European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 116 No 2
Dec, 2013

A Study on the Relationship between Empowering and Communicative Skills with Job Performance among Personnel of National Iranian South Oil Company

Amineh Kanani
The aim of this research was to investigate the relationship between psychological empowering and communicative skills with job performance. A randomly selected sample of 34 from a total population of 40 of National Iranian South Oil Company. personnel completed the relevant questionnaires. Analysis of data, using correlational and multiple regression methods, indicated significant relationship between empowering components and job performance. Also, all empowering components were meaningfully predictive of job performance. No significant relationship was found between communicative skills and job performance. Significant relationship was found between empowering and communicative skills.
Keywords: Empowering, job performance, and communicative skills.

Examination of Relationship between Economic Value Added (Adjusted and Unadjusted) and Financial Flexibility
Ebrahim Chirani, Esmaeel Ramazanpoor and Leila Fallah Kohan
The present research in terms of method and nature is a descriptive study and in terms of purpose and outcome is a practical one. In order to answer the research questions and test of hypotheses, descriptive and inferential statistics were used. Also, the required data were collected through financial statements and reports in records of stock exchange organization. To analyze the data, related statistical tests were applied via SPSS and Eviews software. The population also consists of all admitted economic enterprises at Tehran stock exchange. The systematic elimination sampling method was used in order to specify the research sample. After providing some descriptive statistic, the inferential tests for research hypotheses were used such as Levin, Lin and Chu, Im, boys and Shame,EDF –Fisher, and PP-Fisher, t-student, Chow test, Pearson’s correlation test, and Hausman test. The findings indicate that there is a significant difference between adjusted economic value added and unadjusted economic value added. Moreover, there is a meaningful relationship between financial flexibility with adjusted economic value added and unadjusted economic value added.
Keywords: Economic value added (EVA), adjusted economic value added (R-EVA), financial flexibility

A Study on the Impact of Electronic Commerce on Economic Growth
Hamid Pursoleymani and Soheila Pursoleymani
This paper seeks to investigate the impact of electronic commerce on the economic growth. This paper is regarded as an applied research in terms of objective and a descriptive Delphi survey in terms of data collection which aims at getting consensus of experts familiar in this regard. To prove main and subordinate hypotheses, Pearson tests have been applied. The relation between subordinate variables and economic growth has been analyzed through using regression method and EViews software. This paper has first gathered the related literature and then principles of economic growth. Having designed the proposed conceptual model through credible references, data required for calculations were gathered by experts through using data pertaining to Statistical Center of Iran and other related state organizations. The main result of this paper reveals that infrastructure and services variables in the electronic commerce have a significant relation with economic growth in Iran.
Keywords: Electronic commerce, economic growth, ICT, IT.

A Study on Legal Challenges of Issuance of Smart Cards and Electronic Archive of Identity Documents
Rozita Karimpour and Maryam Karimpour
Among advantages of electronic commerce, contribution to the trade globalization, removal of time and place restrictions, acceleration of interchange process, rapid and easy access to information, and optimal allocation of economic resources can be mentioned. Thus for proper development of electronic commerce, some measures must be undertaken for creating proper telecommunication infrastructures, security in data interchange, legislation of proper legal rules, creating cultural infrastructures, making people and economic enterprises familiar with advantages of electronic commerce and electronic payment, creating broadband, internet with high speed and reducing its costs and make it available for the public. Increasing development of information and communications technology has increased the citizens' expectations of the government in providing services. By implementing e- government, the governments may provide the services required by people more efficiently and quicker. In implementation of e- government, general services are divided into several groups and in each group, several services are defined. Among them, some services have priority over the others, and with regard to the restricted financial resources of the governments, it is obvious that the major part of financial resources must be allocated to the services with higher priorities. Effective experiences of the developed and developing countries reveal different classifications of services and policies. The present paper studies the legal challenges pertaining to the issuance of smart cards and electronic archive of identity documents.
Keywords: Legal challenges, issuance, smart card, electronic archive, identity documents.

An Analytical Solution for an Unsteady Boundary Layer Flow Along a Stretching Cylinder with Variable Thermal Conductivity
M.Y. Akl
The boundary layer unsteady flow along a continuously stretching cylinder immersed in a viscous and incompressible fluid is studied. A variable thermal conductivity is considered. The governing partial boundary layer equations in cylindrical form are first transformed into ordinary differential equations These equations are solved analytically using the optimal modifiedHomotopyAsymptotic method in order to get a closed form solution for the dimensionless functions f, and 0.
Keywords: Optimal homotopy asymptotic method, stretching cylinder, boundary layer flow, unsteady flow.

Forecasting Land use Change in Suburb by using Time Series and Spatial Approach; Evidence from Intermediate Cities of Iran`
MohsenShafieardekani and MohsenHatami
Land Use Change in suburb is one of the most important topics in geography. The aim of this paper is forecasting the Land Use Change in suburb in intermediate cities of Iran by using two methods of time series and spatial approaches. We have used Box-Jenkins Methodology for modeling series of Land Use Change in suburb of Intermediate Cities of Iran. Also, we have used maximum-Likelihood and Kalman Filter approach for estimation spatial model.
Keywords: Forecasting, Land Use Change, suburb, Time series, Spatial Approach, Iran.

10 Key Steps to Success in Project Portfolio Management
Tahereh Nasrollahzadeh and Seyed Vahid Alavi
Nowadays in small and huge project-based organizations has been challenged in superior manager especially management in project designation, time and financial management. Appropriate project management is the success key and project management office is an important step to achieve the purpose of project. Project management office with an organization-based viewpoint and applying project portfolio management has presented efficient ways to deliver the projects on time and also in high quality. In this paper key parameters affecting the success of project management have been estimated in project portfolio management function.

Generating Polytopes of Transnormal Tori in R4
Kamal A.S Al-Banawi
In this paper we study generating polytopes of transnormal tori in . A transnormal torus is a special case of transnormal partial tubes, which are transnormal spherical bundles over some transnormal manifolds, called bases. We show that a generating polytope of a transnormal torus in is a rectangle with one length equal to the width of the base, and the other length is the diameter of its sphere bundle. Examples of such generating polytopes are introduced.

Keywords: Transnormal manifold, Generating frame, Generating polytope, Euler characteristic, Partial tube, Torus.
AMS Subject Classification Codes: 53C40.

Parasitic Contamination of Fodder Consumed by the Grasscutter (Thryonomys Swinderianus) Breeding in Urban and Suburban Areas of Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire)
Emanfo Alex Stéphane Affian, Komoin Clarisse, Karamako Yahaya and Fantodji Agathe
Fodder collected in urban and suburban areas is increasingly used in domestic herbivores feeding, in general, and the grasscutter particularly. This fodder, often in contact with human and animal waste, can be contaminated by gastrointestinal parasites of this environment. The general objective of this study was to evaluate some health risks related consumption of the meat of Grasscutter fed with urban and suburban fodder. The specific objectives were:
  1. First, identify the parasitic genera and species found on two forage species (Panicum maximum and Pueraria phaseoloides) frequently used by breeders to feed their animals;
  2. Then, determine the influence of the cutting height on the presence of parasites;
  3. Finally, determine the influence of the state of fodder (fresh or dried) in the presence of parasites.
To achieve this goal, forage samples were taken from two sites (modern forage site of Nangui Abrogoua University (UNA) and the natural forage site of Riviera M'Badon (Eden) in Côte d'Ivoire). They were analyzed by the method of direct observation in the Central Veterinary Laboratory of Bingerville (LCVB). This study has identified the presence of four species and one genus of parasite on the site of the UNA: Dictyocaulus viviparus (prevalence 66.45 %), Strongyloides papillosus (12.47 %), Dictyocaulus filaria (10.90 %), Delafongia vulgaris (2.34 %) and a mite of the genus Sarcoptes (7.79 %). Forage taken from the site of Eden has showed 5 genera and one species of parasite: Trichomonas spp (91.92 %), Balantidium spp (4.78 %), Haemonchus spp (1.69 %), Sarcoptes spp (0.22 %), Trichinella spp (0.71 %) and Dictyocaulus viviparus (0.69 %). The results obtained show that the fodder cut at 8cm of ground and dried is free from larva of parasite. While, the fresh fodder cut to the root presents a very high parasitic load.
Keywords: Gastrointestinal parasites, Abidjan, contamination, grasscutter

Security Measure for Black Hole Attack
K.R. Viswa Jhananie and C. Chandrasekar
Black hole attack is one of the security attacks that occur in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks(MANETs).In this paper, we present a solution that prevents black hole attack. Two different protocols are used for nodes that travel from source to destination, so that when data gets attacked in one route, it can be saved in the other route . We simulated black hole attack using network simulator(ns-2) and throughput is calculated. Ad-hoc On Demand Distance Vector(AODV) and Dynamic Source Routing(DSR) are used for simulation. City Section Mobility Model is chosen for implementing our idea.
Keywords: Ad-hoc networks, black hole attack, malicious node, protocols.

Patient Safety Culture among Healthcare Providers: A Survey at a Teaching Hospital in Kerman, Iran.
Hadi Tehrani, Maryam Saber, Davood Shojaee Zadeh, Mostafa Shokoohi and Fereshteh Majlesi
Although the error in health care has received attention recently, patient safety culture in health centers has been relatively neglected. This study has been conducted with the aim of evaluating the culture of health care providers towards patient’s safety among employees of teaching hospitals. The study sample consisted of 440 employees of educational and treatment centers affiliated to Kerman University of Medical Science. A standard questionnaire named “hospitals evaluation in terms of patient safety culture” was used to evaluate the patient safety. The maximum and minimum score belonged to the area of “management support from patient safety” and “non-punitive response in cases of error” with mean positive response of 72.20% and 56.3%, respectively. Result shows that participants aged >35 years had better overall understanding towards the patient safety than those less than 35years. In total, there was not statistically significant difference between men and women in terms of patient safety. Patient safety culture still has many areas for improvement that need continuous evaluation and monitoring to attain a safe environment both for patients and health-care providers. Improvement in patient safety needs changing in system such as holding comprehensive training programs about patient safety culture for employees.
Keywords: Patient safety culture, treatment services provider, hospitals.

Iranian Drama; A Comparative Study on Dramatic Ending Strategies
Majid Kianian and Mohammad Jafar Yousefian Kenari
In this article, attempt has been done to focus on structural effects of some of the most important Iranian dramas in 1380s (2000s) in order to prepare a comparative study for the common patterns of their ending. Here is an effort to get a new concept of narrative feature of Iranian contemporary dramas in addition to, even better, understand how to organize the information on the final screen of these dramatic artworks. However it would be possible by choosing a conceptual framework derived from the contemporary theater critics` ideas such as Martin Esslin and Manfred Pfister. This paper, based on the most significant forms of ending related to the works of this decade, pays attention to measuring the defined dramatic values and their impact on the overall structure of the narrative in study samples. The research uses a descriptive-analytical method and intends to identify the common patterns for ending of plays relevant to this decade. The findings show that despite the thematic and structural variation, the plays usually tends to a kind of empiricism in using the patterns for semi-finished, unfinished and open ending. Reflect of this major trend can be found in recent Iranian playwright’s` narrative styles and innovation in their styles of writing. The variety of endpoints and the strategies for ending in Iranian dramatic works of relating to past decade are presented in tables and graphs.
Keywords: Iranian plays, Ending Points, Dramatic plot, Narratology, Yaqoubi, Samini.

Production Inventory Model for Three Levels of Production and Demand with Integrates Cost Reduction Delivery Policy
C. K. Sivashankari and S. Panayappan
This paper integrates a cost reduction delivery policy into an production inventory model with defective items in which three different rates of production and demand are considered and it is possible that production started at one rate and after some time it may be switched over another two rates such a situation is desirable in the sense that by starting at a low rate of production, a large quantum stock of manufacturing items at the initial stage is avoided, with the purpose of reducing holding cost. A suitable mathematical model is developed and the optimal production lot size which minimizes the total cost is derived. The global optimal solution is derived and an illustrative example is provided and numerically verified. The validation of result in this model was coded in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
Keywords: Production Inventory, defective items, cycle time, demand, production, multi-delivery policy and optimality.

A Novel Circular Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna in the K-Band
Youssef Rhazi, Seddik Bri, Rajaa Touahani and Ahmed Mamouni
In this paper, a new step by step method is introduced to design a novel circular shaped microstrip patch antenna. The calculations are based on transmission line model. The feeding uses a uniplanar corner-fed patch antenna presented with single-point microstrip. This work presents a new model for design of circular microstrip antenna (MSA). In this model, a closed form expression is used for accurate determination of the resonant frequency of circular microstrip patch antenna. The calculated resonant frequency results are in good agreement with the simulated results reported elsewhere. We present the simulations results of two types of circular patch antenna in K-band. The conception of this patch antenna is realized by software HFSS "Ansoft-High Frequency Structure Simulator". Details of the design and the simulation results are presented. Patch radius decreases as the resonant frequency increases (R=3.06 mm at 18.31 GHz and R=2.51 mm at 19.35 GHz). The results obtained in this design compare favorably with results obtained from manual computation of the same parameters and these agree with other designs such as the rectangular patch. The deduction made from the results showed that modified CPW antenna is suitable when smaller antenna size and low power handling capability is a priori.
Keywords:Circular patch antenna, Transmission line, K-band Design, HFSS, Uniplanar corner fed, Modified CPW antenna.