European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 105 No 1
July, 2013

Devising a Customers’ Loyalty Model for Mashhad Etka Chain Stores
Zeinab Tolabi and Saeid Samadi

Customers’ loyalty is the result of selecting a successful marketing mix strategy which leads into perceived values and satisfaction of consumers. The purpose of present paper is examining the Relationship between Marketing Mix(7P), Customer Perceived Value and Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty in Mashhad Etka Chain Stores. By using a questionnaire, the data of 190 customers at Mashhad Etka Chain Stores were gathered and analyzed by SPSS and LISREL software. LISREL was used for confirmatory factor analysis and testing research model. To investigate the reliability and conducting an exploratory factor analysis, SPSS software is used. The results indicate that marketing mix factors including price, product and place have a positive and significant impact on perceived value while promotion has a reverse relationship to perceived value. Personnel, physical assets and process have no a significant impact on perceived value while perceived value impacts positively and significantly on customers’ satisfaction. In the meantime, perceived value and satisfaction has a positive and significant impact on customers’ loyalty. Concerning the key role of marketing mix 7Ps, the managers of these centers are proposed to pave the ground for customers’ loyalty by selecting an ideal marketing mix strategy.
Keywords: Customers’ loyalty, customers’ satisfaction, perceived value, marketing mix 7Ps

Croissance Economique ET Redistribution des Revenus En Côte D’ivoire: Quelles Perspectives Pour la Reduction de la Pauvrete?
Kinimo René Yabilé

La paupérisation des populations est devenue un phénomène majeur dans les pays en développement en général et en particulier dans les Etats africains. Ainsi, pendant plusieurs décennies, les pays africains ont élaboré et exécuté des politiques en accordant la priorité à la croissance économique. Utilisant l’approche de l’indice de croissance pro-pauvre de McCulloh et Baulch (1999), l’étude tente de répondre à la question importante de savoir si la croissance économique de la Côte d'Ivoire induit une réduction de la pauvreté ou/et des inégalités sur la période 1998-2008 décomposée en deux sous-périodes 1998-2002 et 2002-2008 ? Ce faisant, cette problématique est examinée tant au niveau global dit national qu’au niveau méso (zone urbaine et zone rurale). A partir des bases de données 1998 ; 2002 et 2008 des Enquêtes Niveau de Vie des Ménages, l’étude établit comme principaux résultats : (i) la mise en évidence d’une croissance anti-pauvre au plan national durant la phase d’expansion 1998-2002 et d’une récession faiblement pro-pauvre 2002 à 2008 ; (ii) ces résultats sont confirmés tant en milieu urbain que rural, que l’on considère le taux de pauvreté ou d’autres indicateurs comme le gap de pauvreté ou la sévérité de la pauvreté. L’étude recommande alors: (i) une politique de promotion de la croissance; (ii) des politiques sociales hardies (établissement de filets de sécurité sociale, travaux d’utilité publiques à haute intensité de main d’œuvre, etc) et (iii) des politiques de redistribution (les facteurs de production étant rémunérés à leur coût marginal).
Motsclés: Croissance économique, Croissance pro-pauvre, pauvreté, redistribution des revenus.
JEL Classification Codes:D31, E22, I32, H24.

Studying the Influence of Intellectual Capital on Gaining Competitive Strength
Minoo Javid and Manouchehr Ansari

The purpose of writing the current paper is to survey the effect of intellectual capital on competitive advantage in Abyek cement Company. Two separated questionnaires about intellectual capital (contains human, organizational and relational capitals) were designed and after proving their validity and reliability distributed among 277 employees in Abyek Company. The results of applying Pearson and Regression test explained that intellectual capital and its indices have positive and meaningful influence on competitive advantage in which the effect of human and relational capital was more than organizational capital. The result of applying Entropy technique proved the mentioned results. Finally it was found that all variables apart from human capital were placed in high levels.
Keywords: Intellectual capital, competitive advantage, human capital, organizational capital, relational capital.

Development of Ferrite-Based Permanent Magnet for Water Meter Linflow in Bandung
Kerista Sebayang, Mohammad Syukur and Nasruddin M.N

A simple application of permanent magnet is flow measurement or the water meter manufactured by PT. Multi Instrumentasi located at Ujung Berung, Bandung. Collaborative efforts in permanent magnet technology transfer, industrial manufacturing test, and the application of the technology in water metering form an integrated sequence. Permanent magnets (barium hexaferrite, BaO.6Fe2O3) are manufactured by a series of powder preparation, molding, sintering, and magnetization. Manufacturing results of the permanent magnet sintered at 1280 °C indicate that single-phase hard magnetic BaO.6Fe2O3 has been formed, exhibiting a crystal size of < 3 µm with a nonhomogenous grain distribution and numerous pores. Remanence Br of 2160 Gs and coercivity Hc of 3215Oe are obtained, whereas the Br and Hc of the commercial products are 2560 Gs and 941 Oe, respectively. The permanent magnet BaO.6Fe2O3 sintered at 1280 °C has a density of 4.43 g/cm3, whereas the commercial products have a density of 5.3 g/cm3. The magnetic products need to be tested on the water meter manufactured by PT. Multi Instrumentasi to evaluate the reliability of the results.
Keywords: Water flowmeter, barium hexaferrite, sintered density, remanence, coercivity

The Effects of Sub-Lethal Doses of Fenitrothion on Sexual Maturation of the Male of Desert Locust
San-Whouly Mauricette Ouali-N'goran, Marie-Anne D’Almeida, Koffi Kouakou and Adolé Isabelle Glitho

The main factor of gregarization desert locust is his great power of breeding that comes from the male fertilizing power. This work aims to evaluate the effect of sub-lethal doses of fenitrothion on spermatogenesis of Schistocerca gregaria. On five days older imagos in a cage, doses of 0.01g/ L contact effect and 0.09g/ L ingestion effect were applied using a hand sprayer. Monitoring of sexual maturity was made by dissection of the testicles under a binocular microscope and histological processing. These chemical treatments had no significantly effect on the treated locusts, their descendants remain sterile. At adulthood, testicles sizes reduced from 9.24±0.36 to 6.58± 0.45mm and weight of 40±0.2 to 26.36±2.84mg. Histology revealed a delay or blockage of spermatogenesis characterized by a reduction in the number of cysts in spermatodesmes. A genetic defect transmitted to the offspring could explain this loss of fertility. These results could contribute to the integrated pest management against locusts. The use of sub-lethal doses of insecticides could be a way to reduce chemicals pollution.
Keywords :Locust, fenitrothion, sub-lethal doses, spermatogenesis, histology

MM-MMAS: An Efficient Energy-Aware Many-Many Mapping of 2D Network-on-Chip
Rabindra Ku. Jena, Musbah M. Aqel and Prabhat K. Mahanti

Network-on-Chip (NoC) has been introduced to meet the communication challenges for on chip multi-processors. In order to minimize the energy requirement of NoC, an efficient mapping method and switch architecture is important. In this paper a many-many mapping between core (IP) and switch is proposed to map the tasks of an application onto NoC architecture using Min-Max AS (Ant System) algorithm. The benefit of our method is evaluated by simulation and the simulation results show that our method can achieve about 10-60% reduction in energy requirement of NoC compared to the state-of-art method using standard one-one mapping between switch and core (IP).
Keywords: Network-on-Chip; Many-Many Mapping; Energy; Ant Colony Optimization, Design Space Exploration.

Design of Compliant Mechanisms by Topology Optimisation – Specific Reference to New Age Industries and Engineering Support
G. Arun Kumar, A. Pandiyan and J. Santhakumar

Compliant mechanisms are the focus of active research because of the flexibility, stability and unitized construction. It is a single elastic continuum used to transfer the force and motion mechanically by elastic deformation without any links and joints. The Authors proposed a topology optimisation method for designing a compliant amplifier and steps for conducting the numerical experiments for any design domains with different types of constraint. The paper narrates the applications of the compliant mechanisms in new age industries like automotive, aerospace and other service industries for engineering support with specific examples. Numerical experiments are carried out for different basic configurations to design the compliant amplifier. The compliant amplifier is used for amplifying the displacement and stroke performance of the strain actuators when integrated with Piezo actuators. The objective is to maximize the geometric advantage of the compliant amplifier. The maximization of the objective is accomplished efficient design of compliant mechanisms by the topology optimisation approach. The analysis results help to select the best compliant amplifier design from the basic configurations. The outcome of work will be useful for all types of strain Actuators.
Keywords: Compliant Mechanisms, Geometric Advantage, Topology Optimisation, Numerical Experiments

Evaluation of Queuing Systems in the Store for Employees of Self-Sufficiency Jihad Research Organization of the Iranian Army
Mohammad Ehsanifar and Farzad Mirza Moradi

Queuing systems and their relevant problems in big stores is one of the most practical and well-known topics in mathematics and operational research. The present paper addresses the queuing systems in the store for employees of the self-sufficiency Jihad research organization in Tehran. In this regard, after defining the problem, identification and evaluation of the queuing systems in this store and the familiarity with the store, the customer service providing has been analyzed. Due to the complexity of the queuing system in the store, a mathematical model for the system is presented by taking into account simplifying assumptions. In this regard, items such as customer diversity and provided services and potential approach of customers referring to different sections of the store and distribution functions of service could be noted. Finally, appropriate methods were presented to improve the current situation of the store.
Keywords: Queuing System, The Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization, Statistical distribution, Customers

Development of the Behaviors on Environmental Conservation of Students in Wichian Buri Industrial and Communication Education College
Opas Katudacha, Boonchird Pinyoanantapong and Chusri Talubmuk

The purposes of this research were to compare the results of development of knowledge, attitude and performance of behaviors on environmental conservation, before and after learning in the program of the environmental conservation learning camp of students in Wichian Buri Industrial and Communication Education College; and to compare between programs of studies. The sample were 60 students, studying at the certificate and diploma levels in Wichian Buri Industrial and Communication Education College, and having knowledge and understanding in environment and performance in environmental conservation with the scores ranging from the lowest to the highest, and 20 students each from the three programs (power electricity, motor vehicle, and accounting/computer) who had willingness to join the program of the environmental conservation learning camp. The research instruments were 1) the learning program on environmental conservation, 2) the questionnaire on performance in environmental conservation in 5 aspects, 3) the test on knowledge and understanding in environment, and 4) the test on attitude towards environment. The statistics used for analyzing the data were doubly multivariate repeated measures MANOVA design, and pairing comparison of the variables within the programs by Bonferroni’s Method. The research results revealed that the program of the environmental conservation learning camp supported students in all three programs to have performance on an average increased knowledge, attitude, and performance , in environmental conservation; the students in each program had knowledge, attitude, and performance before and after taking part in the camping program with statistically significant difference at the .01 level (P< .01), but among the three programs there was no difference.
Keywords: The program of the environmental conservation learning camp, environmental conservation behaviors, knowledge, attitude, and performance.

Factors Affecting the Behaviors on Environmental Conservation of Students in Wichian Buri Industrial and Communication Education College
Opas Katudacha, Boonchird Pinyoanantapong and Chusri Talubmuk

The purpose of this research was to study the factors affecting the behaviors on environmental conservation of students in Wichian Buri Industrial and Communication Education College, by studying the personal factors and social factors affecting the environment conservation behaviors. The sample were 264 students in Wichian Buri Industrial and Communication Education College, derived through the stratified random sampling technique, The instruments used for the research were the questionnaire on factors affecting the environmental conservation behaviors, the test on knowledge and understanding in environment, and the test on the attitude towards environment. The statistics used for analyzing the data was the multivariate multiple regression - MMR. The research results were found that the factors affecting the environmental conservation behaviors were the age range, TAO/municipal authorities, advice, participation, and provided facilities. They had positive effect to the attitude on environmental conservation, educational level, peer’s advice, and the provided facilities had the positive effect to the environmental conservation performance. The participation had the negative effect to the environmental conservation performance with statistical significance at the .01 level.
Keywords: Environmental conservation behaviors, personal factors, and social factors.

Characterization and Logic Synthesis of URG Gate for Designing Multipurpose Circuits
Bahram Dehghan

Reversible logic is obtaining interest in the recent past due to its less heat dissipating characteristics. This research shows the design of AND and OR function using URG Gate that can be achieved for two outputs by setting input C to 0. Also, This paper shows the design of NAND and NOR function using URG Gate that can be achieved for two outputs by setting input C to 1. The advantage of mentioned gate is that it can produce both AND and OR functions or NAND and NOR functions together. Also,We review Feynman Gate (FG) which can be used as a copying gate. The proposed designs utilized the fact that the URG gate constructed from the reversible gate is better in terms of logic complexity and uniformity of the gates than the other obtained irreversible designs by replacing gates appropriately. Further, we investigate the design of reversible binary half-adder, half-subtractor, conventional cross-coupled SR latch design and conventional RS Flip Flop based on the URG gate. Also, we show different implementation of logic networks using URGs (for AND and OR) and inverters. Finally, we introduced the operation of the modified full adder and half-subtractor in one design with minimum quantum cost using TSG, FG and URG gates. Also, one bit comparator and full adder architectures introduced in one design using FG and URG gate.
Keywords: URG gate, Designing Circuits, MFA and HS design, OBC and FA design.

Lattice Attack on Fractal Public Key Cryptosystem
N. M. G. Al-Saidi and S. H. Salih

New technology and new application bring new threats, and force us to invent new protection mechanisms. Incorporating of fractal functions into the design of symmetric and a symmetric encryption scheme have been studied by many researchers, but even their proposed schemes have many advantages over classical cryptosystem, they failed to prove their security. To cryptanalysis of RSA system, Lattice based reduction have been used. It is introduced in this paper to serve as a tool to prove the security of RSA public key system based on fractal functions. It is used to attack this cryptosystem through the use of the LLL algorithm by reducing the given Lattice into a short basis that will lead to small value of the private key which could result in a fast deception process. The fractal values in an infinite subfield (0,1) that yields from fractal RSA method makes the cryptanalysis of such a system difficult although the small roots of the equation could be efficiently determined by the LLL reduction algorithm.
Keywords: Public key system, RSA, Fractal, Lattice, iterated function system (IFS).

Investigating the Efficiency of Springateohlson Models in Predicting Bankruptcy of Accepted Companies of Tehran Negotiable Paper Exchange
Somayeh Sarouei and Yaser Abasabadi

Regarding the recent bankruptcies of international big companies and inconsistencies related to the exchange of Iran’s negotiable paper, the need for the existence of some tools to evaluate companies’ financial capabilities is felt. One of such tools is the use of patterns of bankruptcy prediction. Taking such necessity into account, the main goal of this study is to determine the degree of efficiency related to Springate and ohlson patterns to predict bankruptcy status of accepted companies of Tehran negotiable paper exchange and compare the related results. Accordingly, two main hypotheses and three subsidiary hypotheses have been planned to realize this goal. Population sample and statistical sample of this study include 13 bankrupted companies and 28 non-bankrupted companies of textile and medicinal companies accepted in Tehran negotiable paper exchange during the years 2000 to 2007. Companies’ classification into bankrupted and non-bankrupted was based on article presupposition number 141 of commerce law. In this study, statistical method of Logistic Regression has been used to examine the first main hypothesis and the group of subsidiary hypotheses. The effective coefficients have been derived with regard to economic and financial status in Iran and by making use of statistic of Wald Method (ENTER). And also the comparison method of non-parametric average named CroscallValis has been used to examine the second main hypothesis. At the end of the examination, all research hypotheses were verified at the significance level of 0/95 and the results showed that , in the three studied years, the Springate’s model leads to better results than ohlson model to predict companies’ bankruptcy.
Keywords: Bankruptcy, Springate, ohlson, economic, predicting, model.

A Review of: Metamaterial Based Microwave Filter Design
Ahmed Hameed Reja, Syed Naseem Ahmad and Abdul Kareem Kasim Abdul Raheem

In this paper, a review of the different kinds of metamaterial (MTM) microwave frequencies filters based on resonant-type metamaterial transmission lines (TLs), tunable resonant-type metamaterial transmission lines, resonant-type composite right/left-handed transmission line (CRLH-TL) and several filters based on other approaches such as, interdigital capacitors, thin-film microstrip structure, frequency-selective surfaces (FSS), ladder stub resonators, are carried out. It is focused on the design of microwave frequency filters based on one dimensional (1D) metamaterials. Split ring resonators (SRRs), complementary split ring resonators (CSRRs), spiral ring resonators (SRs) and other resonators as a resonance type approaches are useful particles for the synthesis of band-pass [narrow, ultra-wide, dual or broad], band-stop [narrow or wide], high-pass, and low-pass filters are reviewed. The different results presented show the application possibilities of such structures in the design of microwave filters with different bandwidths and performances.
Keywords: Metamaterials, Microwave Filter, Transmission Line, Split Ring Resonator, Complementary Split Ring Resonator, Composite Right/Left-Handed.

Detection of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks using Ensemble of Fuzzy Logic and Naïve Bayesian Classifiers
Vijay D. Katkar and S. G. Bhirud

Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks make network resources unavailable for legitimate users and results in massive loss of data, resources and money. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is widely used tool by business organizations for detecting these attacks. Fuzzy Logic offers realistic framework to build humanistic IDS but it cannot acquire detection rules automatically. Thus Fuzzy-Data Mining approach have been used to overcome the drawbacks of manual rules acquisition. This paper presents design of IDS for detection of DoS/DDOS attacks using Ensemble of Fuzzy logic and Naïve Bayesian Classifiers. Multiple classifiers are used for detection and each classifier is trained to detect specific DoS/DDoS attack(s) with high accuracy. Thus, accuracy of combined detection mechanism is very high. Experimental results obtained using KDD 99 dataset are provided to support effectiveness of proposed mechanism.
Keywords: Intrusion Detection System, Distributed Denial of Service attack, Fuzzy logic, Naïve Bayesian, Ensemble Classifier.