European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 108 No 1
Aug, 2013

The Effects of the Brand Experience, Trust and Satisfaction on Brand Loyalty (Case Study: Mihan Products Brand in Kerman City, Iran)
Hamid Taboli, Mahdi Dehghani Soltani and Hamid Reza Altaha

The brand is one of the intangible assets for any company which is source of highest values. Several factors affect the brand and thereupon sales and profits increasing, such as customer loyalty to the brand. This research aims to study the impact of brand experience, confidence, and satisfaction on brand loyalty of Mihan products in Kerman. The population of this research is all Mihan products consumers in Kerman and the sample size is measured as unlimited size and the simple random procedure are used to sampling. The standard questionnaire is the data collection tool containing 43 questions. Towards data collection about 171 questionnaires were distributed in the city and after collecting, spss16 and correlation and regression tests are used to data analysis and research hypotheses testing. The findings indicate that brand experience, confidence and satisfaction have meaningful impact on brand loyalty of Kerman's Mihan products.
Keywords: Brand experience, brand trust and brand loyalty.

Green Supply Chain Management Understanding in a Bosnian Municipality
Muhammed Kürsad Özlen and Nejra Omerhodžic

This paper aims to analyze the change in the perceptions and the understandings of the Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) considerations of the employees within the companies located in the municipality of Breza/Bosnia and Herzegovina. The objective of this study is not only to determine the level at which Green Supply Chain Management is implemented in daily operations of companies, but also at what rate it grows in the short-run. Since perception plays a major role in the effectiveness of the Green Supply Chain Management, it is important to assess the institutional environment that fosters the process of Green Supply Chain Management implementation into daily business operations. The methodology used in this paper is scientific research of the chosen topic, a statistical analysis of the obtained results from surveys taken two quarters apart, and a descriptive analysis of the findings. The main limitations we are faced are institutional resistance, consumer adaptation to new practices and last but most important financial restraints. Finally, this paper is an indicator of the existence of dedication and strong will by the administration of the examined enterprises and their consumers to move toward Green Supply Chain Management.
Keywords: Green supply chain management, environment, short-run growth rate, social cost and welfare, ISO 14001.

Dung Beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) Community Composition in El Kala National Park (North-Eastern Algeria)
Mehdi EL Aichar, Imen Labidi and Slim Benyacoub

A study of the community structure of dung beetles was conducted between May 2010 and April 2012 in the El Kala National Park in north-eastern Algeria, three sites were chosen according to soil type and altitude (Boumalek, Brabtiia and Djebel el Ghorra). Monthly trapping conducted according to a standardized protocol (CSR), allowed the capture of 16893 beetles belonging to 25 species.Our results show that the peak of activity during the two years sampled was observed in late spring in Brabtia and Boumlalek and early summer in Djebel el Ghorra. The three stations have almost the same composition and equitably share the food resource. Some species showed a preference for one type of soil. The abundance of dung beetles may be due to the availability and abundance of food resources but the community studied showed no pattern of response habitat selection.
Keywords: El-Kala, Northeastern Algeria, dung beetles, guilds, seasonality, community, structure

A Mathematical Investigation on the Optimum Design of the Nose-Deck System in Incrementally Launched Bridges

Mohammad Reza Hirmand, Ehsan Rahimi, Amin Moghadam and H. Tajmir Riahi

Bridge construction by Incremental Launching Method (ILM) is performed by building deck segments on the ground near one of the abutments and then incrementally pushing them forward on constructed piers. Construction by this method causes temporary stresses in structural elements that are different and more critical than those in service time. Therefore, an appropriate method should be employed in order to prevent losing the advantages of this method due to overdesigned structural members. So far, researchers and engineers have proposed different methods for this purpose. Among them, using a nose-deck system, especially for prestressed concrete bridges, is now very common and has been accepted as the standard method. Geometrical and mechanical characteristics of the launching nose are determinant to the temporary stresses at the construction time. Therefore, it is necessary to use an optimal design for the nose-deck system. In this paper, a Finite Element model of the launching bridge is investigated to present a simplified model for the Nose-Deck system called as “semi-infinite beam model”. The presented model is employed to study the optimal design of Nose-Deck system based on mathematical optimization approach, indicating the simplicity and efficiency of the model for practical applications.
Keywords: Incremental bridge launching, Nose-Deck system, mathematical optimization, finite element method.

A Study of Tomato Juice Production
Jihad M.Quasim

Tomato is considered one of the most important vegetables which grow in Jordan. Tomato is of a great nutrition value as fruits, but it differs from typical fruits in its low sugar content which makes the solid substance in it low. This paper aims at investigating the possibility of producing juice from tomato. The tests results have proved that the stability of the juice essence is possible when it is stored at room temperature of (16 to 22 oC), and at 32 oC for eight weeks as indicated by sensory, chemical, physical, and microbiological testing. The study also shows that the results of the sensory evaluation may determine the degree of admiration of tomato juice production before and after being stored which emphasizes the technical benefit of its production.

Generalized Linear Models: Choice of Appropriate Link Function and Model Selection Tools

Mudassir Ahmed and Ghausia Masood Gilani

Generalized Linear Models are the extension of the popular General Linear Models. The generalization process includes the transformation of non-linear functions into linear functions using appropriate link functions e.g. Identity, LOGIT, PROBIT and C-LOG-LOG. The selection of appropriate link function to model the binary responses still remains a challenge. The selection of inappropriate link function not only ignores the shape of the underlying tolerance distribution but also provides the regression estimates that may be inconsistent and vague. The frame work for the selection of appropriate link function using Regression Error Specification Test (RESET) for generalized linear models using real data on Maternal Health from MICS 2007-08 has been discussed keeping in view the information provided by the model selection tools like Deviance, Pearson Chi-Square, Log Likelihood and prediction power of the model.
Keywords: Generalized Linear Models, Tolerance Distribution, RESET, Link Function, LOGIT, PROBIT, C-LOG-LOG and, MICS 2007-08.

IWO Algorithm to Maximize Mainlobe to the Sidelobe of Uniform Planar Antenna Array
Muthana Khallil Ibrahim

In this paper, we present an optimization method based on Invasive Weed Optimization (IWO)) algorithm for uniform planar antenna array antennas to acquire a narrow beam width with minimum relative Side Lobe Level (SLL). Two different cases have been studied. The fist one is a fixed 256 (16x16) -element simulated for SLL suppression. The second one have1024 (32x32)- element. Both cases show the simulation results of the proposed IWO algorithm for uniform planar antenna array are compared with Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) to illustrate the effectiveness of our proposed method. Comparison results show the IWO has a superior performance compared with the PSO for the antenna arrays optimization.
Motsclés: Planar Antenna Array, Invasive Weed Optimization (IWO), side lobe suppression, differential evolution, Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)

Correlates of Metacognitive Skills of Students Undergoing Baccalaureate Nursing Program
Chiejina EN and Ebenebe RC

This study examined the correlates of the metacognitive skills of students undergoing Baccalaureate nursing program. The target population was 240 nursing students selected from two Nigerian universities by simple random sampling. Two research questions and two null hypotheses guided the study. The instrument used for data collection was Questionnaire on metacognitive strategies in Nursing (QMCSN). Mean score, standard deviation (SD) and Spearman Rank Correlation Co-efficient (rho) were used to answer the research questions while Chi-Square and Mann-Whitneny U tests were adopted in testing the null hypotheses at 0.01 level of significance. The result showed significant correlation between the students’ learning strategies in the clinical setting and their self-evaluation processes, as well as significant correlation between the students’ metacognitive goals and their learning strategies in the classroom. In addition, the study revealed absence of significant relationship between the students from government and private universities with regard to the learning strategies they adopt in the classroom as well as significant difference among the student levels with regard to their learning strategies in the clinical setting.
Keywords: Metacognition, goals, learning strategies, self-evaluation, Nursing students.

Assessing Effects of Strategic and Emotional Training of Values and Attitudes on Learning of Iranian Students

Nahid Sameti

Secondary school is one of the sensitive and effective courses of social and individual life of people. This time of life have some differences and some similarities with other times, due to students’ social and psychological nature. This lifetime would be related to childhood on one hand and to adolescence on the other hand. This term would usually include teenagers between 12 to 18 years old. Respecting special features of this lifetime, the present study aims in studying effects of strategic and emotional training of values and attitudes on learning of students. For this purpose, survey research has been applied. Required data have been collected from Iranian secondary students. Data collection has been conducted using questionnaire and measuring answers.
Keywords: Learning, values and attitudes, strategic teaching, secondary school, emotional.

A Decision Support System Designed to Increase the Efficiency of Financial Institutions
Javad Poorshahriar and Mostafa Hojati Avini

There are three issues to evaluate the efficiency of financial institutions and banks clients; what should be measured? How should be measured? How can be compared the occupations together? And a model assumed to answer these questions is, it is not possible to evaluate people because they have different characteristics such asaccuracy in work, working quickly, and proper communication and etc, but their occupational characteristics will be involved. In other word, An employee who works as "IT security expert" in comparison with a employee who works as " educational expert" have significant differences in term of the sensitivity, complexity, level of knowledge and skills are required for occupation. In this article tried to first gain comprehensive model. In order to obtain the criteria used in this model, some individual criteria as well as occupational criteria can be selected after library research and then it was approved by presenting a questionnaire to experts. According to this model, compensatory decision-making methods TOPSIS have been used to evaluate individual and occupational criteria and use Fuzzy AHP to determine the criteria.
Keywords: Performance evaluation, efficiency, occupation, decision support system, TOPSIS, Fuzzy AHP.

Post-Newtonian Gravitational Radiation from Orbiting Masses
E. El-Houssieny, F. A. Abd El-Salam, M. Rassem and M. N. Ismail

Previous studies are limited to evaluate the post-Newtonian effects up to 1st order terms of the post-Newtonian approximation. When higher order terms in the post-Newtonian approximation are considered, (spin and higher multi-pole effects) it may be of significant to get results accurate enough for comparison with future observational data, especially for neutron stars and Kerr black holes. For these compact objects, it is estimated that the spin-orbit and spin-spin coupling are of second order in the post Newtonian approximation. Therefore, one of the main tools of analyzing and obtaining gravitational wave forms, generated from coalescences of compact binaries, is the post-Newtonian approximation. In the present work, the 2nd order formulae for waveform and the luminosity of gravitational waves have been derived, taking into consideration the spin effects.
Keywords: General Relativity, PN Formalism, Spin Effects, Gravitational Waves.

Advertisement and Marketing Performance Reciprocity Study in Banking Industry
Mohammad Reza Hamidizadeh, Mohammad Esmaeil Fadaei Nejad, Manijeh Gharache and Kasra Saad Mohammadi

This research focuses its attention to support empirically the impact of advertisement on brand equity, customer satisfaction and firm performance. Through structural equation analysis, the authors provide empirical evidence for the marketing link to firm value. In the first stage the final key indicators are confirmed and in the second stage the influence and impact of marketing on brand equity, customer satisfaction and firm performance are evaluated. Finally, some future research lines were considered.

Sensors Network and the Challenges Ahead In Design
Manaf sharifzadeh, Ali Akbar Movassagh, Payam Porker Rezaeiye, Rita Enami, Kaveh Bashash and Mehdi Gheisari

Recent advances in electronic and communication Wireless the ability to Design and Sensor (WDS) can be made with low power consumption, small size, and appropriate price and for various users has given. These sensor that can perform various actions such as environmental data (sensor type) processing the information they send. Create an idea called for the creation and expansion of wireless sensor network WSN. The features and parameters that must be considered in the design play an important role. This article reviews the important parameters for designing such networks will need to be considered.
Keywords: Sensor network, Network challenges, Energy conservation.

DIF of Field of Study and Gender in EPT of Iranian PhD Candidates at IAU Tehran Research and Science Branch

Arshya Keyvanfar and Niloofar Dadfarma

This study attempted to detect differentially functioning items utilizing Mantel-Haenszel and Logistic Regression procedures in IAUEPT (20 vocabulary, 40 grammar and 40 reading comprehension items) across a sample of 1033 test-takers (61.9% males, focal group, 38.1% females, referent group; 53.3% Social Sciences, focal group, and 46.7% Technical Sciences and Engineering, referent group). The results indicated there were no items flagged as displaying gender DIF by either of the methods; after purification processes and computation of effect size, MH revealed 10 moderate field of study uniform DIF items; eight items favored the referent group while only two items favored the focal group. The number of items flagged by MH and LR procedures is different. This study is unable to decide if the type of items flagged could have been different, since no items were flagged by LR. Further investigations showed item format module and content, did not make it any easier for either of the groups to answer items correctly therefore presence of bias was not evident.
Keywords: DIF, Mantel-Haenszel, Logistic Regression, gender, field of study.

Modelling, Simulation and Analysis of Production Lines in Kuwait’s Petroleum Sector
Rawan Jaragh, Reem Al-Mady, Shahad Sheer, Shaikha Al-Dabbous and Seifedine Kadry

The world is witnessing a growing thirst for oil. As the industrial era is evolving at a continuous rate, our existence has become more dependent on this substance as a means of survival. What has been apparent throughout this evolution of industries is the reliance on production lines in the creation of various products and services. Therefore, it comes as no surprise an industrial engineer's aim is to optimize systems within production lines in the oil industry. Several methodologies were researched in order to discern a suitable approach. The methods researched include the heuristic method, mathematical programming, computer simulation, and feasibility studies. Through computer simulation, one can easily manipulate different parameters in order to propose an advisable scenario that would optimize a company's production line. Arena®, a simulation software provided by Rockwell, will be used to design and simulate production lines in a company, along with feasibility studies to aid in the successful accomplishment of the objectives set. In this article, modelling, simulation and analysis of a Refinery’s crude oil production line was contributed for the company’s future benefit.
Keywords: Modelling, simulation, production lines, ARENA®.