European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 107 No 1
July, 2013

Investigation of Metadynamic and Static Recrystallization Kinetic of AISI 4140 Steel during Hot Deformation using Physical Simulation
Mahmoud Hajisafari and Amirhossein Meysami

This model has been developed for evaluation of metadynamics and static recrystallization kinetics during hot forming of AISI 4140 medium alloy steel. For doing so, the physical simulation methods have been developed to consider the interconnections among temperature, strain rate, strain and the kinetics of recrystallization within the steel under isothermal hot forming conditions. The results obtained recrystallized volume fraction of the metadynamics and statics recrystallization.
Keywords: AISI 4140 steel, hot compression test, metadynamic recrystallization, hot deformation, static recrystallization, physical simulation.

Some Fixed Point Results for Generalized Contractions on Partial Metric Spaces
Asadollah Aghajani and Reza Arab

In this paper, we present some coincidence and common fixed point results for a new class of pairs of generalized contractive type mappings defined in partial metric spaces. Our results extend and generalize many known results in the literature.
Keywords: Partial Metric, Common Fixed Point, Coincidence Point, Generalized Contraction.

Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings Commercial Buildings in Jordan "Case Study"
Saad Sabe' AL-Rwashdeh

This paper is a contribution to give a proposal solution for the complicated problem "Increasing cost of energy bill" that we suffer from, especially in the last years .The paper involves a study of energy efficient and conservation in a residential building in Jordan by relying on renewable energy sources in addition to other factors ,such as, walls and roofs insulation ,shades on east and west windows. With previous factors also we can use an active solar heating application, such as, solar air heating using south-faced wall panels, Photovoltaic electricity generation, concentrating solar thermal generation and Improve protection measures from infiltration as it contributes to high percentage of the heating and cooling loads.
Keywords: Commercial Buildings; Energy efficiency; Green building; Passive building; Energy;

Different Methods of PET Production and its Economy
Reza Bornak

In this article, we review some aspect of production PET and its economy including capital cost and Operating costs. Also, some quantities such as crystallization of the polymer and methods of measuring the crystallization of the polymer have been studied. We reach a conclusion that the NG3 process for its ROI has advantage over other processes. This advantage is due to replacing certain stages of liquid phase densitypolymerization with suitable solid state polymerization (SSP). We will expect that NG3 or any other process that uses similar principles will obtain market shares for new capacity of PET, because it is the most profitable way for investment.
Keywords: PET production, polymer, solid state polymerization (SSP)

A Review of an Inductive Power Transfer System for EV Battery Charger
M. Salem, A. Jusoh, N. Rumzi N. Idris and Ibrahim Alhamrouni

The whole world is looking forward this year to reducing fuel consumption and creating a cleaner environment for future generations. The development of electric vehicles over the years has proved to be the best solution, despite the challenges they face to reduce their performance. This paper discusses the solution of these challenges, which is how to provide a convenient and less complicated way of charging the battery. It is well known that the plug-in charging is not useful due to the lack of protection and complexity, while the Contactless Power Transfer strategy (CPT) has gained a lot of attention because it provides the energy transfer wirelessly. The inductive power transfer (IPT) can be classified as a part of contactless power transfer. This paper focuses on reviewing how the IPT charging system (parts) works and addresses the many problems that this technology faces in order to design a better system that can achieve a convenient and fast charging.
Mots-clés :Inductive power transfer, Electric vehicle applications, Battery charging.

A Study on the Relationships between Employees’ Multiple Intelligences and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Islamic Azad University Locale 13
Ali Reza Hossein Pour Sonboli and Mohammad Reza Noruzi

The main idea of this research is the investigation of the status of the relationships between employees’ multiple intelligences and organizational citizenship behavior in Islamic Azad University Locale 13. Therefore, for testing employees’ multiple intelligences and for investigating organizational citizenship we will use for both standard questionnaires in this research. This study's sample is 322 employees (185 males 137 females) in Islamic Azad University in locale 13. After reliability and validity testing the data has been collected by two questionnaires, multiple intelligences and organizational citizenship behavior. Also descriptive and inferential statistics have been used for analyzing the data. Descriptive statistics for commentary and data categorizing and for hypothesis testing the inferential statistics have been used. Finding shows that; multiple intelligences have effect on employees’ organizational citizenship behavior in Islamic Azad University in locale 13.
Keywords: Multiple Intelligences, Organizational citizenship behavior, Islamic Azad Universities in local 13.

Improving the University Students’ Locus of Control and Self-Esteem by Participating in Team Sports Program
Korkmaz Yigiter

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of participation in the team sports program on locus of control and self-esteem of university students in Turkey. 62 volunteer university students participated in the study and were randomly assigned to experimental (n=30) and control (n=32) groups. The experimental group participated in the team sports program which was conducted in two sessions, each lasting one hour a week. During this period, the control group did not participate in any regular physical activity program. Rotter’s locus of control and the Coopersmith self-esteem scales were administered to participants before and after 16-week period. Participants in the experimental group improved more internal locus of control than those in the control group. In addition, there was a significant increase in self-esteem scores of participants in the experimental group in comparison to the ones in control group.
Keywords: Locus of control, Self-esteem, Sports participation, Higher education.

Robust Control Strategy for Cascaded Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors using Wavelet Neural Network Models
Tariq Ahamed, Namrata Balakrishnan and B. Jaganatha Pandian

With the rapid advances in the field of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and their innate ability to approximate any nonlinear function, there has been a considerable progress of their usage in nonlinear control system design concepts. In this paper, Wavelet Neural Network (WNN) based Direct Inverse Control (DIC) and Internal Model Control (IMC) schemes are proposed to control nonlinear dynamic systems. WNN combines the advantages of multi resolution capabilities of wavelets and function approximation capabilities of neural networks optimally. The proposed schemes are implemented and tested on a cascaded Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTR) model with coolant jacket using Shannon mother wavelet. The process parameter in the test case is the concentration of the product mixture from the cascaded CSTR setup which is controlled by manipulating the inlet coolant flow rate. WNN based DIC displayed increased speed of response, and the WNN based IMC displayed better disturbance handling capabilities.
Keywords: Artificial Neural Network, Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor, Direct Inverse Control, Internal Model Control, Wavelet Neural Network.

Shock Hardening of Aluminum Alloys by High Energy Electron Beams
M. Farnush

The possibility of shock hardening of 413 aluminum alloys has been studied using High-Energy Electron Beams (HEEB). The samples were irradiated in 10 Mev (beam energy) with different doses by a non linear induction accelerator (Rudotron). The results of the hardness measurements exhibit the maximum hardness (90.6 Hv) of 413 aluminum alloy induced by irradiation of a beam of 71.6 KGY. SEM and TEM studies showed that shock hardening in samples induced and the increased hardness were due to electron beam material interactions.

EM Scattering by a Dielectric Layer on a PEMC Elliptical Cylinder
S. Ahmad Olamaei, M. Naser-Moghadasi and R.HafeziFard

An analytic theory for the electromagnetic scattering of a plane wave from a Perfect Electromagnetic Conductor (PEMC) elliptical cylinder coated with a dielectric layer is presented. PEMC is a nonreciprocal Medium to generalize both the perfect electric conductor (PEC) and perfect magnetic conductor (PMC) and defined by a spurious scalar M that has admittance nature. The EM field formulation for dielectric and free space regions is carried out by expanding the incident and scattered fields in terms of vector elliptical wave functions. The unknown expansion coefficients for scattered fields are obtained by driving general equation from PEMC and dielectric surface boundary conditions. The normalized scattering cross sections for elliptical cylinder in far field are introduced as the application of the theory. To show the effects of size, dielectric diameter and PEMC admittance on scattering, these results are presented for elliptic cylinders by different aforesaid parameters. Also, variations of the normalized scattering cross sections of the structure with dielectric specification are presented.
Keywords: Scattering, Dielectric Layer, PEMC, Elliptical Cylinder.

Design of Systematic Dual-Band Bandpass Filter using Parallel Open/Short Stubs and Stepped-Impedance Resonators
S. Ahmad Olamaei, M. Naser-Moghadasi and Leila S-Sadatrasoul

A dual-bandpass filtering structure with a simple design guideline is presented. The proposed dual bandpass filter (DBPF) is developed by cascading the wideband bandpass filter (WBPF) and the wideband stopband filter (WSBF) which is realized by paralleling open and shorting stubs (POSSs). One set of the common connecting lines is utilized as inverters. Analytical equations are provided for the theoretical design of the WBPF and WBSF configurations. To improve the structure results in compact size and the simplicity of the design implementation, the POSSs resonators are modified by stepped impedance resonators, resonating at desired frequencies with corresponding suseptance slope parameters. Finally a dual-band SIR filter with center frequencies at 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz is designed and fabricated. The simulated and measured results have confirmed the validity of the prototype filter to dualband operation.
Keywords: Dual-band filter (DBF), stepped impedance resonators (SIR), planar microwave filters, microstrip circuit.

Sensitivity Analysis on the Impact of Subnational Trade Flows on State-Level Energy Intensity
Pandej Chintrakarn

The positive effect of trade on energy intensity on average found in baseline specifications of Chintrakarn (2013) is unexpected. To assess the robustness of the baseline findings, we conduct a number of sensitivity analyses.
Keywords: Bilateral Trade, Energy Intensity, Pollution Haven Hypothesis.
JEL Classification Codes:F18, Q48.

Restoring Functional-Physical Components of Old Bazaar in Zanjan, Iran, by Mental Analysis of Local Knowledgeable Individuals
Reza Ahmadian, Mir Moosa aniran and Parna Moradi

A physical property of old Iranian cities is change over time. The change sometimes caused structural transformations and disrupted fundamental elements and sometimes it caused partial changes. The common thing between both conditions is lack of objective and assessable documents of interventions. This shortcoming is on one hand due to lack of scientific research and urban centralized centers to document events and changes resulting from them and on the other hand due to dispersing and often non-physical and non-objective documents. Under both conditions, it is necessary to run a scientific discovery and restoration; thus, it is essential to restore or, in other word, document events using scientific trusted methods. The current study aims to restore physical components of old Bazaar using relevant special research techniques including key knowledgeable individuals, interview and observation techniques all of which known as documentary techniques by identifying and coordinating alive people who possess valuable information related to physical changes made in Old Bazaar of Zanjan, Iran, and oral or written (written documents, pictures, sketches, etc.) information and to restore the Bazaar based on scientific documents. Finally, a plan is prepared indicating physical properties of the Old Bazaar.
Keywords: Restoration of Bazaar, mental analysis, scientific documentation, physical context, Old Bazaar of Zanjan.

Investigating the Effective Personal Factors on Application of Databases of Students
Hadis Heydari, Pardis Heydari and Hamid Dalili

Regarding the importance of the application of Information Technology and databases in learning promotion and academic success of students, the question being raised in current study is that what factors affect the application of databases by students. This is an applied research of descriptive kind. Since the author is seeking for identification of the relationship between these factors and usage of Information Technology, this research is a correlation type. Data collection was performed by field studies and questionnaires. Formal validity showed validity of the questionnaire and reliability of measurement tools was proved by Chronbach Alpha coefficient in order to determine validity coefficient. The value for Chronbach Alpha calculated for current research was 0.951. Statistical community includes all students at Payam-e-Noor University of Mashhad, the number of whom is 517 according to a list provided by the university authorities. Based on sampling formula, the sample size is 200 people. Sampling method is hierarchical random. For hypothesis testing, regression analysis test and parametric t-tests and variance analysis were used. The results indicated that there is no relationship between students’ field of study and the degree of application of databases by them. Engineering students on average used databases more than other students of other majors but this difference was not statistically significant. Younger students used databases more frequently. Students’ gender did not effect on their usage of databases.
Keywords: Databases; gender; Chronbach Alpha; Regression; t-test.

An Extension on EVM for Estimating Final Cost of Construction Projects in Iran
Negar Ganjouhaghighi, Mohsen Bahramgiri and Majid Darvishan

The most important criteria for assessing the success of projects is their cost and time performance. Estimate at Completion (EAC) is an important matter, which is the estimated final cost of a project based on project performance and future risks of the project. EAC helps project managers to be aware of the final cost of the projects sooner and adopt response strategies. This study constructed an extension on EVM and risk management to develop an evolutionary EAC model to estimate the final cost of project. In this model, by evaluating the causes of failures by the project team and predicting the probable future causes of failure, the final cost of project is estimated. Implementation of this model on a project validates that this model is more accurate than estimates achievable using current formulas in estimating the final cost of projects. Moreover, this study presents the findings of a questionnaire survey conducted on the factors that influence cost performance of construction projects in Iran. Most important factors obtained by the analyses are the financial problems of the owner and the contractor of the projects. At the completion a computer program is designed in EXCEL to make the model more practical for the project team.
Keywords: Estimate at completion, Earned value management, Risk management, Construction Projects, Factors influencing cost performance.