European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 130 No 4
March, 2015

KDP: Improving Data Security and Key Integrity Verification using Key Derivation Policies in Cloud Computing Environment

Madhubala.P and Dr.P.Thangaraj
Cloud computing provides the global network platform for executing the process virtually across the world. Data remains uncertain in the remote virtual servers and that has to be secured before data outsourcing in the cloud servers. Many existing data security approaches were focused only on the security by random key generation processes. This lacks the data integrity, robust key generation, computational overhead, collision in the encryption key, and data crashing by the data owner in the cloud server. To overwhelm these limitations, the Key Derivation Policies (KDP) are introduced in the proposed system along with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) technique. This data mechanism is focused on the key security for the data that is being outsourced in the cloud servers. Correspondingly, it provides secure access control mechanism and data access policies for enhancing the data security in the cloud environment. In order to avoid key loss in the system, the key integrity verification is carried out using Hash-based Message Authentication Code (HMAC). This can be proven the data security in the cloud computing environment. The experimental analysis exhibit better security performance, encryption time, and encryption speed in terms of the number of key attributes and file size than the other existing methods.
Keywords: Cloud Computing, Data Security, Key Derivation Policies (KDP), Key Integrity Verification, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Hash-based Message Authentication Code (HMAC).

Impact of international cooperation trends on digital libraries in developing countries

Serhan Ahmad Al Tawalbeh, Mustafa H.Ahmed, and Raid Jameel Sulaiman
Purpose – The evolution of international data and library co-operation is objective law, which reflects the primary characteristics of the present socioeconomic development in the world: integration, international specialization and international cooperation. Besides the characteristic features of the information society is an intensive dissemination of information and telecommunication technologies, the Internet. This paper aims to examine the main features of international cooperation and to analyze and identify the key trends of library cooperation in developing countries
Design/methodology/approach – This paper investigates the impact of international cooperation trends on digital libraries in developing countries.
Findings – This paper concludes that the main trend for digital libraries in developing countries is library co-operation based on network integration and Internet technologies.
Originality/value – The paper recommends that the results of this investigation can be used as training material for the development of guidelines for professional courses in library and information education, and as a substantive base for filling the development tasks of the regional corporate library network.
Keywords: International cooperation, Digital libraries, Developing countries

Contribution des légumes feuilles à la nutrition des populations en zones urbaines de la Côte d'Ivoire.

Konan YAO, Mamidou Witabouna KONE and Kagoyire KAMANZI
Les légumes feuilles apportent une part importante des micronutriments et d’autres constituants indispensables à l’amélioration de la nutrition et de la santé des populations les plus pauvres. Leur richesse en oligoéléments, vitamines et phytocomposés sont une aubaine dans les pays en développement tels que la Côte d’Ivoire où de nombreux problèmes de santé publique liés à la nutrition sont courants. Nous avons donc évalué la diversité et les fréquences de consommation de ces légumes feuilles dans trois zones urbaines de la Côte d’Ivoire (Abidjan, Bouaké et Korhogo). La méthode utilisée dans cette étude repose sur des enquêtes de consommation alimentaire. Au total, 39 espèces végétales ont été identifiées dans ces trois localités. Les enquêtes alimentaires ont montré que les populations urbaines consomment une diversité de légumes feuilles. La fréquence moyenne de consommation de ces plantes est d’une fois par semaine dans les ménages des zones urbaines. Cette fréquence de consommation est influencée par les niveaux d’instruction et de vie des ménages, la situation géographique et les groupes culturels. Les espèces les plus consommées sont Ipomoea batatas, Hibiscus sabdariffa, Corchorus spp., Solanum scabrum et Solanum nigrum. Cette étude a montré que de nombreuses plantes sont utilisées comme légumes feuilles par les populations des zones urbaines. Elle constitue une étape pour la valorisation de ces ressources végétales.
Keywords: Légumes feuilles ; alimentation ; zones urbaines ; Côte d’Ivoire.

Frontière de production stochastique des exploitations d’igname en Côte d’Ivoire

The study aims to estimate the productivity of Ivorian yam farmers by means of their productive capacities. Sampling consisted of 190 farmers monitored during a agriculture campaign (2006-2007). Results show that: on the one hand, yam farmer productive capacities were below the production frontier; and on the other hand, the production frontier was stochastic but not deterministic.
Keywords: Productivity- Stochastic frontier production - Yam

New generalization of rough set approximations and its applications

H. M. Abu Donia, M. A. Abd Allah and A. S. Nawar
The theory of rough set, proposed by Pawlak, which is mainly concerned with the approximation of objects using an equivalence relation on the universe of his approximation space. In this paper, we generalized the notions of Pawlak’s rough set theory to a topological model where the set approximations are defined using the topological notion ψ*-open sets. Also, we study some of their basic properties of Pawlak’s rough set model. Moreover, several important measures, related to the new model, such as accuracy measure and quality of approximation are presented.

A Study of the Socio-Economic Status of Work-Study Students, Covenant University, Ota.

Dare Ojo Omonijo, Michael Chibuzor Anyaegbunam, Akinrole Olumuyiwa Oludayo, and Obiajulu Anthony Ugochukwu Nnedum
This study examined the socio-economic status of work-study students in Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria. The study used survey method (questionnaire) to collect information from 120 respondents. Findings of the study showed that a percentage change in parental income and occupation significantly increased the likelihood of student participation in work and study programme by 0.453 and 0.367 percentages. The above result is found significant at 5 percent (P<0.05) and 1 percent level of significance (P<0.001) respectively. The study concluded that a significant support of parental income and occupation played a significant role in student individual choices of whether to enroll for a work-study initiative or otherwise.
Keywords: Socio-economic status, work-study students

An Analytical Study on Healthcare Service Quality: A Survey Tool for Measuring Patient Satisfaction in Corporate Hospitals in Chennai

Dhyana Sharon Ross and Dr. R. Venkatesh
Patient satisfaction is the key outcome of healthcare service quality. Studies in this area of research are being focused in corporate hospitals around the world. The objective of the present study is to analyze how gender and age influence patients to perceive the quality of care they receive from hospitals and how far they are satisfied with that. In this research paper the most consistent finding is that demographic characters like age, gender, occupation has a greater effect on perceiving the quality of care received in the hospitals which has both positive and negative effects on patient satisfaction, reason for choosing the hospital as well as how far the patients are satisfied with the quality of hospital services. This study was conducted in corporate hospitals in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is found that better quality care in needed for improved results and consistent service delivery.
Keywords: Quality care, Healthcare Service Quality, Patient satisfaction, Perceived care, Service Quality

Antimicrobien et antioxydant activités des flavonoïdes extraits des écorces de Rhamnus alaternus L. du mont de Tessala (Algérie occidentale)

W. Benchiha, S. Mahroug, L. Aoued and K. Bouterfas
Rhamnus alaternus L. is a shrub that belongs to the family of Rhamnaceae. It is a medicinal plant that is largely used in traditional medicine in Algeria. Five flavonoic extracts obtained of Rhamnus alaternus L. barks. The flavonoids were evaluated by a method that uses aluminum chloride AlCl3 of each extract; the content is estimed at 19.33 for (Hexanic. Extract), 18.42 (Chlroformic.extract), 16.75 (Acetat.extract), 3.9 (Brut. Extract) and 3.02 (Aqueous. Extract) mg E quercetine/gram of extract. The antioxydant activity was realized by the antiradical test that was evaluated by using DPHH, the inhibitory concentration at 50% (CI50) were estimated at 74.78 (Vit.C), 143.78 (Catechine), 101.78 (Gallic acid), 205.41 (Tannic acid), 210 (Caffeic acid) µg/ml; 74.16 (Br.extr), 9.98 (Aq.extr), 54.08 (Hex.extr), 8.64 (Ac.extr), 30.49 (Ch.extr) mg/ml. The aantimicrobial activity was determined on three bacterial strains (Escherichia Coli ATTC 25922; Bacillus Cereus ATTC 10876 and Proteus Mirabilus ATTC 35695) and two fungal strains (Aspergillus brasiliensis ATTC 16404 and Candida Albicans ATTC 10231).
Keywords: Rhamnus alaternus L., flavonoids, antioxydant activity, antimicrobial activity

Prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in Morocco: comparison using three major proposed definitions

Otmane El Brini, Bouchra Benazzouz, Abdelhalem Mesfioui and Omar Akhouayri
Purpose: Multiple definitions have been proposed for the metabolic syndrome (MetS) with no general agreement between them. In this study, we examined in a Moroccan sample of adults i) the prevalence of the MetS according to three definitions (JIS, IDF, and ATPIII) ii) the distribution of the MetS criteria, and iii) the level of agreement between these three definitions.
Methods: We conducted a retrospective study in a representative sample of 820 Moroccan adults (653 women and 167 men) aged 19 years and over. JIS, IDF and ATPIII criteria are applied to estimate the respective prevalence of MetS.
Results: According to JIS, IDF, and ATPIII definitions, the prevalence of MetS was, respectively 35.73%, 30.24% and 27.93% and abdominal obesity was the most frequent MetS abnormality. Good agreement between the three definitions was found.
Conclusion: The MetS was common in our population, regardless of which definition was used. The highest MetS prevalence was observed by JIS definition by enclosing more patients. It is therefore indicated for the diagnosis of MetS because of its advantage to identifying subjects at risk for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Le genre Plectropoda BERGROTH (1894) (Heteroptera, Coreidae) en Côte d’Ivoire : Caractérisation spécifique et clé de détermination des espèces

YEBOUE N’Guessan Lucie, and SORO Senan
Heteroptera of the subfamily of Coreinae have many genera and species in Ivory Coast. There are 85 species and 41 genera divided into 11 tribes. The objective of the study was to describe the diversity of Plectropoda genera in Ivory Coast. Their identification was based on specimens from entomological collections of Ivory Coast and those of the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren (Belgium). Among the specimens of the Mictini tribe, it was identified two new species of the genera Plectropoda totaling 7 species to date in Ivory Coast. There are Plectropoda harpanipes n sp and Plectropoda tomentosipleuralis n sp. These species have been described and an identification key to the species has been established.
Keywords: Plectropoda, Coreinae, Coreidae, Heteroptera, Ivory Coast.