European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 113 No 1
Oct, 2013

On the Non-Vanishing Cohomology Groups
Y. Gh. Gouda and Alaa Hassan Nor

In this article we are concerned with the non-trivial cohomology groups of some classes of Banach algebra, biflat algegra and nuclear C*-algebra.
Keywords: Cohomology theory, Banach algebras- C*-algebra.
Mathematics Subjects Classification (2000): 55N20,

An Evaluation of the Life Expectancy in the Marital Adjustment of Nurses in Tehran, with an Emphasis on Aging
Seyed Ali Darbani, Saeid Nikche Farahani and Zahra Jamshidi Far

Although the idea of hope has been existed from the beginning of human creation, few studies have ever discussed it scientifically. Therapists had a long term belief indicating that decreasing the negative symptoms leads to the mental health and effective performance. But, advent of the modern positive psychology has proved the incorrectness of this idea. According to the studies, decreasing the negative thoughts does not necessarily lead to an optimum performance. After presenting the hope theory by Schneider and et. al., (1991) and establishing a criterion measured it, many studies were focused on investigating the relation between hope and the various variables of mental and physical health. During the last decades, the psychotherapists concluded increasingly that the hope should be considered as the common point for many treatments. Since, hope entails the belief that their problems are solvable and their future can be improved and will be better. The main objective of the paper is to investigate the life expectancy in the marital adjustment of the nurses in Tehran with an emphasis on aging issue. This research is a case study in Tehran. Three questionnaires were applied as data gathering tool includinging ADHS (Adult Dispositional Hope Scale) with the reliability of 91%, ADHS with the reliability of 86% and DAS (Marital Adjustment scale) with the reliability of 91%. According to the main result obtained in this research, there is a significant correlation between the life expectancy and the marital adjustment of the nurses (p, 0/005). It can also be concluded that the life expectancy compared with the other independent variables had a more strong effect on the dependent variable (the marital adjustment).
Keywords: Life expectancy, marital adjustment, aging, nurses

Evaluating the Relation between the Empathy and Sexual Satisfaction and the Marital Adjustment of Nurses in Tehran
Seyed Ali Darbani, Saeid Nikche Farahani and Zahra Jamshidi Far

A nurse should share her skills and knowledge through a spiritual based thinking with the individuals. Nursing is one of the medicine science branches helping the health and care of the individuals along with the medical groups. The main objective of the paper is to investigate the relation between the empathy and sexual satisfaction and the marital adjustment of nurses which was done through a case study in Tehran. The data was gathered tool using the sexual satisfaction questionnaire with the average reliability of 84%, the empathy test with the average reliability of 89% and DAS (Marital Adjustment scale) with the average reliability of 91%. Finally, the research hypotheses were confirmed and Pearson correlation coefficient was computed for the hypotheses (p<0/005).
Keywords: Empathy, sexual satisfaction, marital satisfaction, nurses

Review of the Implications of Tariff Liberalization on the Portfolio of Iran Insurance Company

Mohammad Reza Kabazanzad Ghadim and Mohammad Yasliani

In view point of experts, competitive market and removing tariff in insurance industry causes to reduce premium in the courses in which the tariff is released. The purpose of this research is implications of tariff liberalization on the portfolio of Iran Insurance Company. This research is applicable in terms of purpose and also is descriptive-survey in terms of implementation. Statistical community of this study includes Iran insurance technical experts. In this research we are replying to this questions that, whether tariff liberalization has a significant impact on the portfolio of Iran Insurance Company? In order to collect information, it is used of a library study done by scholar questionnaire composed of 6 components. To determine the validity, it is used of experts opinion, guide professor and consultant, and also to determine the validity, it is used of two last methods (consistency of responses) and compatibility (compatibility of questionnaire components). The results achieved by testing hypotheses is that, the tariff liberalization has a significant impact on the portfolio of Iran Insurance and on its six dimensions. Also in order to accelerate portfolio components in community of research, it is used of nonparametric rank testing that the achieved results can be expressed according to SPSS software output in which tariff liberalization has the most impact on the quantity of portfolio and this component will be in the first priority that in order allocate the power, competition, quality, composition, innovation components and the next priority of the portfolio structure.
Keywords: Tariff liberalization, portfolio, Iran Insurance Company

The Comparison of Marital Satisfaction among Elderly Men and Women and the Associated Demographic Factors in Kashan in 2013
Ismail Azizi-Fini, Anahita Takbiri, Fatemesadat Izadi, Hamidreza Gilasi and Darush Ahmadi

Marital satisfaction as an important aspect of marital quality has a significant role in family functioning. In this regard, the purpose of this study is to explain the levels of marital satisfaction among men and women who living in Kashan city in 2012. This study is conducted through cross-sectional method and a cluster sampling method was applied for choosing participants. In addition, a two parts - questionnaires includes demographic and Enrich questions were chosen for collecting data. Inclusion criteria include age over 60 years, having living spouse, no mental illness and independence in daily activities, having Iranian nationality for both spouse, ability to answer questions and finally, their tendency to participate in the study. As previously stated, ENRICH questionnaire was used to measure marital satisfaction. Furthermore, data were analyzed by using T- test, ANOVA and Pearson correlation coefficient. The results show that there was no significant difference (Unitary Variables) between the average overall satisfaction of elderly married men and women on the one hand, but adjusted marital satisfaction scores were statistically significant for these variables: jobs, remarriage, smoking, education, age, and length of marriage, income and number of children (p<0/001) on the other hand. Taking everything into account, it could be inferred that elderly people have undoubtedly better feeling about their marital life that cause to effective discussion for understanding each other.
Keywords: Satisfaction, elderly, demographic factors

The Study of Relationship between Strategic Planning Components and in Organizational Innovation in Isfahan Department of Education

Elham Karimi, Salman Darabi, Hassan Babri and Mohammad Frohar

In the age knowledge is known as developing axis and Education system is the motivation of sustainable and comprehensive development, the great mission to train development forces should be paid particular attention by this system. Strategic planning is one of fundamental tools for Education system to promote and develop itself comprehensively.The statistical population of this study includes 1124 experts of Isfahan Departments of education that 286 of them were selected randomly. In order to collecting data, two researcher-developed questionnaires of Strategic planningand organizational innovation have been used and their stabilitywas respectively 0.87 and 0.85 respectivelythat has been calculated through Cranach’s alpha coefficient. In order to analyzing data, descriptive and inferential methods such as Pearson correlation coefficient and one sample t-test have been used. The results of this study indicated that status of Strategic planningand organizational innovation in Isfahan Departments of education located in relatively favorable. Also the results indicated that there is relationship between Strategic planningand organizational innovation and its value was 0.56 (with sig= %1). Also the results indicated that there is significant direct relationshipamong components of Strategic planning(Rethinking, Reconstruction, Revitalizingand,Educational information system) with organizational innovation.
Keywords: Knowledge management, Strategic planning, Strategic thinking, Educational information system, Reconstruction, Educational information system, knowledge application, organizational innovation,

Social Paradigm: Family Reflections from Dokmaisod Literary Works
Songphop Khunmathurot, Kanchana Witchayapakorn, Patcharin Anunsiriwat and Usa Patgate

This research aimed at investigating the family social paradigm in a view of Dokmaisod and the shifted of family social paradigm during the time of the change of regime in her view. The family social paradigm in Dokmaisod’s perspective was derived from analyzing the roles of the characters which are 4 types of roles of family members in both her novels and short stories. It was found that the roles of the characters acting as the 4 types of family members originated 4 sub-paradigms were a family social paradigm of parents towards their sons and daughters, a family social paradigm of sons and daughters towards their parents, a family social paradigm of husbands towards their wives, and a family social paradigm of wives towards their husbands. All main characters conduct themselves in accordance with the Buddhist precept on Garavata (the reverence for the 6 directions) which are about how Thai families adhered to Buddhist principles as guidelines for living. With most Thai people being Buddhists, the Lord Buddha’s teachings had formed the principal paradigms of Thai society, which were accepted and used in thinking, behaving, and living together in Thai society. As for the shift of family social paradigm during the change of regime in Dokmaisod’s view, it was found that, for the most part, she still adhered to the traditional beliefs and values to a great extent. Nevertheless, she adopted Western ideas and applied them to the Thai way of life congruously and sensibly. This is seen from six ideas in her literary works: choosing one’s own spouse, not consenting to husband’s practice of polygamy, approving women’s choice of divorce, recognizing the importance of women’s education, valuing the concept of modern woman, and approving women’s role as the head of the family.
Keywords: Social Paradigm, Reflections, Dokmaisod’s Litery Works

Surveying the Influence of Organizational Justice on Human Resource Empowerment
Jamshid Edalatian Shahriari and Seyed Hojjatollah Delkhosh

The purpose of writing the current paper is to investigate the relationship between organizational justice with human resource empowerment. By reviewing on literature about organizational justice and empowerment, 2 questionnaires were designed and after proving their validity and reliability distributed among participants. The results show that organizational justice and its dimensions include distributive, procedural and interactional justice have meaningful influence on human resource empowerment which interactional one was the most important one. Meanwhile all variables were placed in favorable levels. Finally some suggestions were presented for all organizational justice dimensions.
Keywords: Organizational justice, empowerment, distributive justice, procedural justice, interactional justice.

Development Model of Khon Performing Arts of the College of Dramatic Arts in the Central Region

Somchai Fonramdee, Songkoon Chantachon and Marisa Koseyayothin

The study was qualitative carried out during May, 2011- September, 2012 using documents and fieldwork. The research tools used were a basic survey, participant observations, interviews, focused-group discussions, and workshops. The research was carried out in Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom, Lop Buri, Suphan Buri, and Ang Thong. The 150 sample were 30 key, 95 casual, and 25 general informants respectively. The analysis of data was based on the research objectives using triangulated technique, and the results presented descriptively. Historically, Khon performing arts was influenced by and derived from the Indian epic or Ramakien. It was first spread to Sukhothai. From then on, Khon was passed down to younger royal generations throughout the history of Thailand. During the reign of Rama 6, this national epic was conserved, developed, and transformed systematically. Later, Khon was taught in Colleges of Dramatic Arts illustrated typical and styli shed form of Thai performing arts. It’s performers or actors were protagonist and leading lady, demons and clowns. They all were stylish costumes. Currently, most khon performing arts were performed based on social morale and tradition locally, nationally, and international. There were 4 types of Khon performing arts models: open-air, stage and open-air, indoor, and in funeral pyre burns. There were other types but rarely performed, such as, hoist and female Khon. For development models of Khon performing arts of the Colleges of Dramatic Arts in the Central Thailand on the episodes of the Floating Lady (Nang Loy) and Maiyarap Spelling the Enemies, the study found that the Khon dances were still very traditional having Thai identity and so valuable for society. Development of Khon performances were made to keep up with innovation and social change. The development models were made in 3 areas: the performers, episodes and composition. For the Khon performers, they needed to know all about Khon skills, practices, and theories. Each performer had to learn and practice under a good teacher. For the Khon episodes, the Floating lady and Maiyarap spelling the enemies were made to suit the audience’s taste and values and were consistent with social, economic, political, and cultural circumstance. The performances could be held in the open-air, on stage or indoor. Each Khon performance needed a dynamic management emphasizing time, place, audience’s taste, aesthetics, and traditional beauty. As for the components of Khon, the costumes and music instruments were kept or made to be consistent with traditional Thai identity, beauty, and social and economic modernity. The designs of clothes were made specifically for each performer. The band used was still gamelan or pi paat. Of all elements developed, performers, episodes, and composition were well prepared or made to keep Khon as traditional and modernized as much as possible.
Keyword: Khon, Models of Khon Performing Arts, the Colleges of Dramatic Arts in the Central Thailand

Reaction Time of Various Body Movements is not Always Homogenous at Equal Eccentricity: A Review
Taeg-Yong Kwon

The purpose of the review was to gain insight to the association between target eccentricity presentation and reaction time (RT) for various body segments. Several RT studies to eccentrically placed targets showed that RT for the eyes, hands, lower limbs and multiple body segments increase or decrease with increasing target eccentricity due to several factors, including travel distance for neural projections and biomechanical properties. It is sometimes difficult to compare these components in relation to different parts of the visual field because of several differences in central and peripheral field determination and/or the use of different target eccentricities and methodology used. However, RT to a visual stimulus in different visual field was clearly influenced by the use of different body segments, concurrent use of multiple body segments, target speed and accuracy demand.
Keywords: Target eccentricity, visual field, reaction time

Software Protection Technologies: A Survey
Arash Salehpoour and Ali Reza Yamghani

In this work we provides a selective survey on software protection and its related technologies, that helps the software companies to conserve there products against the piracy attacks. The whole review includes approaches to Anti disassembly, tamper proofing, Obfuscation, Anti debugging Reconfigurable Architectures and Design of Enhanced Software Protection Architecture by Using Theory of Inventive. We review early literatures in this area, plus the advantages and disadvantages of the remained technologies. Finally we discuss about the protection method that can be implemented in future within Software protection research process.
Keywords: Software protection; anti debugging; code obfuscation; code obfuscation.

Perception of Child under Five Years Value Related to Socio-Cultural as a Determinant of Nutritional Parenting
Oktia Woro Kasmini H., M.Kes, Daniel D. Kameo, Ir. Lasmono Tri S and Ir. Rukmadi Warsito

The problem in this study was how perceptions of child under 5 years value related to socio-cultural can determine nutritional parenting that ultimately determine nutritional status of child in Pecuk Village, Mijen Subdistrict, Demak District, Central Java Province, Indonesia. This study used a qualitative approach with a focus in this study were child value and socio-cultural related to nutritional parenting that ultimately affect the nutritional status in society. Data collected were qualitative data and quantitative data, so that the instrument in this study are the author with one member of the researcher team, questionnaires, food recall, and supporting instruments such as observation, interviews, and focus group discussions. Determinants of child nutritional parenting in Pecuk Village focused on the high value of child, so he/she was pampered with a variety of facilities or family had a high awareness to child. The value were: 1) Emotionally, child could give a happiness, 2) In the personal development of parents, having a child was a description of complete family and could raise the degree of their parents, 3) Economically, having a child could provide assistance in the old age. Parenting formed illustrated from how food provision and medical care/treatment of child.

Investigating the Relation between the Mangers Emotional Intelligence and their Performance in Melli Bank of West Azarbaijan Province
Jafar Beikzad and Ali Sang

Banks are the most important role players in the economic cycle of countries and promotion of their qualitative performance level due to the managers` performance is of high importance. Many factors can affect the managers` performance. In this regards, the present study attempts to investigate the relation between the managers` emotional intelligence and their performance in Melli bank of West Azarbaijan. The purpose of the present study is to investigate the relation between the mangers emotional intelligence and their performance conducted as a case study in Melli Bank of west Azarbaijan Province. The gathered data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential (Pearson correlation test as well as Kolmogorov-Smirnov test) statistics using SPSS software version 20. Based on the findings, there is a relation between the managers` emotional intelligence and its dimensions (self awareness, self management, social awareness, and relations management) and the managers` performance at the significant level of P = 0/05.
Keywords: Emotional intelligence, performance, Melli Bank, managers

Simulation of Thermal Effect on Undrained Shear Strength of Saturated Porous Media
Anuchit Uchaipichat

Thermal effect on porous media behaviors is an interested subject during the past four decades. The excess pore water pressure induced by temperature changes can cause a decrease in effective stress and shear strength of porous media. In this paper, the equations including thermal effect for pore water pressure, effective stress and undrained shear strength are derived. The variations in pore water pressure, overconsolidation ratio (OCR) and undrained shear strength with temperature are simulated. The simulation results show that the pore water pressure, OCR and undrained shear strength decreases with increasing temperature. Moreover the increasing rate of pore water pressure with temperature decreases with increasing OCR.
Keywords: Undrained Shear Strength; Porous Media; Thermal Effect; Pore Water Pressure

Strategy to Enhance Competitive Advantage Based on Implementation of Health Safety Environmental Management
Agustinus Hariadi DP, Budi Suharjo, Ujang Sumarwan and Heny K Daryanto

Performance of health safety environmental (HSE) has been tightly demanded by stakeholders (customer, government, public, NGO, employee) and become essential factors of organization’s competitive advantages. Consistent implementation of top management commitment, process management and human resources management should have given high HSE performance leading to improving customer satisfaction, legitimacy and reputation from which better financial performance can be gained. The research aims to investigate effects of the three constructs, namely top management commitment, process management and human resources management to its EHS performance and subsequent effects to organization’s competitive advantage and financial performance. The study uses descriptive and quantitative statistical methods involving 119 companies of which SEM is used to parse linkages between factors. The results show that the strategic model can enhance competitive advantage strongly and affect weakly financial performance.
Keywords: Competitive advantages, performance of health safety environment, management system