European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 108 No 3
Aug, 2013

The Development of UTASTAR Method in Fuzzy Environment for Supplier Selection
Mohammad Ehsanifar, Abbass Toloie Eshlaghi, Mohammad Ali Keramati and Jamshid Nazemi

With development in the concept of supply chain, the managers find out that selecting an appropriate supplier and its management is a criterion which can be used to increase competitiveness of supply chain. Nowadays because of the complexities in technology, analyzing and solving the supplier selection problem become more sophisticated and more dynamic, therefore many methods have presented to choose and evaluate the suppliers. Supplier selection is a multi criteria decision problem which involves qualitative and quantitative criteria. Since selecting a proper material supplier is an important issue, investigation of selection models and finally introducing a model for an accurate decision will be also very important. The goal in this research is to select the supplier and estimate the total value function of the problem by developing the multi criteria decision process of star Additive utility in fuzzy environment.
Keywords: Supplier Selection, UTASTAR method, fuzzy environment, MCDM.

Assessment of Human Trafficking Law on the Basis of Criminal Policies
Muhammad Dahimi, Heidar Dahimi

After arms and drug trafficking, human trafficking is one the most important criminal activity in worldwide which it is the trade in humans, generally for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor or for the extraction of organs by which Adverse effects of it including contagious disease would be realized, and then many Social Abnormalities and insecurity in Family Foundation are realized as well. According to these facts and by expansion of human trafficking, it has been attempted to act against this problem in worldwide which some laws have been represented in order to struggle against it. Along this, so many laws have been procured in worldwide and in Iran, a law against human trafficking was issued in 2004. In this paper, it has been attempted to peruse the laws and principles represented for human trafficking which this would be possible by regarding international documents particularly United Nations convention and the specific law against human trafficking. With emergence of advancement in technologies in recent years, human and social relationships have been expanded and as a result, social phenomena and crime have been increased as well. Contradictions and complexities of crime are seen in criminal activities which those criminal activities are occurred with preplanning and organizing. In most occasions, the criminal activities go beyond the internal frontiers and occur in worldwide. These crimes involve specific properties which acting against them is possible by international cooperation regarding its specific framework.
Keywords: Human trafficking, criminal policy, crime, United Nations convention.

Design of Experimental Test Facility for Investigation of High Temperature Internal Ducts and Flow Processes
Gbadebo Omoniyi Adeniyi, Sergey Konstantinovich Savelyev, Charles Attah Osheku, Babatunde Ameen Gbajabiamila and Oluleke Olayade Babayomi

Modeling and computer-based investigations of interaction of high temperature dusted gas flow (i.e. heterogeneous flow in the duct) with duct wall relies generally on various degrees of approximations which by design may lead to errors. Previous efforts towards realization of such investigations involved methods which were intrusive to the internal processes and were also limited in the ability to design a test duct which allows the instrumentation for accomplishing the investigations. Therefore, this paper presents an experimental test installation which enables the realization of such investigations. In particular, the design of an experimental test facility through which the empirical information about the thermal destruction of wall could be visualized using X-ray. Analytical calculations were applied in designing the test facility, while the analysis and predictions of the duct flow conditions were simulated. The designs and the gas flows provided in the installation conformed to chamber pressure ranges: 4-20MPa , chamber temperature 1500-3500 , gas velocity ranges 10-300 m/s and operating time 1-10 s. The results also reflected the role play by design parameters such as propellant burning area, nozzle throat area and propellant web thickness in attaining desired ranges of internal flow conditions in the duct. The designed facility is a reliable means of realizing complex interaction of high temperature dusted gas flow with duct wall using X-ray spectroscopy.
Keywords: Test duct, Thermo-chemical, Thermo-erosion, x-ray, Gas Generator, Relieve Valve, Test Installation

Factor Demand and Inputs Substitution of Inorganic Fertilizer use in Food Crops Production in Southwestern, Nigeria

Abiodun O. Otunaiya, P.A Okuneye, Olugbenga O. Olubanjo and Adebayo M. Shittu

This paper examines the effect of inorganic fertilizer use on cost shares of various factors in the production of food crops; and determines the elasticity of demand for inorganic fertilizer and its substitution in the production of food crops in Ogun State, Nigeria. The study was based on primary data obtained in cross-section survey of 554 randomly selected food crop farmers in the study area. The results revealed that the demand for inorganic fertilizer was price inelastic (-0.35), and that fertilizer was a technical substitute for planting materials (0.3) and other intermediate inputs like insecticides and tractor services(0.17); and a technical complement of labour (-0.62) and land (-0.2) in the production of food crops.
Keywords: Inorganic fertilizer; food crop farmers; Elasticity of demand; Factor subtitution.

Modeling and Verification of Dynamic Source Routing Protocol by using SMV Model Checker
Alireza Souri and Monire Norouzi

In this paper we model the performance of DSR protocol by using SMV model checker in wireless networks. Since the modeling of whole DSR protocol is not possible in SMV, we used a Case Study example. In this example, node failure and link break conditions are investigated. By using SMV model checker, we have been able to detect routing problems in these situations and guarantee the safe arriving of data packet to destination by providing an algorithm. Implementation results show that SMV model checker is one of the tools for verifies the wireless routing protocols.
Keywords: Formal verification; model checking; DSR protocol; SMV; wireless networks; computational tree logics.

Impact of Value Chain Activities on Product Quality and Innovation: The Case Study of Khuzestan Industries

Mansour Zarra-Nezhad, Belghis Bavarsad and Behrouz Mousazadeh

The aim of this investigation was to explore the relationship between the four components of value chain, namely, marketing, research and development (R&D), supplies and performance with product quality and innovation. This research was performed across several manufacturing and service firms of Khuzestan Province in 2010. Samples were selected by stratified multistage sampling and analyzed by SPSS, Eviews and Lisrel software. Findings showed that marketing, R&D, supplies and performance were significantly associated with product quality and innovation. 79% of changes in product quality and 75% of changes in product innovation could be accounted for by value chain activities. Thus, in order to enhance product innovation one might improve the focus on customer and supplier management; and to elevate product quality, one might improve the focus on customer, supplier management and process management. Path analysis supported the findings indicating that all indexes pointed out by theoretical model could be confirmed.
Keywords: Value Chain, Quality, Innovation.

A Study of Supply Chain Management and Information System Strategies Alignment and its Effects on Organizational Performance (Case Study: Manufacturing Firms in Khuzestan Province, Iran)
Belghis Bavarsad and Batoul Rezaei

The role of information system in achieving competitiveness is a topic that has attracted the attention of many researchers during recent years in various levels including corporate, business, and supply chain. This paper first introduces various supply chain and information system strategies and, then, examines the effect of the alignment between these strategies on supply chain performance and on organizational performance. For this purpose, the comments of 231 managers/supervisors of purchase, production, sales, logistics and distribution divisions of manufacturing firms in Khuzestan Province were collected. Then, the Structural Equations Model (SEM) was applied for data analysis. The results show that information system strategies moderated the effect of supply chain strategies on supply chain management performance and consequently, the organizational performance is affected, too.
Keywords: Lean Supply Chain, Agile Supply Chain, Hybrid Supply Chain, Efficient Information System, Flexible Information System, Comprehensive Information System.

Simple and Multiple Correlations of Leadership and Problem-Solving Styles and Teamwork Relations with Innovation and Innovative Behavior in an Industrial Organization
Mohammad Malekmohammadi Faradonbeh, Reza Rahimi Asl, Hossein Shojaei Nejad, Amin Shafyani and Ebrahim Panahi Jaroubi

Human beings have always used their creativity and power of thinking to identify and provide solutions to problems. In fact human designshis world with ideas and makes changes and innovations. Regarding organizations, the key to success and development is to develop strategies which are effective in addressing problems. This makes creativity and innovation of especial importance since creativity helps find solutions to problems and contributes to the success and development of the organization. Creativity involves providing innovative and novel solutions leading to the elimination of problems or the growth of the organization. Innovation involves the realization of creativity. The purpose of the present study, which investigates innovation and the components which affect it, is to identify the multiple and simple correlations of leadership styles, of leader-member-exchangetype, problem solving style, of intuitive and systematic type, and teamwork relations with innovative organizational climate and innovative behavior in Mobarakeh Steel Company, Isfahan.
Keywords: Leadership, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Innovation.

The Relationship between Quality of Life and Psychological Well-Being with Resiliency

Amineh Ahmadi, Ghodsi Ahghar and Zahra Tafaroji Gilavandi

The purpose of this research is determination of the relationship between quality of life and psychological well-being with resiliency in girl students of Tehran high schools. Samples of this study based on Kokran formula are 300 individuals that were selected on the basis of multistage sampling method. To collect data Kerner and Daividsonís inventory (2003), SF36 quality of life inventory of Reif and psychological well-being inventory were used. This research was not experimental but it was correlative. Data analysis based on descriptive and inferential statistics (multivariate regression test was used) the result of this research first showed that there is a positive and significant relationship between quality of life in dimensions of general health, emotional health and social and physical performance with students resiliency, so that by increasing these subscales resiliency of students increases. There is a negative and significant relationship between quality of life respecting limitations of role play in the consequence of physical health conditions, limitations of role play in the result of emotional and anxiety problems, physical pain and fatigue with resiliency of students, so that these subscales causes reduction of resiliency in students. Second, there is a positive and significant relationship between psychological well-being and its subscales (self-satisfaction, positive relationship with others, autonomy, domination on environment, purposeful life, and personal growth) with resiliency, so that with increasing of the rate of subscales of psychological wellbeing the rate of studentsí resiliency increases.
Keywords: Quality of life, psychological well-being, resiliency, girl students.

Implementation of the Mode Matching Technique to Estimate the Complex Permittivity of Dielectric Material at Microwave Frequency using Rectangular Waveguide Measurements
Hassan Elmajid, Jaouad Terhzaz and Hassan Ammor

This paper presents a new technique to estimate the complex permittivity of a dielectric material. The dielectric sample is loaded in an X-band rectangular waveguide and its two port S-parameters are measured in function of frequency using the HP8720C Network Analyzer. Also, by applying the mode matching technique, expressions for the S-parameters of the dielectric material in function of complex permittivity are developed. To estimate the complex permittivity of a dielectric material, the square sums of errors between the measured and calculated S-parameters are minimised using a nonlinear optimization algorithm. The complex permittivity of Teflon, Plexiglass and FR4_epoxy at the X-band frequencies is then determined.
Keywords: Mode Matching Technique, S-parameters, Dielectric Material, Microwave.

Factors Affecting the Choice of Organic Products: The Case Study of Cosmetic Market in Iran
Homa Hajimohamad and Hamidreza Saeidnia

This study intends to reach to recognition of factors that have an effect on the attitudes toward organic products and purchasing organic hair and skin cosmetic products. According to theoretical bases, this study predicts that following variables not only directly affect purchasing the organic cosmetic products, but also has an effect on this tendency by the attitudes toward organic products: apparent awareness, environmental awareness, mental norm, behavior control, health awareness and price awareness. To examine the research hypothesis, a random sample of 267 women who uses hair and skin cosmetic products, living in district 1, 2 & 3 in Tehran have been chosen by multi-stage cluster method. The required data gathered through questionnaires. This study has been inspected by structural equation modeling to test hypotheses using PLS software and its reliability and validity has been supported. According to results, the data collection of this study has been done by survey method and the relationship between variables by correlation. Apparent awareness, environmental awareness, mental norm, behavior control, health awareness and price awareness have been proved to have a direct and implicative effect on the attitudes toward organic products and the intention to purchase organic cosmetic products. Moreover, the results have been supported the direct effect of the attitude toward organic products on the intention to purchase organic hair and skin cosmetic products.
Keywords: Awareness, Behavioral Intention, Organic Cosmetics Products, SEM, Iran.

Basic Indexes Evaluation of Near Fault Earthquakes and Their Effects on Operation of Structural Frames
MohammadMehdi Jahromi Shirazi

Earthquake characteristics is different both in amplitude and frequency content for sites at distances that are near and far the seismic source or in the other hand near and fault earthquakes. While in most of the standards, effects of the near domain earthquakes in loading are not considered. So study and comparison of these effects on structures is necessary. In this article, structures operation against near and far fault earthquakes for two near sites and two far sites have been investigated. For this purpose, for achieving operation point of a six stairs structural model with mean lateral bending frame resistant system, from special plan spectrums of two different sites, near and far fault, which are obtained from seismic hazard analysis is used. Evaluation of effects due to near and far fault earthquakes based on the Iranís standard 2800 ranges on operation point and also comparison of operation effects of near and far fault spectrums with Iranís standard are results of this research work. In continues, after presentation of obtained results from time history analyses, some suggestions have been proposed for design correction based on the regulations in near domain earthquakes.
Keywords: Earthquakes, Structural Frames, domain, Directivity effect.

Bounded Linear Operators in Random 2-Normed Linear Space
Iqbal H. Jebril, Samirh R. Al-Seadi, M. Salimi and A. Pourmoslemi

The aim of this paper is to give necessary conditions to get bounded linear operators in random 2-normed linear spaces and to study the relation between the boundedness and continuity of a linear operator in random 2-normed linear spaces.
Keywords: Random 2-normed spaces; Bounded linear operators, continuous linear operators.

The Impact of Job Redesign on Organizational Commitment Among Staff of Bank Melli Iran, Branches Located in Fars Province

Mohammad Amin Mohajerani, Reyhane Mosalanejad and Farzane Fakhravari

The current study aimed to investigate the impact of work redesign on organizational commitment of employees of Bank Melli Iran, in branches located in Fars province. A sample of 315 employees selected using categorical random sampling. Data gathered using standard questionnaires and finally 298 questionnaires returned for further analysis. Correlation analysis using SPSS software showed that there is a significant relationship between work-redesign and employee commitment. Also the relationships between the dimensions of organizational commitment (Affective, Continuance and Normative Commitment) were significant.
Keywords: Bank Melli, Commitment, Job-Redesign, Work Redesign.

Distance Pruning Algorithm for Mobile Robot Navigation in Pervasive Agriculture Environments
Vanitha. K and Radhamani. G

Precision Agriculture is a progressive farm management that provides sustainable productivity and quality outcomes. Robots are being installed in Agriculture terrains interpreted as Pervasive Computing Systems. Sensors and Robots are integrated with a set of autonomic functions in the field. This paper presents a model for implementing mobile robots in a pervasive agriculture terrain. Wireless Sensor nodes are deployed in a farm field, where a relay node is aggregating data from the sources. The relay/aggregator node is designed as a mobile robot; hence the path mobility is defined. Robot navigation is a key focus of the paper, where significant landmarks are estimated. An approximate map is generated with Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm. Initially, the map which is loaded into mobile robot is referred as topology map. As the robot moves, trajectory map is generated by the real odometry coordinates. An algorithm is proposed to prune a minimum distance of the above two maps by means of Mahalanobis distance measure. A threshold value is proposed to realize a better coherence of these maps. Simulated results are presented with set of vector objects, land marks with truth maps and observation maps.
Keywords: SLAM, Mahalanobis distance, mobile robots, Topological maps, Pervasive sensor networks, Precision Agriculture.