European Journal of Scientific Research

Volume 101 No 1

The Role of Process Maturity in Performance of University Spin-offs: Case Study of University of Tehran
Jahangir Yadolahi Farsi, Maryam Azizi and Rasul Hosseini

The competitive environment of todays marketplace requires businesses to consider novel methods of performance improvement. Especially in case of university-based spin-offs, the issue of gaining better performance results is an important issue. Theirs survival and growth means effective transfer of knowlege created in universities to the industry. In this study, the role of process maturity as an effective factor in performance improvement is examined. Data gathered by questionnair based on the OMG model of process maturity and BSC performance measures. 13 spin-offs from university of Tehran selected. Partial Least Squares approach used to analyze data. Composite reliability ,convergent and discriminant validity supported the quality of the measurement scale. results revealed detailed relationship between different levels of process maturity and the performance of spin-offs. The positive effects of initial, managed and predictable process maturity levels on performance revealed. Results also could not provide statistical support for the effects of fifth and third process maturity level(Innovating and Standardized level) on the spin-offs’ performance.
Keywords: Process maturity, Performance, Spin-off

Frequent Periodic Cryptic Sequence Mining in Biological Data
G.M. Karthik and Ramachandra.V. Pujeri

Amino acid sequences are known to constantly mutate and diverge unless there is a limiting condition that makes such a change deleterious. The few existing algorithms that can be applied to find such contiguous approximate pattern mining have drawbacks like poor scalability, lack of guarantees in finding the pattern, and difficulty in adapting to other applications. In this paper, we present a new algorithm called Constraint Based Frequent Motif Mining (CBFMM). CBFMM is a flexible Frequent Pattern-tree-based algorithm that can be used to find frequent patterns with a variety of definitions of motif (pattern) models. They can play an active role in protein and nucleotide pattern mining, which ensure in identification of potentiating malfunction and disease. Therefore, insights into any aspect of the repeats – be it structure, function or evolution – would prove to be of some importance. This study aims to address the relationship between protein sequence and its three-dimensional structure, by examining if large cryptic sequence repeats have the same structure. We have tested the proposed algorithm on biological domains. The conducted comparative study demonstrates the applicability and effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.
Keywords: Motif, FP mining, FP tree, sequence mining, Repetition detection, data mining

Digital and Fuzzy Tuned PID for STATCOM Stability
D.V.V.V.CH. Mouli and K. Dhanvanthri

The significance of PID (proportional KP , integral Ki and derivative Kd) and it’s control is very important in a closed loop firing control of STATCOM (Static var compensators) [1]. Proper tuning of PID parameters reduce transient and steady state errors in output response. There are different tuning methods for improving output response effectively. Among different tuning methods, fuzzy tuning is more superior. This paper presents the output analysis with digitization of PID control and PID tuning with fuzzy control for STATCOM.
Keywords: PID, Z-domain, Digital control, Fuzzy control, Mamdani rule

Green’s Function for a Perturbed Anisotropic Triangular Lattice
E. K. Jaradat, A. D. Aloqali, O. K. Jaradat and R. S. Hijjawi

An expression for the Green’s function of anisotropic triangular lattice is evaluated analytically and numerically for one impurity. The density of states (DOS), phase shift and scattering cross section are expressed in terms of complete elliptic integrals of the first kind.
Keywords: Anisotropic Triangular lattice, Green's function, Density of States, Cross Section.

The Importance of Environmental (Ecotourism) Capacities of Sistan and Baluchistan Province Emphasizing on Sistan Region
Hamidreza Lashkari, Seyed Ali Moosavi Nor and Ma’soumeh Golpaygani Davijani

In Iran, as one of the five countries with the highest climate diversity in the world (one of the ten historical and cultural countries) and one of the powered dungeons of biological diversity on the Earth, ecotourism has additional advantage over other branches of tourism. Sistan and Baluchistan as the largest province in East Iran, from Sistan to Oman Sea, from the width of the desert to Castle Taftan, and from Hamun to Jaz Murian, attracts many tourists who want to simultaneously experience different climates, a pristine and unique nature, and rich and valuable antiquities in a multi-day trip. This province has all the beauty and blessings of God and creation; from the desert to volcano, from the lake to shore, forest and mountain all have been gathered in this province to show a corner of creation scenes.
Keywords: Ecotourism; SWOT model; Sistan and Baluchistan Province

Comparison between PID and Fuzzy Logic Control in the Position of Stepper Motors
Wasif Abdlaziz Sadeh Salous

This paper dealt with the use of Fuzzy controlled logic to improve response the position of step motor to reach the jump less time, and study relied on modeling using environment Mat lab to achieve position response using open loop, and will compare the results of each of the controlled traditional and Fuzzy controlled with the case open loop system. This paper also dealt with multiple applications systems positioning and that applied to stepper motor, which is characterized by the presence of the windings in the stator, which leads to dissipate heat outside the body of the motor, while in the DC motor be windings in the rotor, causing high temperatures and problems in heat dissipation outside the body of the motor, and show the delay in properties of position response step and bad breaking cause jump that is Taken into account in the properties design, and this property lead to unstable in the normal operation of the stepper motor under specific cases.

Ontological-Concepts-Coverage Measure for Software-Component Descriptions
Ahmad Kayed, Nael Hirzallah and Mohammad Alharibat

Ontologies are becoming increasingly popular due to recent efforts to extend the capabilities of the Internet through the addition of formal semantics. They are an essential part of Component Based Software Engineering. Ontologies are used to represent the knowledge (as set of objects and their interrelations) and have been used to describe the semantic of an object. This paper builds ontological-concepts for software component in the domains of.Net and Java. These concepts will be used to define a coverage measure to test the “goodness” of any ontology in the same or different domains of software component. Such measures define the quality of tested descriptions. The defined measure uses ontology concepts with WordNet to compute the percentage coverage of predefined concepts’ definitions (test samples). The numbers will be provided to a non parametric statistical method, namely that of Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon (MWW), to test the “goodness” of an ontology or a description satisfying the 95% MWW confidence. The measure computes the distant between any domain definition and its domain ontology. The results show that using ontology-concepts to test the quality of a component-based description is possible.
Keywords: Ontology, Semantic Web, Component Description, Software Engineering

Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
Mortaza Mokhtari Nazarlou, Arash Salehpoor and Alireza Souri

In this paper we describe the some major aspect of wireless sensor network.WSN Routing, Application and clustering. First we going throw the wide variety of WSN applications and specifically we introduce Environmental applications, Military Applications and SHM systems in health monitoring scope. The remainder sections of the work dedicated to the routing protocols with the head topics of Flooding, Gossiping, EAGR: Energy Aware Greedy Routing in WSN, GEAR: Geographical and Energy Aware Routing, REAR: Reliable Energy Aware Routing and a brief over view of clustering algorithms with the main consider on Heuristic Algorithms.
Keywords: Net Income, Comprehensive Income, Performance Evaluation, Other Comprehensive Income Items

Fuzzy Modeling of a Build-to-Order Supply Chain for Optimization
G. Deenadayalan and P. Malliga

Worldwide organizations are striving to improve their supply chain performance and productivity in order to stay competitive in the global market. The design and management of a supply chain has become complex and uncertainties prevail at every stage in the chain. Effective supply chain has become an imperative in order to increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and face the fluctuations of demand and supply successfully. The Build-to-order manufacturing system is a demand satisfying strategy of a supply chain that involves procurement, assembly and transshipment of customized products. Adopting a Build-to-order strategy would allow firms to effectively customize their products and enjoy a greater level of customer satisfaction apart from increasing the profit surplus. In this paper we propose to implement an abstract view of a single product, build-to-order supply chain system for a computer assembly organization. The uncertainties associated with the estimation of various operational cost parameters of the computer assembly are represented by fuzzy numbers. A fuzzy mathematical programming model is developed and utilized to evaluate the uncertainty in operational cost. The model is comprised of three objective functions with various cost parameters. This Multi-objective linear programming problem is then reduced to an equivalent single objective linear programming problem which can then be solved efficiently
Keywords: Supply chain, modeling, Build-to-order, linear programming , Fuzzy costs

Multiple Strikes as a Normally Distributed Event in Determination of Lightning Protection Reliability
Kelechi M. N. Onuigbo and D. C. Idoniboyeobu

Multiple Strikes as a normally distributed event in the determination of Lightning Protection Reliability is part of a research conducted in Rivers State University of Science and Technology Nkpolu, Port Harcourt. One way to have a complete relability in Lightning protection scheme is to determine the probability of strike of an infrastructure. To achieve this, the lightning equation is developed using the transmission line model and the maximum current is calculated. This maximum current is then used to calculate the attraction distance from where we obtain the attractive area. An experiment is therefore conducted in the laboratory and the academic environment of Rivers State University of Science and Technlogy and Shell Development Company of Nigeria, Port-Harcourt to obtain several readings of lightning flashes using LD250 lightning detector over scattered period of time. The mean flash value was obtained using the Normal Distribution for the entire flash result enabling in the calculation of the Ground Flash Density of Port-Harcourt. Use was therefore made of this flash density and those of the attractive area and the calculated maximum current to determine the probability of lightning striking an infrastructure in SPDC and a protection reliability of 0.99995 was obtained. Finally, Variance Analysis was employed to check the existence of errors or otherwise, that could arise as a result of obtaining several means in two different locations.
Keywords: Attractive area, ground-flash density, protection-reliability, anova

An Efficient Methodology for Uncertain Complex Event Processing
V. Govindasamy and P. Thambidurai

In this paper, we present the implementation of the Complex Event Processing (CEP) in Publisher/Subscriber model that pre-process and filter out the relevant events ahead of event processing in accordance to the domain expert specified rules. An expressive language called as Complex Event Pattern Subscription Language (CEPSL) is designed to express the complex event queries using well defined semantics and relational operators. A Predicate based Subscription Grouping (PSG) algorithm is proposed to group the user subscriptions based on predicates to improve the scalability. Further, it establishes a query aware partitioning scheme that deploys two efficient techniques such as Row/Column scaling and Pipelining that dispatches the grouped user subscriptions into a separate machine. We propose an efficient distributed event processing approach that distributes the process based on access predicate of subscription clusters across a multiple number of Non-deterministic Finite Automata (NFA) machines. Our system performs a distributed NFA based pattern matching mechanism to extract the relevant events from the large number of incoming events based on the user subscriptions. In NFA, language features such as parameterization and aggregation are used to filter the events through implementing the formal event language definition in the Publisher/Subscriber model. We demonstrate the effectiveness and scalability of the proposed approach using a prototype implementation.
Keywords: Complex Event Processing, Event Filtering, Non-deterministic Finite Automata (NFA), Uncertain Events, Distributed Event Processing and Publisher/Subscriber model.

Data Sharing Algorithm for Determination of Capacity and Location of Distributed Generation Resources, with Proposing a New Index
H. Jalili, Z. Shajari Ghasemkheili, A. Amirzadeh and M. Jalili

In the last decade, using the distributed generation (DG) resources has had a significant growth. In this situation the distributed network has known as the most suitable place for these resources. Because of the advantages like reduction of final electricity cost, elimination of network congestion, reduction of losses, improvement of voltage profile of consumers, the delay in the network expansion, the usage of these resources in the distributed network are increasing. For using these advantages, selection of capacity and location of these resources in the network are very important. In this paper a new method for finding of optimal location and capacity of DG in distribution network by using Data Sharing Algorithm (DSA) has been proposed. This method has been examined on a sample 33-bus network and the results show the efficiency of the proposed method for determination of optimal capacity, and the best location for installation of these resources for active and reactive loss reduction and improvement of voltage profile. In this paper, the DSA has been used for the first time to solve this kind of problem. Also, a new index has been proposed for improvement of voltage profile which has direct relationship with the load of buses.
Keywords: Data Sharing Algorithm, Voltage profile, Active and reactive loss, DG resources.

Introducing a Pattern on Consumers’ Evaluation of Brand Extension
Mahdi Dehghani Soltani, Sfandiar Mohammadi, Yassan Allah Pourashraf and Korosh Sayehmiri

Brand extension is a well-known strategy for companies since past years and its success depends on consumers’ admission and evaluation of brand extension. As a result, the purpose of present paper is to introduce a pattern to evaluate consumers’ attitude toward Barez Tire brand extension in Kerman. Statistical population consists of Barez Tire consumers in Kerman and the volume of the sample was 171 for which simple random sampling and unlimited community formula was used. Data collection tool was a standard questionnaire and for measuring its reliability, Chronbach’s alpha was used. In the meantime, library and field studies were also used to gather data. Present research is an applied one in terms of purpose and it is a descriptive and correlative one in terms of acquiring needed data. To analyze data, Kolmogorov – Smirnov tests, factor confirmatory analysis and structural equation model in SPSS and LISREL software were used in statistical deductive section. The findings indicate that brand experience, brand image, brand perceived fit, brand satisfaction, brand equity, brand trust and brand loyalty impact on evaluating consumers’ attitude toward brand extension significantly. Noteworthy, the impact by brand experience and brand satisfaction is higher than other variables.
Keywords: Evaluating consumers’ attitude, brand extension, brand image, brand equity

Enquête Epidémiologie Sur Les Mammites En Elevage Bovin Laitier Dans Le Centre Algérien
Saidi Radhwane, Khelef Djamel and Kaidi Rachid

Le présent travail a pour objectif d’étudier la prévalence des mammites dans les élevages de bovins laitiers dans le Centre algérien. L’étude a été réalisée sur 120 vaches en lactation appartenant à 20 fermes de bovins laitiers. Le California mastitis test (CMT) à été utilisé pour analyser des échantillons de lait prélevés. La positivité du test est indiquée par la modification de la consistance du mélange lait réactif sur une cupule. L’examen clinique a révélé une atteinte de 5 % de mammites cliniques. Le CMT a mis en évidence un taux de 20,83 % de mammites subcliniques sans symptômes apparents et qui augmentent progressivement avec le stade, le rang de lactation et la production laitière. La prévalence globale des mammites était 25,83%. Ainsi, l’analyse bactériologique des échantillons positifs au CMT a révélé une prédominance des germes pathogènes majeurs à réservoir mammaire avec les staphylocoques en tête de liste (40%).
Mots-clés: Bacteriologie, California mastitis test, Mammite clinique, Mammite subclinique, vache.