European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 107 No 4
July, 2013

Factors Affecting Female Reluctance of Participation in Vocational and Technical Education Program
Mehdi Shariatmadari, Shadi Aliabadi and Mohammadnaghi Imani

The present study aims to investigate factors affecting reluctance of female students to study in technical and vocational education of Tehran. Considering the descriptive nature of the study, survey method of data collection was used and the required data was collected through a researcher made questionnaire from the teachers working in Technical and vocational schools of Tehran. The findings of the study indicate that according to the teachers, factors of female students’ reluctance to Technical and Vocational Education (Personal, Family, economic, cultural - social and school factors) are affective on their tendency to Technical and Vocational Education.
Keywords: Technical and Vocational Education, Personal, Family, economic, cultural - social and school factors.

Towards a Methodology for Requisite Competence Identification
Naoufal Sefiani, Abderazak Boumane, Jean-Pierre Campagne and Driss Bouami

The world is currently undergoing profound economic changes, with inspiring advances in both business technology and the organization of business. The extents of these changes require companies to adopt a proactive attitude. At present, competence is a challenge for enterprises as well as individuals, giving rise to debates on the evolution of work and social relationships. This undeniably represents a profound evolution of organizations and the place occupied by human resources. Thus, competence management is becoming a strategic issue at all company levels for industrial performance improvement. In this field of concern, the competence identification approach seeks to guarantee the success of competence management of several entities around key objectives. The aim of this paper is to provide a methodology for identifying requisite individual competencies within the framework of a systemic competence approach which offers an extremely rich theoretical framework and a variety of powerful tools for the study and analysis of the issues encountered in most companies. This allows us to update the competence framework in response to changing work situations. A specific application derived from this model is then proposed to illustrate its operational use in the context of a large automotive supplier.
Keywords: Competence Management, Competence Identification, Performance.

The Influence of Marketing Mix to Purchase Decision and Customer Satisfaction in Manado
Jolanda Kalangi, Budi Hartono, Hari Dwi Utami and Vicky Panelewen

The aim of this research is to test whether the factors of marketing mix influence on purchase decisions well as satisfaction of fast food’s customer in Manado. The results show that that the marketing mix are product, people, process, promotion, place, price and phyisical influence the purchasing decisions of consumers on fast food products, while product, promotion, price, physical, and influence purchasing decisions on customer satisfaction. On the other hand, people, process, and place has no effect on customer satisfaction. However, through indirect influence through purchasing decisions, showed a significant effect between people, process and place on customer satisfaction. With these developments, the need for increased poultry industry. Poultry industry, including poultry meat (broiler) has a strategic position, where it is very important to nourish and educate the nation because it has been able to produce animal protein as well as support the food security, is also the main employer and national driving strong economy as seen from the magnitude of the total investment and business turnover in the industry of fast food.
Keywords: Food, Health Food, Fast Food, Marketing Mix and Consumer Behaviour

Best Choice of Nodes in Approximation of Functions by Splines

Al-Dawoud Kamal

This paper considers the problem of asymptotic optimal choice of nodes approximation of individual function by splines. Constructive algorithm was used to determine asymptotic optimal nodes. The result obtained from Hermit splines was used as an instance.
Keywords: Hermit splines, asymptotic optimal choice of nodes, approximation of functions, choice of nodes, asymptotic optimal partitions.

Diet-Induced Visceral Gout in Imported Toco Toucans (Ramphastos toco)
Omar A. S. Tamam

Visceral gout is well described in poultry and other caged birds, but has yet to be reported in toco toucans (Ramphastos toco). Here we describe a series of nine birds that died in captivity with macroscopic, microscopic, and ultrastructural features of visceral gout. White chalky deposits were present over the internal organs of the body and microscopy revealed urate crystals in the kidneys, liver, spleen, and stomach associated with inflammation and necrosis. The etiology of the gout was attributed to a protein-rich and supplemented diet, which is unsuitable for toco toucans. Aviculturalists must be aware of the potential consequences of supplementing the diet of these birds with additional minerals that can cause metabolic disorders.
Mots-clés :Toco toucan; Ramphastos toco; Gout.

Automatic Generation Control of Interconnected Two Area Using Fuzzy Logic PID Controller

Yaroub Ghazi Jasim

The design of Automatic Generation Control (AGC) system plays a vital role in automation of power system, this paper proposed a new design of controller consist of fuzzy logic with PID controller to enhancement the performance of the power system, the proposed controller was analyzed by controlling the AGC of two thermal area power system. The result show that the proposed controller is better than the conventional controller.
Keywords: Automatic generation control, fuzzy logic, PID controller, two area control.

Changements Climatiques, Perceptions et Adaptations des Producteurs sur le Plateau d’Allada au sud du Bénin
Alle C. S. Ulrich Y, Vissoh V. Pierre , Guibert Hervé , Agbossou K. Euloge, Gozé Eric and Afouda A. Abel

La présente étude analyse les perceptions qu’ont les producteurs des changements climatiques, leur cohérence avec les observations climatiques et les mesures d’adaptation adoptées par les producteurs sur le plateau d’Allada au sud du Bénin. A cet effet, les données liées à la pluviométrie, la température et les vents ont été analysées entre 1951 et 2010. Les perceptions et mesures d’adaptation des producteurs ont été collectées à l’aide d’un questionnaire structuré auprès de 201 producteurs sur le plateau d’Allada en 2010. Lors de l’analyse, les producteurs ont été classés en trois groupes selon leur âge : i) moins de 41 ans, ii) entre 41 et 55 ans et plus de 55 ans. Le test de ?² a été utilisé pour vérifier si les perceptions des producteurs sont indépendantes de leur âge. Pour chaque groupe, le nombre de personnes ayant adopté une mesure d’adaptation donnée à été calculé. Le tableau de contingence obtenu a été soumis à une analyse factorielle des correspondances. Les perceptions des producteurs et les observations climatiques ne convergent pas toujours. En outre, l’âge influence les perceptions des producteurs et détermine l’adoption des mesures d’adaptation. Il importe de comprendre la cause des divergences entre perceptions et observations climatiques.
Motsclés:Changements climatiques, vents, perceptions, adaptation, Afrique.

Dilemma of Energy Efficiency and Moisture Condensation Damages in Eco-Friendly Buildings, Case: Great Mosque of Saveh
Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad and Sima Rezaei Ashtiani

Eco-friendly architecture is going to widespread in all over the world especially in developing countries such as Iran. Traditional architecture of Iran made out sustainable because of sustainable features. So it could respond environmental problems from a long period. This characteristic feature in Persian monuments adds up to the other incidents. Consolidation on the crack of walls is a risk that threatens such buildings evermore. Given the importance of monuments, it has to consider walls utility by raising the profile of moisture. General Mosque of Saveh is the case study. Finally an outline proposed for designing the wall insulation by taking account of new construction arrangement.
Keywords: Net Income, Comprehensive Income, Performance Evaluation, Other Comprehensive Income Items.

An Enhanced Vector Quantization Method for Image Compression

S. Sathappan

Image compression is a technique for competently coding digital image, by minimizing the number of bits needed for denoting image. Its main goal is to lessen the storage space and cut down transmission cost and maintaining good quality. Image compression plays a vital role in multimedia data communication, particularly when the allotted band is limited. The restrictions in bandwidth for communication require a better technique for transferring the image, which can be achieved by compressing the image. Many researches are being done in this area for the betterment of the image quality and its resolution. The primary aim of the present research is to propose a new technique for the image compression by means of vector quantization. . The methodology aims to develop an efficient image compression technique for better image quality and resolution. The present research work proposes three novel techniques using vector quantization for effective image compression. They are as follows: An Efficient Vector Quantization Method for Image Compression with Codebook generation using Modified K-Means, An Enhanced Vector Quantization Method for Image Compression using Modified Fuzzy Possibilistic C-Means with Repulsion (MFPCM), A Novel Vector Quantization Technique for Image Compression using Modified Fuzzy Possibilistic C-Means with Weighted Mahalanobis Distance. The performance of the proposed approaches is evaluated on the basis of parametric standards like SSE, Entropy, Execution Time, Coding of VQ indices and PSNR value. The performance is compared with the standard approaches like K-Means, LBG and MFPCM.
Keywords: Image compression, Vector quantization, MFPCM, Image quality, Resolution.

Clustering based 3D Hough Transform for Plane Detection in 3D Point Cloud
S.Anbumozhi and P.S.Manoharan

The paper aims at developing a modified 3D Hough Transform for detecting planes in 3D Point cloud. The proposed algorithm performs k-means clustering of edge pixels of the image based on gradient. From every cluster two pixels are selected and along with the gradient information, the plane detection is carried out. The modified algorithm is compared with Random Hough Transform and the results show that the proposed method gives good performance in terms of detection accuracy and execution time.
Keywords: Random Hough Transform (RHT), 3D Random Hough Transform, k-means clustering, 3D point cloud.

Developing a National Minimum Data Set for Physiotherapy in Iran: A Delphi Study
Ali Asghar Arastoo, Mansoureh Nickbakht, Roya Ghasemzadeh, Ahmad Azizi, Shahla Zahednejad and Seyed Mahmoud Latifi

Documentation of all physiotherapy services is essential for holistic patient care. The aim of this study was to determine necessary data elements for physiotherapy records in Iran. In a modified Delphi technique, data elements of physiotherapy records were gathered using printed and credible Internet resources. Fifty-seven faculty members of physiotherapy departments at Iranian universities and 269 physiotherapy clinicians registered in the Medical Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran participated in this study. The research tools included checklists containing elements of physiotherapy. All elements of physiotherapy lists were included in this survey. To determine validity, a copy of the checklists was sent to physiotherapy faculty members, medical records departments, and physiotherapy clinicians. Elements that 75 percent or more respondents considered important or very important were selected as main elements of the record. We included those selected elements in the National Minimum Data Set. The main, optional, and removed elements were 45, 18, and 5, respectively. Using a modified Delphi process and gathering a large number of opinions from Iranian physiotherapists, we developed a national minimum data set for Iranian physiotherapy records.
Keywords: Physiotherapy, Data, Delphi technique, Record.

The Relationship between Marketing Strategies and Customers’ Loyalty in Active Private Banks at Bandar Abbass (Iran)
Ellahe Ghahri Shirin Abadi, Yassan Allah Pourashraf and Esfandiar Mohammadi

Increase in competition especially in service sector has led into more respect to attain current customers and an attempt to attract new customers. Here, customer’s loyalty and identifying affecting factors on it will become more important. Consequently, the purpose of present study is to investigate the relationship between marketing strategy and customer’s loyalty in active private banks at Bandar Abbass. Research population consists of managers, deputies and customers of these banks. Sample volume was 228 determined by simple random sampling and unlimited community formula. Data collection method was a standard questionnaire for its reliability, Chronbach’s alpha was used. Library and field study methods were used to collect data. In terms of purpose, this is an applied study and it is a descriptive – correlation one in terms of gathering needed data. To analyze questionnaire data in deductive statistic sector, Pearson and Spearman correlation tests as well as SPSS 16. The findings indicate that there is a significant and positive relationship between marketing strategy and customer’s loyalty in active private banks at Bandar Abbass.
Keywords: Marketing strategy, customer’s loyalty, private bank.

Sources of Change within the Telecom Industry in Kosova
Nazmi Zeqiri, Fisnik Bytyqi and Alban Asllani

Telecom companies operating in Kosovo do not share common understanding about the change process within their respective internal structures. This increases employee resistance to change while the need to change is indispensable. Even though these organizations see customers as their key source of change they lack mobility and responsiveness in addressing their needs and demands. In addition, it’s important to note that the regulator is seen as the least source of change within the organizations surveyed.
Keywords: PTK, IPKO, Sources of Change, Telecommunication, Employees’ Perspective.

A Review of Bread Staling Process and Ways to Coping with It

Forogh Mohtarami and Mohsen Esmaiili

Various theories have been proposed so far for the staling of bread. In this study, the mechanisms of the multiple factors are presented that can be effective and prevent or retard this process. To prevent rapid staling and keep bread freshly, it should be a way to increase water intake to more water available for starch gelatinization. Therefore, it could be prevented from rapid staling of bakery products by increasing of hydration and via formulation or technological measures, suitable packaging, environmental or temperature controlled storage. In this paper, the theories of staling are reviewed and details of this phenomenon are discussed.
Keywords: Staling Mechanism, Retrogradation, Anti-staling Factors.

Effect of Aloe Vera Powder to Increase the Quality and Shelf life of Bread
Forogh Mohtarami and Mohsen Esmaiili

Flat breads are staple source of carbohydrate in the food basket of Iran. Due to increase shelf life and reduce the amount of waste produced, this research purposes bread enriched with Aloe Vera and retard staling which increase the nutritional value. In this research, bread (Lavash) with and without the addition of Aloe Vera powder in one of the local bakers was baked and the effect of adding Aloe Vera powder on dough properties, quality and staling of lavash bread with texture analyzer TA.XTPLUS were evaluated.
Keywords: Aloe Vera powder, lavash bread, staling of bread, TA.XTPLUS.