European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 136 No 2
November, 2015

On Harmonic Univalent Functions Defined by Integral Convolution
Waggas Galib Atshan and Enaam Hadi Abd
In this paper,we introduce and study a subclass of harmonic univalent functions defined by integral convolution (S_H )(β,α)in the unit disk U={z ε C :|z|< 1}. We obtain some geometric properties, like coefficient inequality, extreme point and convex combination and convolution(or Hadamard product) for functions in the class (S_H )(β,α) are given.
Keywords: harmonic univalent functions,Bernardi operator, Jung-Kim-Srivastava integral operator, Hadamardproduct

Impact des Activités Anthropogéniques sur la Distribution des Macroinvertébrés Benthiques et la Qualité des Eaux de Quatre Petits Cours D’eaux de Côte D’ivoire
Simmou Yomi Junior, Bamba Mamadou, Konan Yao Aristide, Kouassi Kouassi Philippe and Koné Tidiani
Water quality of four small coastal rivers in Southeastern Côte d'Ivoire were evaluated by analyzing the macroinvertebrate composition and other environmental variables. Biological and environmental samples were collected monthly from March 2012 through February 2013 at 4 stations per river. A total of 137 macroinvertebrate taxa belonging to 35 families and 8 orders were identified. The highest total numbers of taxa were recorded respectively in Bodoua (n = 76) and Boulo 2 (n = 70) Rivers which were influenced by neighboring domestic activities. This species diversity was adversely low in Ehania and Boulo 1 Rivers receiving industrial palm oil mill effluent. Overall, the fauna recorded is composed of five groups: insects, annelids, mollusks, crustaceans and arachnids. Aquatic insects represented quantitatively 87.14% of all taxa. The Shannon (S) and Equitability (E) index varied respectively from 0.70 to 3.2 and from 0.22 to 0.88 with synchronous changes in S and E for the four rivers. Hilsenhoff biotic index data, between 4.3 and 8.3, showed that the water quality was bad in sampling sites that are immediately dowstream to the release points of palm oil mill effluent in rivers and those under the effects of domestic use of water bodies.
Keywords: Macroinvertébrés, Indices Biotiques, Rivières, Côte d’Ivoire.

Do Workers with Higher Levels of Education Migrate More? Findings from the Korean Labour and Income Panel Study
Ye Seul Choi and Up Lim
Using multinomial logistic regression analysis, this paper examines whether the high level of human capital of migrants who move to the capital region differs statistically from migrants who move to the non-capital region. For the analysis, this paper uses the 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012 panel data from the Korean Labour and Income Panel Study (KLIPS). The analysis is divided into two parts based on migrants’ region of origin: the migration of individuals who live in the non-capital region and the migration of individuals who live in the capital region. Our empirical finding is that the educational attainment of individuals significantly affects the behaviour of migrants in moving from the non-capital region to the capital region. According to the analysis of migration from Gyeonggi and Incheon to Seoul, migration within the capital region, individuals who engage in occupations involving highly skilled and non-manual labour are more likely to move to Seoul, where favourable conditions for workers in terms of higher wages and better job opportunities can be provided. These results can be understood in the context of human capital theory as suggesting that personal socioeconomic utilities can be maximized through migration to the capital region.
Keywords: Migration, Human Capital, Education, Multinomial Logistic Regression Model.

A Platform For Building Reconfigurable Games
Fabricio N. Buzeto, Tiago B. P. e Silva, Carla D. Castanho and Ricardo P. Jacobi
By blending together real and virtual world elements, ubigames are able to create a high level of engagement and immersion among players. For more than a decade such games have been experiencing growth in the industry but still there's plenty of room to explore in the regarding novel ubiquitous game designs. Here is presented a novel type of such games named “Reconfigurable Ubiquitous Games” that adapt themselves to the surroundings creating an ever changing experience. Along with guidelines on how to create Reconfigurable Ubiquitous Games its also presented a platform that supports the development titles of its kind. This platform has been evaluated by invited game developers and designers in order to assess its usage.
Keywords: Pervasive Games, Ubigames, Reconfigurable Games, Ubicomp, Context Aware Games, Game Engine, Middleware, Autonomous games, Adaptative Games, Open Games
JEL Classification Code: Y800.

Is the adoption of IFRS, an essential element concerning the Mediterranean European Union’s Banks?
Alexandros Garefalakis, Elisavet Lappa, George Mantalis, George Xanthos and Alexopoulos George
Based on Regulation No. 1606/2002 from the 1st January of 2005 all the stock exchange quoted companies in the European Union had to adopt the International Financial Reporting System (IFRS). In order to prevent possible future accounting scandals like Enron, the purpose of this progress is the creation of the necessary institutional checks and balances in the business system supervision.
The loan loss provisioning is considered the main accrual in the balance sheet of the banks and is one of the factors that characterize the accounting quality of the financial statements of banks. This study is concluded that the loan loss provision as a method to smooth the income of the banks in EU Mediterranean countries has reduced because of the adoption of IFRS. This happens because the rules in IFRS are strict and try to create more difficulties concerning managers to apply methods that will function just concerning their own benefit
Keywords: IFRS, Banks, Loan Loss Provision, Accounting quality.

Determining the Validity and Reliability of the Preschooler’s Food Preference Survey (PFPS-12)
Virginie M Zoumenou, Dionne Ray and Sinial Mclaughlin
The objective of this study was to determine the reliability and validity of the Preschooler’s Food Preference Survey (PFPS-12). Three year old preschoolers at Head Start Centers on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland (N=10) were surveyed. The food preference measured for twelve fresh fruits and vegetables that are not usually included in the menus at the Head Start Centers. A panel of six experts was asked to examine and comment on the instrument for content validity. The completion of this survey required approximately five minutes. The test and retest was used with two weeks between tests. Cronbach’s Alpha Reliability Test and Pearson’s Correlation were calculated using the Statistical software SPSS 22.0. The test and retest scores indicated that almost all the respondents increased their preference for selected items. Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient of 0.6175 which revealed agreement with Kappa’s range from 0.61and 0.80, and a Pearson correlation between test and retest scores r = .643, p = .045, N = 10 were found. The correlation test significance level was set at 0.05. Overall the Preschooler’s Food Preference Survey (PFPS-12) demonstrated the capability of assessing the preschoolers’ food preferences that were clearly observable over time.
Keywords: Preschoolers, Food Preference Questionnaire, Reliability, Validity, Low Socio- Economic Families, Head Start.

The Effect of Job Satisfaction on the Employee’s Work Performance
“Case study of Golden Tulip Hotels - Lebanon”

This paper attempts to test the effect of job satisfaction on the employee’s work performance, case study of Golden Tulip Hotels, LB is based on the investigation and evaluation. We are self-motivated and self-interested to complete this research project in relation to academic, organizational and personal perspective. Based on the literature review, it is clear that job satisfaction is an important and vital aspect to employee’s work performance. Several factors can influence the job satisfaction, including organizational structure & culture, organizational commitment, salary structure, empowerment and power delegation, financial and non-financial reward systems, and so on.
Keywords: Effect, job satisfaction, employees, work performance, organization, investigation and analysis

Fatigue Behavior of Self -Compacting Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with Carbon Fiber Sheets
Musab Aied Qissab, Yaser Saad Suleiman and Ahmed Sultan Ali
This research investigates the behavior of eight self-compacted (SCC) reinforced concrete beams under monotonic and repeated loads. Six beams were strengthened with carbon fiber sheets (CFS), and the other two beams are the reference ones. Two SCC mixtures were used in this study. The mixtures were designed using different material proportions to evaluate two different compressive strength (47) and (33) MPa, which was considered as a variable in this study. The results of the experimental program showed that the (CFS) strengthening increase the flexural resistance of the strengthened beam subjected to monotonic loads by (61.2%). While in repeated load tests, the number of cycles up to failure increase by (24%) for strengthened beams. On the other hand, the strengthened beams with higher compressive strength resist more load cycles by (10.4%) and (19.2 %) at load range 70% and 80% from ultimate load respectively. The numerical part of this study presents a three-dimensional nonlinear finite element model using the ANSYS computer program (V. 12.0). The comparison between the experimental and numerical results showed a reasonable agreement based on the ultimate load, mid span deflection, and cycles up to failure, with maximum difference (8%) between experimental and numerical results for all test specimens.
Keywords: repeated loads, self-compacting concrete, carbon fiber sheets, concrete beams.

Steel Fiber Reinforcement Effects on Composite Beams of Tensioned Steel-Concrete Interfaces with Shear Connectors
Laith Khalid Al-Hadithy and Maryam Abdul Jabbar Hassan
Composite beams consisting of RC rectangular cross sections interconnected at their soffits – by shear connectors- to bottom steel plates have those shear connectors being embedded in tensioned concrete media which are normally weak and early cracked. This research is directed to study the role of steel fiber added to concrete in enhancing performances of those beams having such special steel concrete combination by furnishing efficient tensioned concrete media for the resistance of shear connectors at interfaces. However, addition of steel fiber to concrete reduces its workability and negatively affects its fresh property especially in portions embracing steel rebars and shear connectors. Hence, it becomes necessary to use Self-Compacting Concrete to reduce such problems. Moreover, using SCC will increase the degree of interconnection with the embedded shear connectors owing to its homogeneity and segregation resistance. The focus of the experimental program in this work is to study the behavior of seven rectangular-section composite beams consisting of self-compacting reinforced concrete prisms (with four values for steel fibers volume fraction Vf: 0.0%, 0.2%, 0.5% and 0.8%) in addition to changing the distribution of shear connectors, the thickness and the length of steel plate for the beams containing 0.5% volume fraction of steel fiber. The results show that the insertion of steel fibers by the selected volumetric ratios led to: increase of the ultimate flexural resistance, reduction the ultimate midspan deflection, enhancement of the average flexural stiffness, decrease of the relative end slip values and improvement the average anti slip stiffness.
Keywords: Steel fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete, composite integrity, steel plate, shear connector distribution, tensioned concrete embedment, cracking load, ultimate load, and fracture pattern.

Mechanical and Durability Properties of Silica Fume based Quarry Dust Concrete
A.Krishnamoorthi and G. Mohan Kumar
The most widely used fine aggregate for making of concrete is the natural sand mined from the riverbeds and is becoming scarce due to the excessive nonscientific methods of mining from the riverbeds creating problems like lowering of water table and sinking of bridge piers. The present scenario demands for identification of substitute materials for the river sand for making concrete. Quarry Dust(QD) as such a byproduct from crushing process during quarrying activities is one of those materials that have recently gained attention to be used as fine aggregate. With and without processing, quarry dust have been tried for making concrete and found to have certain features that include the excess fine particles and irregular particle shape of quarry dust and more water consumption and totally resulting in the reduction of the designated strength which is significant for high strength concrete.
This paper brings out the effect of mineral additives on the properties of quarry dust concrete. Design mix of M40 grade concrete was made for conventional Sand Concrete (SC) as well as Quarry Dust Concrete(QDC), 5% and 10% cement replacements by silica fume with 0.9% of Super plasticizer were considered. Workability, strength and durability properties of SC and QDC were obtained and compared. Based on the test results, total replacement of sand with quarry dust is recommended for higher grade of concrete with mineral additives.
Keywords: quarry dust, river sand, silica fume, strength, durability.