European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 135 No 1
October, 2015

Mathematical and Artificial Neural Network Models for Prediction of Fuel Oil Ash Corrosion of Boiler Tubes in Presence of Inhibitor
Hongfang Liu, Anees A. Khadom and Ahmed A. Fadhil
Present work studied the high temperature corrosion inhibition rate of steel in different concentration ratios of MgO, to corrosive fuel ash in temperature range 600 – 900 o C and time range 10 – 40 h. Weight loss technique was used to evaluate the corrosion rate values. Corrosive environment was collected locally from boilers of Northern Baghdad Power Plant Station. Analysis focused on determining optimum mathematical equation and ANN architecture in order to gain good prediction results. Three mathematical equations and five ANN architectures were recommended. Computer aided program was used for developing these models. Results show that polynomial mathematical equation and MPL are able to perfectly forecast corrosion data with high correlation coefficients.
Keywords: Corrosion; Mathematical models; ANN; High temperature; Inhibitor; fuel ash

Shear Resistance of Nonprismatic High Strength Reinforced Concrete Beams
Musab Aied Qissab and Zaid Mundher Dhaiban
This research is devoted to investigate the behavior and performance of nonprismatic high strength reinforced concrete beams in shear. An experimental program and a numerical analysis were carried out in this study. The experimental program comprised test on thirteen beam specimens (twelve nonprismatic and one prismatic). The nonprismatic specimens comprised two groups of nonprismatic beams with a different geometry for each group. Three values for concrete compressive strength and two values for shear span to depth ratio (a/d) were considered. All specimens were simply supported and subjected to two-point load. The experimental test results confirm that the increase in concrete compressive strength from (36) Mpa to (54) Mpa lead to an average increase in shear capacity of nonprismatic beam by (19%) while the increase in compressive strength to (69) Mpa lead to an average increase in shear capacity by (39) %.The experimental test result show that the Increase in (a/d) ratio from (1.5) to (2.5) lead to an average decrease in the ultimate shear capacity by (9%) for nonprismatic test specimens. Also, it can be seen that the strength of nonprismatic specimens is smaller than that of prismatic beam of the same depth. Numerical analysis for the test specimens was conducted to compare and verify the result of the experimental program by using ANSYS finite element analysis package (version 12.1). The comparison between numerical and experimental results asserted the validity of the numerical analysis. The average difference in central deflection and ultimate load between experimental and numerical results are (5%) and (9%) respectively for all test specimens.
Keywords: concrete beams, high strength concrete, nonprismatic beams, shear resistance, shear span to depth ratio, finite element analysis.

Determination of Thermal Conductivity of some Shale Samples in AWI Formation, and it’s Geophysical Implications, Cross River State, Nigeria
A.J. Ilozobhie, D. A. OBI, A.M. George, O.A. Asuquo and Isah Yahaya
The thermal Conductivity of some about sixty – two (62) shale samples from four locations within the Awi formation using modified Lee’s method were determined. It was observed that the thermal agitation in the sample increases as the temperature increases, after which thermal stability was attained. The Shale samples collected from location two and four tend to have high average thermal conductivity values ranging from 1.4490 W/m0C and 1.0802 W/m0C respectively while location one and three exhibits low values of thermal conductivity ranging from 0.8544 W/m0C and 0.7027 W/m0C respectively during the rising temperature measurement. During the falling temperature measurement location two and four still have high average thermal conductivity values of 1.3020 W/m0C and 0.9884 W/m0C respectively and location one has an average value of 0.8339 W/m0C while location Three has 0.6544 W/m0C. The low values exhibited by Location one and three is largely due to the fact that the outcrops in these locations were along the road and have been exposed to weather and human activities. However, the values from location two and four, suggests that shales within this location are post matured.
Keywords: Conductivity, agitation, stability, outcrops, post- matured

Indoor Radon Concentration Measurement in Cement Factories in Sulaimani City (Kurdistan region-Iraq)
Kamal Omer Abdullah, Kharman AkramFaraj and Adil Mohammed Hussein
Measurement of radon level in cement factories (Tasluja, Mass and Bazyan) in Sulaimani governorate was done by using Solid State Nuclear Track Detector technique. In this study, CR-39 plastic detectors inside a dosimeter chamber have been put in some selected places in the three factories like Crusher, Correction stores, Raw Mill (Grinding Mill), Preheater (Tower), Clinker,….. .The average value of radon concentration in the factoriesTasluja, Mass and Bazyan were (98.320±9.910,102.816±10.137, 116.714±10.796) Bq/m3, respectively, and the minimum value of radon concentration was (47.982±4.438) Bq/m3 and the maximum value was (222.138±20.547) Bq/m3, comparing the values with the standard world values from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the maximum value is some higher which was appeared in the correctionstore of Bazyanfactory due to adding in this section some type of materials as Sand, Iron, Clay, Gypsum, Limestone,… may causes to high value of uranium and radon in this section.
Keywords: Radon concentration, CR-39 detector, Solid State Nuclear Track Detector

Determination of Priority Pollutant Phenols in Petroleum Refinery Wastewater and Tigris River Water by SPE-HPLC-UV
Hadi Hassan Jasim and Bahaa Malik Altahir
A solid Phase Extraction (SPE) followed by HPLC-UV method is described for the simultaneous quantitative determination of nine priority pollutant phenols : Phenol, 2- and 4-Nitrophenol, 2,4-Dimethylphenol, 2-, 2,4-Di-, 2,4,6-Tri-, and Penta- chlorophenol, 4-Chloro-3-methylphenol. The phenols were separated using a C-18 column with UV detector at wave length¬ of 280nm. ...
Keywords: petroleum refinery wastewater, priority pollutant Phenols, Solid phase extraction.

Improving Intrusion Detection System using IDS-AM-Clust, Honeyd, Honeycomb and Honeynet
Chaimae Saadi and Habiba Chaoui
Over the last decade, and with the complexity of computer systems, information is the main informational assets to protect against theft, loss, falsification and the vulnerabilities of systems. Therefore, the challenge scientists, security researchers are to set up devices and computer systems security tools.
In this work, we have tried to address the problem of security with a new architecture that combines a honeypot to weak interaction with a honeypot to high interaction called Honeynet by integrating a mobile agent-based intrusion detection system and algorithm of data mining Clust-density. Tests and results have given satisfaction through increase in detections and minimization of false positive and negative rates.
Keywords: IDS, Agent mobiles, Clust-density, honeypot, honeynet, honeyd, honeycomb.

La Satisfaction Patient comme Indicateur de Qualité des Soins dans les Hôpitaux de la Région du Grand Casablanca
Imane Raji, Naima Mohcine, Asmae Khattabi and Abdelaziz Chaouch
Au Maroc, l’amélioration de la qualité des soins est un des leviers d’action de la politique de santé et la mise en place d’un système de pilotage de la performance hospitalière représente un enjeu majeur. La mesure de la satisfaction des patients est un important indicateur final de la performance hospitalière qui permet d’évaluer la qualité des soins délivrés. Nous avons mené une étude transversale descriptive dans neuf hôpitaux préfectoraux de la Région du Grand Casablanca. Par le moyen d’une enquête en face à face à l’aide d’un questionnaire semi structuré standard, nous avons mesuré la perception des patients vis à vis des aspects techniques, organisationnels et éthiques de leur prise en charge dans les différents hôpitaux de la région. Au total, 1111 patients ont été interviewés : 74,7 % sont des femmes, le taux de réponse a été de 94,5 %, 68,9 % se sont déclarés satisfaits. Les scores de satisfaction calculés ont permis de classer les hôpitaux en trois catégories. En interne, des potentiels d’amélioration ont été dégagés pour chaque hôpital et ont fait l’objet de plans d’actions d’amélioration. C’est un diagnostic qui a aidé à la prise de décision, au benchmarking et à l’élaboration de recommandations au niveau régional.
Keywords: enquête de satisfaction, patients hospitalisé, qualité de soin, performance, indicateur, hôpital

A Fuzzy Dematel Approach to Study Cause and Effect Relationship of Transgender
Saraswathi. A, Praveen Prakash. A and Ganesan. K
In this paper, we propose a fuzzy Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) method to analyze the relationship between cause and effect of Transgender when the collected data’s are expressed in terms of triangular fuzzy numbers. A numerical example is provided to illustrate the proposed method.
Keywords: Fuzzy theory, Decision making trial and evaluation laboratory DEMATEL, triangular fuzzy number, transgender.

The Effect of Mobile users While Driving on Roads Accidents “Case Study of Beirut City – Lebanon”
This research attempts todraw the mobile users attention to the large number of causes to car accidents, the incline in using the mobile phones recently while driving provoked some jurisdictions to make the use of a cell phone while driving illegal. Others have enacted laws to ban handheld mobile phone use, but allow use of a hands free device. In some cases restrictions are directed only to minors or those who are newly qualified license holders.
Every day, we hear terrible stories about how the lives of innocent consumers are ruined through no fault of their own, and nowadays the mobile use while driving is playing a certain role in those crashes. There are many worldwide organizations which are developing to help reduce the root causes that lead so many of the painful accidents that negatively impact victims and their families.
Keywords: The use of mobile phone, while driving, causes car accidents, threaten human life

Effects of Seasonal Erosion and Floods on Agricultural Production among Farm Households in Ebonyi State, Nigeria
Ezeh, Ann Nnenna and Eze, Anayochukwu Victor
The impact of seasonal erosions and floods in some parts of Nigeria has great consequence on the livelihood of farm households and heighted food insecurity. More worrisome is the paucity of empirical data on the effect of these hazards on agricultural production in Ebonyi State. In view of this, the study analysed the effects of seasonal erosions and floods on agricultural production in Ebonyi State. Both multi-stage and purposive sampling techniques were employed in selection of 120 farm households that served as the sample size. Primary data used for the study were obtained with the aid of structured questionnaire that was administered to the sampled respondents. Descriptive and inferential statistics were employed in the analysis of data generated from field survey. The result of the socio-economic characteristics shows 42 years as the average age of the respondents. Also majority (63.3%) were males who are married (73.3%) with an average household size of 6 persons. Moreso, majority (93.3%) have acquired various levels of formal education, while N262,000 was recorded as the average annual income of the farmers. The mean farming experience of the farmers was found to be 11 years. It was also found that majority (76.7%) of the respondents were full time farmers, who held an average farm size of 3 ha. The farmers engaged in mainly in production of staple crops such as yam, cassava, rice, and vegetables. The forms and extent of damage caused by floods and erosions to farm households were majorly loss of crop, destruction of farmland, outbreak of diseases, destruction of social and economic infrastructures, damage to personal properties leading to increase vulnerability of poor farm households in the area. The effect of seasonal erosions and floods led to decreased farm outputs. The difference in farmers’ outputs before and after the seasonal erosions and floods caused a mean declined in yam (3887.50kg), cassava (1400.00kg), rice (1075.00kg), sweet potatoes (1320.00kg) and maize (250.00kg) in the area. The study recommends the regular and comprehensive training to enhance farmers’ preparedness to mitigate effects of floods and erosions, institutionalization of functional and accessible credit revolver scheme and strengthening of extension service to improve knowledge and capacity of farmers’ management seasonal erosions and floods in order to enhanced agricultural production in the area.
Keywords: Effects, Seasonal Erosion and Floods, Agricultural Production, Farmers’ Outputs, Farm Households.