European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 125 No 3
October, 2014

Anthropometric Status of Fisher folks in ITU Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Asa, U. A. and Ebong, E. O.
The study ascertained the anthropometric status of fisher folks in Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Data for the study were obtained from 120 fisher folks in Itu Local Government Area using a multi-stage sampling procedure and were analyzed using descriptive statistics and the Body Mass Index (BMI). Results show that 50% of the respondents were aged between 21-40 years; 90% were males; 84. 2% were married with 37.5% having 11-20 years of fishing experience; and 97.5% had no access to extension services. Fishing also show that the respondents were highly engaged in fishing activities such as netting and clamming. The Body Mass Index (BMI) reveals that 67.5% of the respondents had normal weight, 21.7% were undernourished while 10.8% were overweight. It is recommended that the Government of Akwa Ibom State through its Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development endeavour to make relevant extension services available and accessible to fisher folks in the study area. Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and research institutes should complement the envisaged State Government’s extension efforts by embarking on targeted programmes aimed at educating fisher folks on the importance of proper nutrition to productivity in their fishing activities.
Keywords: Anthropometric, status, fisher folks, Itu Local Government Area

Évolution des Propriétés Structurales, Optiques et Électriques en Fonction du Recuit Thermique du Silicium Amorphe Hydrogéné Déposé par la Technique Hg-Photo-Cvd
Boko AKA
Evolution of the structural, optical and electrical properties with the thermal annealing of the hydrogenated amorphous silicon films deposited by the Hg-photo-CVD method
In this work, we present the evolution of the structural, optical and electrical properties of thin films of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) deposited by the Hg-photo-CVD method, during the traditional thermal annealing. The optical parameters (absorption spectra, index of refraction, optical gap and energy of Urbach), just as electrical (conductivity and photoconductivity) were measured after a suitable annealing.
Under the effect of annealing, the sample moves from a phase of amorphisation to a phase of crystallization. Consequently, the variations noted on the opto-electronical properties can be explained on the one hand using the correlation between the optical gap and the energy of Urbach, and on the other hand by the part played by the hydrogen considered under these conditions as a compensator of dangling bond. Indeed, well controlled annealing makes it possible to notably improve the structural, optical and electrical properties of amorphous material.
Keywords: Hg-photo-CVD, hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H), thermal annealing, optical gap, energy of Urbach, conductivity.

An Invariant Markov basis under the Action of Largest Subgroup of Dihedral Group D3m
Husein Hadi Abbass and Hussein Salman Mohammed Hussein
In this paper, we find the largest subgroup H of dihedral group Dn , n=3m , m∈N and m≥2, such that the Markov basis B for - contingency tables with fixed two dimensional marginal is H invariant,where Bis the Markov basis found by H. H. Abbass and H. S. Mohammed Hussein [2]. We use the action of H on these contingency tables to generate another - contingency tableshave the same Markov basis B.
Keywords: linear transformation,contingency table, action, dihedral group,Markov basis, toric ideal.

Adaptive Learning Management System Based on Learning Style and Social Behavior
Mohamed Aborezka, Mohamed.Elelmam.Shehab and Mohamed Ahmed Tewfik Zawra
Individuals have different learning preferences that help them learn better. These preferences are named learning styles. A lot of researchers consider learning style as an important factor that affects the learning process. The variation of learning style is one of the reasons why some learners find it easy to learn in a particular learning environment, whereas others find it difficult in the same one. Although learning management systems (LMSs) have many advantages, most of them provide their learner with the same learning objects. To improve efficiency of the learning process, the adaptivity in LMSs that provides each learner with his preferred learning objects is necessary; and it becomes one of the hottest research and development nowadays. This paper aims to increase the student’s efficiency by integrating "Learning styles" information into e-learning environment to achieve the idea of adaptivity. Students with different goals and different backgrounds are thus treated differently by building a model of knowledge and preferences for each one to form a user modeling structure. In this research we introduce a new automated model for identifying learning styles from the behavior and actions of learners, also we propose a new learning style model based on modifying Kolb learning style by adding new socialization factors (social, Anti-social) to the model. The proposed model classifies students into four categories Doing/Social, Doing/Antisocial, Watching/Social, Watching/ Anti-Social. In this work, a comparative study among the different Data mining techniques is conducted using WEKA to choose the suitable classifier to classify student.
Keywords: e-learning, learning behavior, learning style, classification, learning management system.

An Effective Study on Risk Assessment in South Indian Textile Sectors
P.G.Gurusamy Pandian, S.Saravanashankar and S.Rajakarunakaran
The Risk associated in Indian textile industries is the main specializing among different factors like shortage of man power, electricity, hazardous diseases, market production cost. There is a lot of Industrial crisis that has recently and accomplished about the analysis is required for facts finding. We got an opportunity to analysis the risks associated in this research work and compared the accidental risk analysis of Textile specific sector. The current issues and problems has been highlighted and deal with the concerning the subject we have mentioned in the methodology used and determined that qualitative approach would be most fitted due to micro analysis in the textile sectors. The approach used in this research work will get an opportunity to fulfill with little scale industries and got ideas concerning however the problems faced in the Textile sectors.
Keywords: Risk, hazardous, Textile Sectors.

Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis Fordepositional Environment and Hydrocarbon Occurrence Appraisal using Attributes
Oluwatosin J. ROTIMI
Seismic stratigraphical interpretation of rock deposits has been done using migrated 3D seismic data in SEGY format. This has taken into consideration the analysis of both seismic sequences and seismic facies within the hydrocarbon reservoir of the Dongian oil block, North-east China. Methods adopted include that which identifies contacts of the upper and lower boundaries of the depositional sequences that were not absolutely correlatable. The style of the reflection patterns is discovered to be borne out of the very chaotic and dipping basement rocks. This is responsible for the arrangements of the overlying sequences which were continuous or truncated either on the basement or by the gently dipping listric fault amidst the middle portion of the sequences. In all two unconformities were observed. It was discovered that sequence 1 is the prolific reservoir and the overlying sequence 2 characterized by the sub-parallel to sigmoidal internal reflection pattern is a combination of reservoir and the seal that impedes hydrocarbon migration and makes the trapping system effective.
Keywords: Sequences, Seismic, Facies, Reflection, Reservoir, Unconformity, Correlation, Basement

Subprime Securitisation and the Main Determinants of Default Rates in the Rmbs Securities
Luis Otero González, Miguel Ezcurra Pérez and Loreto Fernández Fernández
This paper aims to demonstrate that the mortgage securitisation process allowed the Spanish financial entities to provide riskier loans, especially in the last years of credit expansion, with an underlying credit quality comparable, in some cases, to subprime products in other countries.For this purpose, we constructed a database containing a sample integrated with the majority of mortgage securitisation transactions issued in Spain from 1998 until the first half of 2009. The study identifies a number of securitisation transactions which should be classified as subprime due to their bad performance.Subsequently, we develop a number of multiple regression models in order to explain the factors which determine the default level of mortgage-backed securities, and we demonstrate that initial LTV ratio is a significant variable to explain the default of Spanish mortgage-backed securities. It is important to point out the increase of LTV average after 2003 and, in particular, during the main years of the financial bubble. In addition, those securitizations issued during the period 2005-2007, experienced higher rates of default and concentrate the subprime issuances. The explanatory variables related with agency ratings were not significant showing the error committed by them when estimating a priori the expected loss of the securitisation transactions.Therefore, our results are in line with trends in recent studies that defend that the securitisation technique has a negative effect, mainly as a result of relaxing lending standards. We think the findings obtained help to gain a more accurate perspective of the true effects of the mortgage securitisation process for both the Spanish economy and the health of the Spanish financial system.
Keywords: Securitisation, subprime, default, conditional probability.

The Impact of Intellectual Capital on Returns and Stock Prices of Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange
Azar Sharbatdar A'layi
Intellectual capital is an asset that measures an organization's ability to create wealth. The asset has no objective and physical nature and is an intangible asset that has been obtained through using of assets related to human resources, organizational performance, and organization’ external relations. Study the effects of intellectual capital on profitability, will review return on equity, earnings per share, the stock price on the company’s shares profit and the ratio of market value to book value of listed companies on the Stock Exchange. Statistical population of the research are the listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange, which has been active since 2007 until 2010 in stock. Models function of the study is first degree and linear, so analysis is done in a linear regression form. To assess the significance of independent variables coefficient in each model t-statistic is used and based on the results of the statistical significance of whole regression according to f-statistic, it will decide to approve or reject hypotheses in the 95% confidence level. In order to check the normality of the dependent variable and independence of errors it is used of Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test, and Durbin-Watson d- statistic, respectively. The results showed that there is a significant positive relationship between intellectual capital (IC) and return on assets indicator (ROAi), return on equity (ROEi) and Tobin’s Q ratio of companies.
Keywords: Intellectual capital, profitability, return on equity, earnings per share, stock price to that equity earnings of companies, Tehran Stock Exchange

Certificates of Ownership (Sukuk) of usufructs and Services
Ahmad Asaad
The financial instruments, as per their definition, are considered as ownership certificates in undivided rights, which include: stocks, bonds, certificates of funds investment, Sukuk, along with many other derivatives. There are still many issues related to the use of each of these instruments. The focus of Fatwa and Shari’a Supervisory committees of the financial markets and Islamic banks to develop implementation mechanisms and criteria for the use of those instruments has become a regular task. As the “Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI)” have established standards on ownership and trading of shares and Sukuk. The Board of the Financial Services and the Financial Islamic Market in Bahrain published several studies on risk management standards and evaluation of performance of the Islamic financial instruments.
The aim of this research paper is to review all the Shari’a, technical and legal issues related to one of the most important Islamic financial instruments, namely, “usufructs Sukuk” , and “Services Sukuk”, and the obstacles and the various challenges faced by the financial institutions in the issuance and trading of “usufructs Sukuk” with the development of proposed solutions to these obstacles. We will also investigate these obstacles by analyzing and studying some practical cases for “usufructs Sukuk” issuance in the leading countries in the field of Sukuk such as Bahrain and Malaysia.

Comparatative Performance Analysis of Modified FBMC Prototype Filter under Strategic Conditions
Er.A.S Kang and RenuVig
With increase in the use of wireless enabled devices and the rapid proliferation of cell phones with demand for voice and data services have necessitated the identification of additional frequency spectrum or judicious use of the currently persisting spectrum.The term cognitive radio is apt for spectrum access.Deployment of a CR network involves spectrum sensing,spectrum exploitation,performance evaluation and optimization at different levels in the network. The importance of ubiquitous wireless access to the Internet has been constantly growing in the last years,a wireless application becomes more and more sophisticated and widely used,the demand for more bandwidth will increase substantially,in order to compete the growing demand,one has to consider new concepts of better way of utilizing the spectral resources.

Influence of Perceived Injustice, Social Support and Gender on Depressive Symptoms among Orthopaedic Patients
Chuka Mike Ifeagwazi, Nneoma Gift Obi, Chidiebere Emmanuel Udensi and JohnBosco Chika Chukwuorji
Unlike researches on other clinical samples, a dearth of empirical literature exists on the role of core psychological factors in depression among orthopaedic patients, especially in Nigeria. We conducted a cross-sectional research to examine the influence of perceived injustice, social support and gender on depressive symptoms, using a sample of 300 patients drawn from National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu in Nigeria as participants. Approximately 53% of the participants (161) were males while 47% (139) were females and their ages ranged from 20-65 years. Data was collected using three questionnaires: Injustice Experience Questionnaire, Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support and Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale. Results of a 3-way ANOVA revealed a significant main effect of perceived injustice on depression. Social support and gender did not have significant main effect on depression. Based on relevant theories and related empirical literature, it was argued that the findings may be relevant in planning and providing orthopaedic mental healthcare services.