European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 142 No 4
October, 2016

Triptyque culturel et succession dans les entreprises familiales libanaises non cotées
Saïd Hussein
Succession in unlisted family owned businesses is a crucial stage for both enterprise and family. It compromises the perennial business and could bring about the down fall of the family heritage. Success of this process will ensure the continuity of the family line, the survival and the development of the said business resulting in stability for the employees and growth and value for the firm. Succession in family owned business was first discussed by Christensen in 1953. Since then, many theories have been developed about this subject but none have taken into consideration the cultural triptych in a particular cultural and geographic context: Lebanon.
Keywords: succession, unlisted Lebanese family business, choice of the successor, cultural triptych, Lebanese culture, perennial business.

Utilisation de la télédétection dans la cartographie automatique des linéaments géologiques du granitoïde de Tichka (Haut Atlas Occidental)
Hicham SI MHAMDI, Mohammed RAJI, Mostafa OUKASSOU
Lineament analysis is an important approach in geological mapping and mineral exploration. In this paper, we present a methodological approach to detect the cleavage lineaments in the grano-diorite of Tichka which is located to the north of the major fault zone of Tizi-n-Test between both Meseta and West Afraicain domains.
Several technics were applied on Landsat 8 Oli images, in order to improve the visibility of lineaments. These technics include radiometric and atmospheric correction, colored compositions and principal component analysis (PCA).
After correction and validation lineaments obtained by automatic extraction. The synthetic map shows 636 lineaments with remarkable density in the south of the massif. The compilation of these results with the existing geological data and field works permits to establish a geological link between lineaments and facilitate their interpretations. Extracted lineaments within the granitoid coincides with limits of alternating facies (granodiorite and diorite) and cleavage orientations. This structure is related to the syn-tectonic deformation granitoïde during the major phase of the variscan orogeny.
Keywords: Remote sensing, Automatic extraction, Paleozoic, Western High Atlas, Morocco.

On Expansive Random Operators Over a Uniform Random Dynamical Systems
Ihsan Jabbar Kadhim and Alaa Hussein Khalil
In this paper the random dynamical system and random sets in uniform space are defined and some essential properties of these two concepts are proved. Also the expansivity of uniform random operator is studied.
Keywords: random dynamical system, uniform random dynamical system, uniform random set, expansive random dynamical system, random operator, expansive random operator.

Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry Studies on the Properties of Metal Chalcogenide Thin Films: A Review
Ho Soonmin
Thin films can be prepared by a variety of deposition techniques such as chemical bath deposition, evaporation method, and spray pyrolysis. In this work, the obtained films were characterized using Rutherford backscattering spectrometry technique. This technique has been used to investigate the structure, composition, surface roughness and depth profile as discussed by many researchers.
Keywords: Rutherford backscattering spectrometry, thin films, semiconductor, deposition.

Valuation Of Domestic Wastewater In Agriculture (Sale) Accumulation and Bioaccumulation Of Heavy Metals
In the area of the city of Sale, a volume of wastewater is discharged directly into the coastline and the estuary of the Bouregreg without any treatment. In order to preserve the quality of receiving waters, we reused treated wastewater in irrigation of the bean. The results of the average number of the bean and the rod length has very important. In this context, the study we present is a contribution to the impact of irrigation with treated and untreated water at the city of Sale.
The work is to examine the quality of the soil of accumulation and bioaccumulation of metallic elements ( Cr , Pb, Cu, Zn and Fe) . It is an approach that try to study the impact of agricultural practices on the accumulation and the soil-plant transfer of heavy metals. For this, we determined the levels of metals in the soil, and arial parts of the plant (bean).
The results of trace metals show that the bean irrigated by treated wastewater and untreated present high concentrations and are accumulated in the leaves with the exception of lead (Pb) which is accumulated in the stems.
Keywords: City of Sale , metallic elements , bean, leaf, stem and leaf.

Features of the Low–Level Temperature Inversions At Abidjan Upper-Air Station (Ivory Coast)
Guédjé Kossi François, Houéto V. V. Arnaud, Houngninnou B. Etienne, Moumouni Sounmaïla and Lawin A. Emmanuel
This work examine the characteristics of the low-level (surface-based and elevated) temperature inversions above Abidjan (Ivory Coast) to a pressure level of 700 hPa by using daily (midnight and midday) upper-air meteorological data over the period 2007-2015. The monthly and vertical variations of inversions, characterized by vertical gradients of temperature (strength), potential temperature, dew point temperature, depth, and inversion index, were studied. On the monthly basis, it is worth noting that elevated inversions were more common throughout the year than surface-based inversions. The frequency peak of elevated inversions was found in summer months whereas the peak of surface-based was in winter. Moreover, for the both midday and midnight soundings, the strongest inversions occurred in summer but a relative maximum strength of inversions was evidently shown in winter. The vertical variations of the characteristics of inversions helped us to highlight the types of inversions and the physical processes associated. The role of radiation inversions for air pollution dispersion was also discussed.
Keywords: radiosonde, meteorology, inversion, air pollution, Abidjan upper-air

Dynamic Analysis of Automotive Full Car Passive Suspension System
Sanjay M. Patel and Dr. A. D. Patel
Full car automotive suspension model is one of the best ways for the analysis of vehicle ride or ride comfort with seven degrees of freedom system. It represents the automotive system at all four wheels i.e. the motion of the axle and of the vehicle body at all four wheels of the vehicle. Automotive suspension designs have been always compromise between road handling, passenger comfort and load carrying. This paper describes the dynamic model of full car passive automotive seven degrees of freedom suspension system prepared in MATLAB using Simulink. The results obtained from the simulation of model could be used for investigation and analysis of the system and in dynamic design of a vehicle.
Keywords: Full car suspension, Ride comfort, Sprung mass, Unsprung mass, Simulink.

Variational Iteration Method for Nonlinear Multi-Point Boundary Value Problems
Note: This paper was earlier publihsed in EJSR Vol 88 Issue 1, due to technical problems, it has been republished in this issue. 374-377
Olayiwola, M. Oyedunsi, Akinpelu, F.O and Gbolagade, A. Wasiu
In this paper, a Variational Iteration Method [VIM] for the solution of of multi-point boundary value problems is presented. The solution is found in the form of a rapid convergent series.
Keywords: variational iteration method, lagrange multiplier, multi-point boundary value problems.

Drépanocytose : Paramètres épidémiologiques et biologiques
Khalid HAFIANI, Khadija EL KHARRIM, Driss BELGHYTI, Youssef EL MADHI, Mustapha HAFID, Abderrahim BERTOUL and Halima BAZOUI
With the aim to highlight the epidemiological, clinical, biological and evolutionary characteristics of sickle cell children under 15 years. We conducted a prospective descriptive study of cases diagnosed in the pediatric ward at the regional hospital in Kenitra between January and December 2015. According to results, 107 sickle cell cases were collected during this study period. Of these, 83 are homozygous SS, 19 AS sickle cell traits and 3 AC composite forms.
The SS phenotype was most dominant. These results reflect the severity of the disease whose care is fraught with a great social impact on families. In addition, the disease remains largely unknown among health professionals; this ignorance is the cause of a wandering diagnosis and delay in care. January/ December of 2015).
Keywords: Sickle Cell, Child, Phenotype, Kenitra, Morocco.

Télédétection et SIG en appui à la caractérisation de l’évolution de l’occupation par le Typha australis Schumach du Parc National du Diawling, Mauritanie
OULD ABIDINE Mohamed Mahmoud, Ahmed EL ABOUDI, INEJIH Cheikh Abdellahi, Ahmedou SOULE and OUAREG Zakaria
The Diawling National Park (DNP) was created in 1991 in the Mauritanian’s lower delta of the Senegal River in response to environmental and socioeconomic damage following the construction of two additional dams, Diama downstream and the upstream Manantali. If the construction of these dams had the expected positive consequences in terms of regeneration of degraded environments, it also favored an unexpected development of invasive plants such as Typha. To monitors and quantifies changes in the use of the land in the NDP by this plant. We used remote sensing, and we resorted to the use of satellite images taken on separate dates and included the analysis of Landsat scenes (TM, ETM + OLI and TIRS). The results highlight the rapid evolution of Typha acreage during the last three decades, with the most marked changes in the Gambar basin now covered 70% by this plant. Cattail has strongly changed the climax of the area
Keywords: GIS and Remote sensing, Degradation, Typha, PND, Mauritania

Etude des tendances du stock de carbone du Parc National du Banco (Sud-est de la Côte d’Ivoire) à l’aide de l’imagerie satellitaire.
The objective of the study is to evaluate the variation of forest coverand carbon stock in the Banco National Park, a natural forest locatedin the City of Abidjan on tertiary sandy clay soil in the moist evergreen forest of Côte d’Ivoire. It was also to identify the main zones of degradation in the Park. In the present study, we used satellite data (Landsat TM and ETM +) of 1990 and 2001 and Quickbird of 2010, first for recognizing and mapping vegetation types and second forlocating plot inventories in the Park. Then, we conducted forest inventory in each vegetation type.The rate of deforestation is about 2.65% between 1990 and 2001 and 3% between 2001 and 2010 while the loss of carbon stock is about 5.5% between 1990 and 2010.
Keywords: Satellite data, Forest inventories, Carbon stock, Banco National Park, Côte d’Ivoire.