European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 122 No 3
May, 2014

An Empirical Investigation of Relationship between International Macroeconomic Factors and Asian Stock Markets
Muhammad Yar Khan, Waleed M Albassam and Mohamed Isa Elghuweel
This study aims to explore the relationship between international macroeconomic factors and five Asian stock markets. Specifically, we examine consumer Price Index (CPI), Industrial Production Index (IPI), Oil Prices (OIL), Exchange Rate (EXRate), Broad Money Supply (M2), Federal Fund rates (TB) and International Market (S&P 500), and five Asian stock markets including: (i) the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE); (ii) the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE); (iii) the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE); (iv) the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI); and (v) the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI). Using Johansen co-integration for the long term and Granger Causality for the short term tests, we investigated this relation during the period 2001-2011. The evidence suggests that among the seven international macroeconomic variables, only Oil Prices (OIL) shows a long-run relationship with all selected Asian stock markets. While, all selected Asian stock markets, except Pakistani stock market, have been affected by only international stock market (S&P 500) for short term.
Keywords: International macroeconomic variables, Asian stock markets, Johansen co-integration, Granger Causality Test.
JEL Classification: E44.

The use of Self Assessment Test on EFL Learners Writing Achievement at Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Shima Sholekar and Zohreh Abedi Kargiban
This study was aimed to develop the use of Self Assessment Test on student writing achievement at Islamic Azad University North, Tehran, Iran. Sixty students of TEFL in two classes who were selected based on purposive sampling participated in this study. A one- way ANOVA was used. Three research questions and three hypotheses were formulated, and tested at 0.05 level of significance.The Self- Assessment Test was made of 5 items of writing checklist, developed and validated for data collection. The Self-Assessment Test was administered to students as pre-test and post-test. The result of the one way ANOVA indicated that the means of the writings of the two groups was significantly different in the post-test. Based on the findings, it was recommended that self-assessment test should be used and performed among EFL learners.
Keywords: Self-Assessment Test, Writing Achievement, EFL learners.

Contributions du SIG et de la Télédétection à la Corrélation Entre le NDVI et la Pluviométrie Pour L'étude de la Variabilité Climatique Dans le Bassin de Tahaddart (Rif, Maroc)
Mounia Tahiri, Mustapha Hakdaoui, Anas Emran, Mohammed Achab, Hassan El Hadi and Abdelfatah Tahiri
Les données de réflectance multi-temporelle issues de capteurs optiques sont intégrées dans un Système d’Information Géographique (SIG) pour le suivi de la végétation au niveau du bassin versant de Tahaddart (Rif nord occidental, Maroc), grâce au calcul de l’indice NDVI et à la classification de ses valeurs pendant les saisons d’hiver (à grande pluviométrie), de printemps et d’été (à faible ou nulle pluviométrie). Les valeurs moyennes de cet indice varient selon les saisons humides et les saisons relativement sèches. La classification des valeurs du NDVI montre que la zone forestière de la partie centrale du bassin de Tahaddart ne montre pas de grands changements dans la superficie. Pour ce bassin, un lien bien marqué a été mis en évidence dans l’évolution annuelle du NDVI et de la pluviométrie surtout pendant les saisons pluvieuses avec un coefficient de corrélation linéaire moyen entre ces deux paramètres de 0, 7268. Ces données font ressortir que, d’une manière générale, la variabilité climatique est un facteur déterminant de l’évolution de la couverture végétale.
Motsclés: SIG et Télédétection, NDVI, Pluviométrie, Tahaddart, Rif, Maroc.

Effective Chronic Disease Management Through Moving Towards Agent Technology: Opportunities and Challenges
Niloofar Mohammadzadeh, Reza Safdari, Hamid Beigy and Ali Bozorgi
Objectives: Agent technology in recent years as a new approach in the field of artificial intelligence and software engineering with focuses on the modeling, design and development of complex systems has grown significantly, particularly in the health field. The aim of this review article is to survey application, opportunities and barriers of this new modern artificial intelligence tool as an approach to improve chronic disease management. Methods: In this literature review articles were searched with keywords like multi-agent system, agent-based system, and chronic disease management in Science Direct, Google Scholar and Pub Med databases without regard to the year of publications. Results: Agent-based systems can improve reliability so they are more powerful than centralized systems. Other benefits of agent-based system are autonomy, pro activeness and social ability as well as their ability to manage information located in different places and to handle communication and cooperation between indepen¬dent elements. Conclusions: In design and implementation of agent-based systems we must accurate planning for information security and confidentiality, appropriate architecture, standards and communication protocol, relationship among agents, ethical and legal aspects, cultural readiness, provides the technical infrastructure, private sector participation.
Keywords: Multi Agent System, Agent-based System, Chronic Disease Management.

Predicting the Standard Music Scales with Learning Classifier Systems (XCS) Algorithm using MATLAB
Sadegh Saghatchian Moghadamsabet and Amirreza Eskorouchi
In this article we will take a quick look on music and its infrastructure for making standard melody and harmony. Afterwards we will convert the music elements to binary digits in order to apply them in XCS algorithm. In this process we discretize the domains of parameters and determine the length of genes (Parameters) and chromosomes (classifiers) then supply training and test examples. In this approach we will face some sort of problems such as runtime duration. Finally we show our tendency for future work and describe our goals for new chapter in evolutionary music.
Keywords: Evolutionary music, Learning classifier systems, Machine learning algorithms, MATLAB.

Assessment of Organic Pollution in Tropical Lagoon Bay Like Lake (Tiagba Bay Lagoon, Ébrié Lagoon, Côte D’ivoire)
Yao Marcel Konan, Yao Kouassi Benjamin, Trokourey Albert and Soro Métongo Bernard
Assessment of organic pollution in Tiagba bay lagoon (Côte d’Ivoire) was doing during two years (August 2007 at July 2009). COD and BOD5, in their dissolved form (oxygen demand of colloids) and total form, were two organics parameters used in this study. Throughout this investigation, this bay, whit its basic (8.19±0.44) and reduce ((-32.80±7.88) mV) characters, present relative high values in total COD ((147.37±27.46) mg O2/L) and total BOD5 ((74.40±12.71) mg O2/L) in despite its good oxygenation (6.30±0.56) mg/L. This situation is essentially explained by very weak renewal waters of this bay, but also the anthropogenic activities growth on its hill sides; responsible of its high content of phytoplankton. In effect, during the study period demand in oxygen comes from colloids represent 60% of total COD and total BOD5 one hand, on the other hand all form of COD and BOD5 per rapport oxygen are relative weak per rapport oxygen dissolved (inferior at 25%).Variations seasonal of these two parameters organic is essential linked to rainfall. The rapport COD/BOD5 showed that organic pollution dominance in this lagoon-bay. So this bay has relativity good biodegradation.
Keywords: Organic pollution, COD, BOD5, Water quality, Tiagba lagoon-bay, Ebrié lagoon.

The Quality of Scientific Research in Morocco: Critical Analysis and Proposal of Actions of Improvement
Ebrahim Kerak, Meriem Outaki, Abdelhakim Mardhy and Mly Mustapha Ennaji
The research funding, personnel carrying activities of research and development as well as scientific production are very crucial indicators that can assess the performance the research and development of a country. A literature study has permitted to realize a comparative study of these indicators in Morocco and in the most advanced countries in research and development in each continent (USA , Germany , Japan and South Africa), in France as the first economic partner of Morocco, but also in the similar countries such as Tunisia and Egypt. A comparison of these indicators was also accomplished between the public and private sector. According to the analysis effectuated , it appears that Morocco, although convinced of the role that research plays in the economic development of nations, there is still far to reach the rank of industrialized countries. The development of plans to implement should not stay away from industries in order to be oriented economic needs. Also, they must take into account the social concerns of the country.
Keywords: Morocco, scientific research, scientific production, funding, personnel, development, patents.

Contamination Transport upon Advection-Diffusion Linear Sorption in Saturated Land
Mahsa Memarianfard and Abdolrashid Baluchzehi Shahbakhsh
A numerical solution of long-term large-scale variably-saturated subsurface flow and transport presented as a simple and fast computational method. Therefore, it is appropriate to develop such a simplified model that focus on the main processes operating at the pertinent time and space scales, based on the error introduced by the simpler model which is acceptable and also was compared to the uncertainties associated with the spatial and temporal variation of boundary conditions. A practical, quantitative pollution transfer assessment tool can be developed to enable technical service providers and other practitioners to estimate potential pollution transfer and design best management practices for land waste management pollution systems in order to estimate and control pollution transport to soil and groundwater. The objective of this paper is to describe governing numerical equation and solution algorithm of pollution transport mechanisms and also essential factors which is include in developing relatively simple and practical tools to quantify pollution loss, advection, diffusion and sorption in pollution transport into the groundwater at landfill sites. The paper presents the development of a 2 dimensional numerical model (2D) model, that can be used for quantifying groundwater inputs and associated contaminant discharge from a landfill into the affected aquifer. The presented computing results reveal that the proposed model can be used for the simulation of contaminant transport in aquifers in any scale. This numerical solution is established on finite difference, finite-volume solution advection diffusion-linear sorption with first order decay equation. To show the capability of proposed model, the results of a case study presented in the paper as simulating leachate transport at a 2000 ton/day landfill facility assesses leachate migration away from the landfill in order to control associated environmental impacts, particularly on groundwater wells gradient of the site. Leachate discharge from landfills is the main route for release of the organic and inorganic contaminants through subsurface, commonly encountered in the refuse. Leachate quantity and potential percolation into the subsurface are estimated by the proposed model. A comprehensive sensitivity analysis to leachate transport control parameters was also conducted. Sensitivity analysis suggest that changes in source strength, aquifer hydraulic conductivity, and dispersivity have the most significant impact on model output indicating that these parameters should be carefully selected when similar modeling studies are performed. The sensitivity of the model to variations in input parameters results in two opposing patterns of contaminant concentration. While higher groundwater velocities increase the speed of plume spread it also increases the dilution ratio and hence decrease the concentration.
Keywords: Advection- Diffusion- Sorption- First Order Reaction Equation, Finite Volume, Finite Difference, Sensitivity Analysis.

An Innovative Fraud Detection Framework for Secure E-Transactions using Big Data Analytics
N. Balasupramanian, Teresa. K. George and E. Ben George
E-business will not have an existence without the support of e-payment. In this decade, there has been a huge increase in the usage of e-transaction system. At par with this, there exists an increase in fraudulent techniques used by fraudsters. Methods for detecting and preventing frauds have become a major activity in e-business and this responsibility has been supported by the security personnel’s in charge of this framework. If there are effective measures for detection and prevention of frauds, it will increase the confidence level of customers to opt for e-transaction in a safe and trustworthy manner. This paper focuses on prospective threats in the e-transactions, frauds in e-transactions and the different types of frauds in e-transactions. This paper also proposes an innovative framework for fraud detection in e-transactions by using big data analytics and making the e-transactions a safe and trusted platform for the online consumers and the merchants.
Keywords: E-business, E-payment, E-fraud, Big Data Analytics.

Social Responsibility of Higher Education Institutions in Saudi Arabia towards Meeting the Needs of Families of People with Disabilities and Provide Them with the Necessary Extension Services
Lina Omar Ben Sediq
The purpose of this study is to identify the needs of the families of persons with disability and extension services to be provided to them commensurate with those needs, as well as to identify the social responsibility of higher education institutions towards meeting the needs of the family and provide counseling services for the families of people with disabilities, and then provide a vision for strengthening the role of higher education institutions. The study sample consisted of mothers of students with disabilities (motor, visual, and auditory) and enrolled in the Dean of Student Affairs. The number of women are (33) mother, and (17) are employee at King Abdulaziz University, whose are mothers of children with mental disability visual, and auditory, as well as people with autism, and learning disabilities. To achieve the objective of the study, it was interviewed students with disabilities in order to survey their views, about the nature of the counseling services that families need, and a questionnaire was distributed, which contained open-ended questions to the needs of the family and extension services for working mothers at King Abdul Aziz University and who have children with disabilities, in order to investigate the needs of the family and the services they need, as well as their view on the role of the university to satisfy those needs and their role in the provision of extension services as well. To achieve this, three questions were formulated for the study, was answered by calculating the values of frequencies and percentages for each of the statements recorded by the individuals in the study sample questionnaire for the study, which includes six open-ended questions. The study results indicated the existence of a consensus and the similarity between the responses of the study sample in determining the family needs to be satisfied, and thus the quality of extension services they need. Representing in the need to know the rights of persons with disabilities and their families, and to know the role of charities and educational institutions in the provision of services to children of all ages and their need for training programs that will help them how to deal with their child, and to identify the support services for their disabilities, In addition to their need for a supportive specialist from the beginning of their knowledge of their child's disability. Therefore, proposal has been conceived to enhance the university's social responsibility to support and enable the families of people with disabilities by including rules and regulations of the university some proposals, such as activating the media center university, The Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education for the preparation of educational and awareness programs and training and its role in meeting the needs of families of people with disabilities and community interest in communicating with all sectors of health, education and psychological that serve people with disabilities and their families in order to integrate, support and empower the community.