatiana Marceda Bach, Silvana Anita Walter, Valéria Silva da Fonseca and Jansen Maia Del Corso
The aim of this article is to analyze the relationship between the entrepreneurial characteristics of the founders of a Brazilian industrial company in the dairy sector and the formulation of their strategic actions. For this purpose, the professional background of the founders is analyzed before and after the establishment of the company, as well as the environment context at play in the formulation of the main strategic actions. The findings showed that while the founders of the future company were employed at a company in the same sector, they already wished to have their own enterprise to produce powdered whey. As owners of a pioneer industry in Brazil, purchasing whey in natura, they had to create processes to solve new problems and make investments that were unprecedented in Brazil. This required characteristics such as creativity, innovation, persistence, initiative and orientation to goals on the part of the founders. It can be concluded that the founders’ entrepreneurial characteristics aided the formation of the company’s strategic actions. The present study contributes to the literature by identifying the entrepreneurial characteristics of the founders and examining how they relate to the strategic actions formulated in organizations, using the entrepreneurship approach and strategy as practice.
Keywords: Strategic actions, Entrepreneurial characteristics, Brazilian dairy industry sector.

Monitoring the marine debris at coastal Oued Laou on Mediterranean Sea, Morocco
Adel Alshawafi, Mohamed Analla and Mustapha Aksissou
Marine wastes present effects major environmental and economic. Misfortune and the monitoring process of the most effective means of assessing the extent of coastal wetlands pollution of the marine waste. This work is performed on Oued Loua beach on the Mediterranean Sea in the north of Morocco. This work aims to monitor the presence of marine debris and the impact of fishing activity in the presence of this waste. The results of the process of collecting samples seasonally during the year 2015 show that the area is characterised by the existence of five types of macro debris. The plastic is the more abundance with (53, 05%), following by lumber and paper (35,83%), clothes and fabric(8,47%), Metal (1,89%) and (0,7%). The micro-debris varied between (0-5,2g) and the third season is the more polluted. In order to determine the differences between transects, the analysis of variance Only three variables are significant. Total cigar tips, total pieces of rope and total cups with two significant groups for each variable (P-value<0.05) by Games-Howell multiple comparison. Two variables are significant total personal care products, Total plastic bags (or frag) by Tukey HSD multiple comparison.
Keywords: Plastic Waste, Biodegradation, Marine Pollution, Oued Loua, Mediterranean Sea

Bloody Nipple Discharge Revealing A Bilateral Deficient Streptococcus Infection
Mbongo JA, Opfou Ondongo I, Loubienga S, Yala F, Iloki LH
Authors report a clinical case of bilateral bloody nipple discharge from a woman of advanced age, due to a deficient streptococcus infection. The diagnosis was not easy because of the type of germ that requires a special identification method, and also because of the clinical breast symptoms at this age that more likely suggest breast cancer. More perseverance was needed to finally achieve therapeutic success.
Keywords: nipple discharge - deficient streptococcus.

Classification of Web Pages and Extraction of User Browsing Pattern from Web Log Using Reinforcement Learning
Abdul Rahaman wahab sait and T.Meyyappan
Internet became part of life and billions of website exists in web. Web data is the combination of text, picture, and animation and difficult to extract data from web pages but with limited functionalities. Web page classification (WPC) is a method derived from web mining (WM) to classify web pages according to the label. Web usage mining (WUM) is another method from WM to extract useful patterns from weblog stored in the web server. The pattern extracted by WUM will be useful for the website owners to know the interest of visitors and customize their site depends on the pattern. The proposed research implements Reinforcement learning (RL) method to classify web pages into certain pre – defined categories and mine patterns from the weblog and divides the visitors into different types.
Keywords: Web page classification, Weblog pattern, Web usage mining, Reinforcement learning, Machine learning, Neural networks.

Proportional Integral Derivative Set Point Tracking Control of a DC Motor Speed with Different Techniques
Sayed Sayeed Ahmad and Anwar M. A.
In Control Engineering the Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller is a method that supervises a control system. A PID controller controls the devices in the system function using mathematical calculations or an equation. This paper presents a procedure to control the speed of a DC motor using a PID controller that follow the changing Set-Point (SP Tracking) whereas tuning is be performed manually.
Keywords: Current Error, Control Variable, Disturbance-Rejection, Open-loop Tuning

Etude préliminaire du volcanisme permien du massif de Bou Achouch
Abdelaziz BOUTSOUGAME, Hassane OUAZZANI, Hassan EL HADI and Aâtika EDDIF
Permian volcanic Bou Achouch complex (Central Morocco), manifested primarily by volcanic rocks of andesite and rhyolite type, intercalated in the clay-Greso-conglomeratic Permian deposits. These are rocks texture microlitic to porphyritic. Rhyolites show a primary paragenèse formed of plagioclase, biotite, quartz and orthoclase and secondary mineral assemblage consisting of calcite, quartz and oxides. Andesites consist of a primary paragenèse formed of plagioclase, pyroxene and amphibole and a secondary mineral assemblage formed of calcite, quartz and opaque. The rocks were studied petrographic characteristics comparable to those described in the Permian complex Khénifra and Tiddas- Sebt Ait Ikkou (Central Morocco).
The Bou Achouch subject area during the Permian essentially a compressive regime and recorded four episodes of deformation.
Keywords: Permian volcanic activity, Bou Achouch, Central Morocco.

Iraq's Oil Exports And The Share Of The United States Of America, and Its Impact On Economic Development In Iraq Using Modern econometrics Models
AbdulAdheem AbdulWahid Kadhim Alshukri and Mariofanna Milanova
That the Iraqi economy is a yield economy depends on the oil sector class basis to finance the financial resources of the country as a source of financing for economic development, so the objected of this research is to examine some of the factors that affect the gross domestic product (GDP) in Iraq, particularly total oil exports, Iraq's share of the United States which, as well as Brent oil price, and therefore ensure that search a number of objectives which recognize the reality of the oil sector in Iraq, as well as stand on the nature of the oil trade between Iraq and the United States as well as to measure the relationship between the size of Iraq's oil exports and the share of the US ones, and research found a set of conclusions Of which ,world oil demand is affected by several factors, including oil prices, the growth of the world population, growth rates in both developing and developed countries and the discovery of new alternatives and climate ... etc.
oil exports occupies in Iraq, particularly to the United States, including great importance in GDP growth and the financing of the general budget, and thus to economic development, as it has proved multiple regression analysis of the impact of these exports to gross domestic product (GDP) in Iraq, where the change of those exports one unit leads to GDP change by (87.96995) was agreed with the analysis of the logic of economic theory, as demonstrated by a positive relation variables link , this proves the validity of the hypothesis search

Swamp Process for Feature Extraction using Combined LBP and Gwt for Facial Image Retrieval
Enikuomehin, A.O, Amin A.O, Ogundipe D.A, Enikuomehin, M, Adefokun, A.O and Bashirat A.
Many modern devices for image identification has performed poorly in matching similar faces across different age brackets. This has led to multiple facial registration for a single task. The paper identifies the problem as an issue related to facial image feature extraction and hence propose the combination of the Linear Binary Pattern (LBT) and the Gabor Wavelent Transform (GWT) as a standalone algorithm to enhance the process of facial image retrieval. Several experiments were performed using Age invariant FR data, the combined results shows that the utilization of the mixed LBT and GWT method improved processing time( GWT: 6.1094, LBT:4.36404, HYBRID: 3.6404); false acceptance rate GWT: 25%, LBT:10%, HYBRID: 0%) and False rejection rate(GWT: 15%, LBT:8%, HYBRID:0%). The paper concludes that, for mixed hybrid method performs outstandingly when compared with single phrase bench mark approaches. It further recommends that future commercial and practical systems should incorporate the hybrid approach to achieve actual retrieval by building across age invariant retrieval systems.

Design Procedure and Experimental Analysis for Coil Heat Exchanger
Mustafa S. Mahdi
Coil heat exchangers found a lot of applications now a days in the area of renewable energy due to their effectiveness and compactness, so any designer in the renewable energy area will find himself in the position of designing a coil heat exchanger for an energy storage or direct heat exchange, for this a step by step design procedure has been developed based on effective relation of Nusselt number from the literature for coil flow. The procedure has been written in an excel spread sheet which is necessary to ease the calculations and optimize the design. Experimental work has been done to verify the validity of the procedure and to estimate the rate of deviation between the theoretical and the experimental model.The result show the validity of the design procedure with an acceptable deviation between the experimental and the theoretical models
Keywords: Coil heat exchanger, Heat transfer coefficients, Design.